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    Strategic Decision Making

    These extraordinary times require extraordinary performance by every manager and leader throughout the organization whether in the public, private, or nonprofit/NGO sector. The starting point is the organizational mission and its power to galvanize people’s energy and imagination to accomplish more. Learn how to create or adapt your current mission to guide robust planning, execution, and daily decision making to get the results you need to sustain your organization and assure its growth. Key Points: -How to get large, diverse organizations to change in the midst of a crisis -The differences among goals, objectives, and strategies and why are these differences important -3 essential steps to getting back on track when we are off plan -How to demonstrate ROI for our planning efforts Provides 1 strategic credit hour HR Certification Institute
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    What Employers Need to Know About Severance Arrangements - EEOC, ACA and ERISA

    This webinar will highlight the importance of effectively handling severance pay and agreements. It will discuss several frequently asked questions on employee termination, severance pay, severance agreements, and ERISA laws. Who Will Benefit: CEOs COOs Executives HR Professionals Instructor Profile: Janette Levey Frisch, founder of The EmpLAWyerologist Firm, is an employment/HR attorney with over 20 year's legal experience. Ms. Frisch is a legal wellness professional for employment practices and workforce challenges. She works with employers to craft solid employment practices wellness plans tailored to address an organization’s needs and concerns. Note: Use coupon code NB5SQH8N and get 10% off on registration, Valid till Dec 31st 2015.
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    Form I-9 and E-Verify, Getting and Staying Compliant

    Today, in order to avoid astronomical fines for non-compliance, employers need to be ever so vigilant and diligent in their process. Who Will Benefit: CFOs Payroll and accounting managers Payroll processing professionals Employers and business owners Instructor Profile: Cathleen Hampton is a professional human resources consultant with over 25 years’ experience serving small to mid-sized federal contractors. She is a recognized expert in developing and implementing staffing and retention programs that include workforce planning and analysis, along with best-in-class HR technology, sourcing, recruiting and selection methods.
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    The Tools the HR Executive Needs to Build an Internal Complaint System that Gets Results!

    This webinar will help HR executives design, establish, and maintain an effective system for handling employee complaints in the workplace based on proven best practices that gets results. Who Will Benefit: Human Resource Professionals Operations Managers Department Leads/Supervisors/Managers Store Directors Personnel Schedulers Staffing Associates Instructor Profile: The webinar is led by HR strategy consultant Douglas L. Pilarski, president of Sawyer TMS. Mr. Pilarski has a proven track record of helping his clients drive results and enhance business effectiveness.
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    Understanding USERRA: How to Balance Respect for Military Service with the Realities of the Workplace

    In an era of near constant military activities, employers of all sizes are required to comply with USERRA, the military reemployment rights law. USERRA, implemented by the Department of Justice, is the strictest non-discrimination law on the books. Who Will Benefit: HR directors Business directors Any CO personnel involved with employee relations/human resources Instructor Profile: Deirdre Kamber Todd, Esq., is a partner with The Kamber Law Group, P.C., a next-generation law firm located in Allentown, Pennsylvania. With fifteen years’ experience, Ms. Kamber focuses her practice on labor and employment law, social media and technology law, HIPAA, and business law.
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    Employee Discharge and Documentation: Using Documentation to Control the Employment Relationship

    This webinar will provide participants with the tools and processes to establish clear expectations and manage employee performance. Why Should You Attend: Coming to the realization that an employee is not a good fit for your organization, or is not capable of performing the job up to par, is a difficult, confusing and, often, lengthy process. Who Will Benefit: Business owners Managers Supervisors HR staff Instructor Profile: Kelly Rietow, PHR, PMP, MBA, has more than 20 years’ broad-based expertise in human resources, organizational development, facilitation and leadership.
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    The Art of Successful Negotiation

    In this live webinar, you will the learn the process of win-win negotiation, active listening skills, negotiation communication skills, as well as how you can apply this model to your own negotiations. Dr. Rick Goodman teaches this course on the Art of Negotiation. WHAT YOU'LL LEARN: -The Process of Win-Win Negotiations -Understanding and Utilizing Basic Negotiation Concepts -Communication Skills for Negotiators: Rapport Building -Active Listening Skills -Communication Skills for Negotiators: Speaking Compellingly -Managing Your Voice in Negotiation -Meeting Special Challenges -Follow Up - Holding the Agreements in Place - The Forgotten Element in Negotiations -Applying the Model to Your Own Negotiation
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    Conflict Management for HR Professionals

    Conflict comes in all shapes and sizes. Regardless of whether we enjoy it, dealing with conflict is a part of life. And how we handle conflict determines whether it is a positive or negative experience for us. To be successful at work, you must be able to effectively confront conflict head-on. If you don’t learn to master the art of managing conflict, you could risk hurting your career success, your personal happiness and even worse, the happiness of others who depend on you. This webinar provides 1.5 General Credit hours by the HR Certification Institute.
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    Leadership by Choice

    Increasing Influence and Effectiveness through Self-Management Leadership is a choice...a conscious decision everyone can make to see themselves as leaders, role models, and people of positive influence. Based on Eric's book, Leadership by Choice is a practical approach to improving the four areas of personal leadership. What You'll Learn: You will realize that leadership is a choice not a position or title. You will build a greater degree of trust with co-workers, clients, and friends by listening and asking better question. You will increase productivity and effectiveness by understanding priorities and 4th quarter planning/living. You will discover the impact of personal and team accountability.
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    MBTI Certification Training

    Enhance leadership and staff development by getting MBTI Certification from the exclusive provider - The Myers & Briggs Foundation, continuing the pioneering work of Isabel Briggs Myers, the author of the MBTI assessment.
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    Strength Deployment Inventory Course

    The workshop goal is to give you the skills to work with the Strength Deployment Inventory® in your own life. Discover how the SDI integrates relationship and conflict management skills into areas such as leadership, team building, influence and communication. Please inquire for more information.
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    Strategic Human Resourcing: How To Earn a Seat At the Table

    Learn the different ways that HR can attain the position of Strategic Partner. Evaluate your HR role in terms of: finance/financial planning, general business acumen/industry development ability, and developing metrics to measure HR’s contributions.