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    SHRM-CP/SHRM-SCP Certification Preparation Program

    Completing the five (5) day program benefits both you and your organization, by increasing your HR knowledge, improving your efficiency and developing your job skills. Furthering your education will boost your confidence and expand your outlook on the HR field, opening you up to new opportunities. Facilitators for this course are both SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP certified via exam (not pathway from PHR and SPHR). This advantage provides participants with real-world knowledge of the exam and intricacies. Attending the Certification Preparation Class does not register you for the SHRM-CP/SCP exams. You must contact SHRM directly to register for the tests. Before registering for the Study Group, please read the eligibility guidelines carefully to make sure that you are eligible to sit for either exam. Visit SHRM site for eligibility requirements.
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    2017 Employee Benefits Law Update-14th Annual Advanced Seminar

    This seminar is designed as a timely, thorough and highly enjoyable update which analyzes sophisticated, up-to-the-minute issues and developments along with their real-world impact. The seminar explores the highly complex benefits challenges you face and provides techniques for managing and solving the problems, liabilities and contradictions they can pose. A talented team of Alston & Bird attorneys, headed by John Hickman, H. Douglas Hinson, and Thomas Schendt will present these dynamic seminars. With the intensified scrutiny by enforcement agencies, dramatic increases in benefits-related litigation, and the potential for severe liabilities for missteps, the information presented is as timely as it is critical. Designed as an annual update for experienced benefits professionals and attorneys, the seminar will be one of the most professionally important and satisfying programs you can attend.
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    Certificate in Employee Benefits Law Seminar

    The Certificate in Employee Benefits Law Seminar is a 4½ day program that is designed to be the most comprehensive and practical seminar available in its field. The seminar covers employee benefits issues that arise in the design and administration of employee benefit plans, the management of their assets, controversies between plan sponsors, trustees, participants and the numerous government agencies that regulate these plans. The accelerating changes in the legal environment, coupled with the complex, technical nature of the laws and regulations and increasing governmental scrutiny, make it extremely difficult to keep current in this field.
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    Certificate in Essentials of Human Resource Management Seminar

    Are you new to HR or have you recently taken on greater HR responsibilities? The Certificate in Essentials of Human Resource Management Seminar is designed to quickly bring you up-to-speed in all aspects of HR including the essentials of Employment Law; Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Diversity; Staffing and Retention; Talent Management; Performance Management; Compensation and Benefits planning; and Risk Management and Worker Protection. All instruction and reference materials are developed so they can be applied in the everyday workplace. If you’re planning to take the PHR, SPHR, SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP exam this course is the perfect way to study for the exam.
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    Certificate in Conducting Lawful Workplace Investigations Seminar

    The objective of an internal investigation is to discover facts on which to make a sensible and lawful decision. Done correctly, an investigation should resolve a problem and prevent it from re-occurring, whether the issue is misconduct, a performance situation, harassment, discrimination or a workplace accident. In addition to saving potentially millions of dollars in litigation costs and lost productivity, a lawfully conducted investigation can nip workplace problems in the bud, thus keeping businesses operating smoothly—and out of court. Making the right decision often turns on the quality of the investigation that has been conducted. Without the facts, decision-making is flawed and can expose the employer to significant liability. This interactive and comprehensive program will provide investigators with a framework of legal and best practices knowledge and will give you the confidence, skills and techniques needed to properly conduct an effective investigation.
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    2017 Employment Law Update – 36th Annual Advanced Conference

    IAML's Employment Law Updates feature current, up-to-the-minute review and analysis of what's happening in labor and employment law. In addition, these advanced conferences feature our most highly rated presenters. Designed for experienced employment law/HR professionals and attorneys, 2017 topics will include: *New President and a New (sort of) Congress: What Will it Mean for the American Workforce in 2017 and Beyond? *EEOC, NLRB, OSHA, DOL, Judicial Appointments, Executive Orders, Affirmative Action, New Legislation...and more *Is There No End in Sight? The Government's War Against Contractors and Exempt Status Rages On *Social Media: A Curse, a Blessing, or Both, for Employers? *The NLRB: What Will They Do Next? An old show business saying is, "You ain't seen nothin' yet!" We will cover the Board's Nutty 2016 Decisions and What's in Store for 2017 *What is the Biggest Mistake Employers Make? It's Not What You Think
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    Certificate in Employee Relations Law Seminar

    The Certificate in Employee Relations Law Seminar provides the most comprehensive, practical, up-to-date employment law training available. This is a 4½ day seminar geared to the real-world needs of human resource professionals, attorneys, and managers. The seminar provides "best practices" insights and information on the full range of employee relations law issues. The seminar is presented by prominent employment law attorneys who are also excellent presenters. They focus is on the practical implications of the law and what steps participants can take on the job to cope with the complex requirements of the various laws and regulations.
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    SHRM- SCP: HRM for Senior HR Professionals

    +Advanced HR Management: Competencies for Senior HR Professionals Part I
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    SHRM-CP/SCP: Workplace Management and HR

    +Workplace Management: Corporate Social Responsibility
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    SHRM-CP/SCP: Organization and the HR Function

    +Organization and HR: Structure of the HR Function +Organization and HR: Organizational Effectiveness and Development +Organization and HR: Employee Relations
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    SHRM-CP/SCP: Management of People

    +Management of People: Talent Acquisition and Retention +Management of People: Employee Engagement +Management of People: Learning and Development +Management of People: Total Rewards
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    SHRM-CP/SCP: HR Competencies

    +HR Competencies: Leadership and Ethical Practice +HR Competencies: Business Acumen and Relationship Management +HR Competencies: Consultation and Critical Evaluation +HR Competencies: Global and Cultural Effectiveness and Communication
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    Consumer E-Payments - Complying with Auditor's Standards: Identifying and Understanding the Risks

    Consumer E-Payments - Complying with Auditor's Standards: Identifying and Understanding the Risks Location: Attend Live Webinar Dates: 29-Oct-2015: 1:00 PM EST Duration: 60 Mins Speaker:Ray Graber Ray Graber has a deep and thorough understanding of banking, technology, and finance. His business experience includes banking technology research at TowerGroup; best practices internet security, policies, and procedures at FleetBoston Financial; wire transfer operations and product launches at Citibank and BankBoston; and treasury operations for a $325 million public company. Course Outline: Assessing the risk level in consumer payments Establishing the scope and objectives Assessing the oversight quality EFT/POS processing ACH processing Emerging technologies Conclusion Thank you & Regards, Sean Sharpe, Training Manager, Call us at this Toll Free number: +1-866-978-0800
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    Staying FMLA Compliant During an Employee Leave of Absence

    Staying FMLA Compliant During an Employee Leave of Absence Location: Attend Live Webinar Dates: 05-Nov-2015: 1:00 PM EST Duration: 60 Mins Speaker:Susan Graham Susan Graham is a Human Resources professional with 30 years of experience in the HR field. After 15 years as an HR Generalist in a large corporate environment in the greater New York City area, she and her family relocated to Vermont, where she gained valuable HR experience with small, privately held organizations. Course Outline:Review the Federal FMLA law How FMLA interacts with state Family and Medical Leave laws How FMLA works in conjunction with Workers’ Compensation, Collective Bargaining Agreements and other employer-specific leave provisions Step-by-step FMLA instructions Recommended forms Returning to Work Thank you & Regards, Sean Sharpe, Training Manager, Call us at this Toll Free number: +1-866-978-0800
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    How Due Diligence in Accurate Adverse Event Reporting is the Key to a clean FDA Site Inspection/ Audit. and how to avoid them

    Course Objective: GCP Investigator site audits are a routine and a necessary part of the clinical trial process. If you are participating in a clinical trial or multiple trials as a Principal Investigator, a study coordinator, a monitor, or even as the IRB chances are that you may be audited. To know the protocol and other GCP violations, the FDA auditor’s find is great for prevention at your site. The adage of Forewarned is Forearmed clearly applies. Course Outline: • The CFR definitions of Adverse Events, Serious Adverse Events, Unanticipated Adverse Device Effects and many more • How to know what an Adverse Event is and when to report them • Understanding lab AEs and the "Reference Range" concept
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    Webinar On Regulatory Complaint Handling, Vigilance & Recalls

    Course Outline: • FDA’s Complaint Definition 820.3 (b) • Complaint Documentation • Part 803 – Medical Device Reporting • Part 806 – Reports of Corrections & Removals • Warning letters and other FDA Remedies • Complaint Handling Pitfalls • Changes with FDA UDI Regulations (Universal Device Identifier) Target Audience: Medical device firms need to be aware of the benefits of compliance as well as the dangers of inadequate complaint handling. This Webinar will explain the regulatory process and in understandable terms. Some employees who wish to gain a better understanding include: • Quality & Regulatory Professionals • Manufacturing & Design Engineers • Marketing Product Managers
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    Webinar On Best Practices and a Foundation for Success

    Course Objective: Implementing effective investigative strategies and techniques while limiting your company’s liability is a challenge facing many employers – especially as the legal landscape continues to change. While investigators and managers often have the best of intentions, they may have different views on resolving matters and sometimes fail to address root cause problems, resulting in ongoing issues and complaints or increased liabilities for the company. Employers and managers who wish to protect the company and streamline investigations while increasing capabilities to resolve matters effectively and in reasonable times should attend this webinar. In addition, volumes of material has been created regarding investigations, interviews, and strategies but they can be complex and lack practical, effective tactics to incorporate right away. When should the subject of a complaint be notified? If the subject of a complaint is an executive
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    Webinar On UDI Program Implementation

    Course Outline: • Introduction to UDI • UDI program requirements • UDI implementation steps • Three major tasks in implementation • Key Roles in UDI Implementation • UDI issuing agencies • Creating device ID • Creating production ID • The UDI Record • UDI on Labels, Labeling and Packaging • Role of GUDID • Submission Options • Software UDI Requirements Target Audience: • Senior management • Entire software engineering staff • All hardware engineers • All technical managers • Test engineering staff • Regulatory affairs professionals • Service managers • Project Managers and engineers
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    Dynamic Problem Solving (SHRM Approved!)

    Dynamic Problem Solving provides participants with the tools, techniques, knowledge and reflective exercises necessary to succeed in solving a wide range of problems through the use of critical and innovative thinking. Participants will explore both the personal and technical aspects of making, implementing and supporting sustainable solutions to workplace problems. This interactive program prepares participants for a progressive approach to finding solutions for their problems and affords them the opportunity to participate in a scenario based thought leader discussion and then generate a takeaway action plan to secure forward momentum when they return to their jobs.
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    Applied Strategic Thinking (SHRM Approved!)

    In today’s business environment, the ability to embrace strategic thinking is more important than ever as a catalyst toward creativity and problem solving. However, the nature of radical change, global infrastructure and managing in times of crisis tends to diminish our ability to see beyond the business at hand. Successful leaders and businesses are seeking solutions to promote the essence of strategic thinking while embracing the critical need for tangible and practical implementation plans. This workshop blends the nuance of the strategic thinking process with the practical aspects of building robust, visible and measurable implementation plans. Participants will be offered an opportunity to participate in a scenario based thought leader discussion and then generate a takeaway action plan to secure forward momentum when they return to their jobs. (Renders 7 PDC's from SHRM)