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    Learn how to evaluate the effectiveness of a worksite wellness program

    As research on the effectiveness of worksite wellness programs is showing the positive effects for both the employee and organization, it is important to ensure that your program is best in class. A Harvard study found that companies who provide worksite wellness programs have an average return on investment of $3.27 to 1 due to reduced health-care costs and a return on investment of $2.73 to 1 due to reduced absenteeism. This talk will address the many factors to be considered in the design and implementation of a successful worksite wellness program. It will also examine the issues an organization may face, the array of options a company can choose from, as well as provide the tips and strategies necessary to ensure that the worksite wellness program is successful and ongoing.
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    HR Related Webinar on the topic'Document Retention'

    Overview: The only constant today is change…and with regards to document retention and privacy, laws, regulations are changing all of the time. You need to be diligent to know how, and if, your current policy is affected by these changes. Contact Details: NetZealous LLC, DBA TrainHR Phone: +1-800-385-1627 Email: support@trainhr.com http://www.trainhr.com Twitter Follow us: https://twitter.com/TrainHR1 Linkedin Follow us : https://www.linkedin.com/company/trainhr Facebook Like Us: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Trainhr/1540069582910166
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    Webinar On Customer Service Begins in HR: How HR Sets the Tone for the Service Culture

    Learn how and why customer service really begins in with the HR function, and gain actionable knowledge they can use to improve their ability to provide effective customer service to their organization's very important internal customers!Price:$200.00. Contact info : OnlineCompliancePanel Phn. no. +1-510-857-5896 Fax-+1-510-509-9659 info@onlinecompliancepanel.com Event link http://onlinecompliancepanel.com/webinar/CUSTOMER-SERVICE-BEGINS-HR-501602/AUGUST-2016-ES-TRAININGREGISTRY
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    Seminar on financial statement frauds on 2016

    Overview: This course will review fraud schemes used to commit financial statement fraud and misappropriate assets from organizations. Fraud schemes committed by employees, customers, vendors, management, and outsiders will be discussed. Various internal controls that can help prevent and detect these types of fraud will be reviewed. Additionally, the procedures for performing a risk assessment for fraud will be explained. There will be case studies of specific frauds that cover how the fraud occurred, how the fraud was discovered, and what could have been done to prevent the fraud from occurring. Why should you attend: Occupational fraud is an ongoing concern for all businesses. The ability to detect fraud is based on an understanding of how frauds occur.
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    Federal and State Minimum Wage and OT Update

    Overview: How to balance state a federal laws, what law to follow and when. Details about state changes and upcoming changes in both minimum wage overtime. Proposed federal changes and the impact to employers (how to prepare now) Why should you attend: Current trend is to update both state and federal regulations in regards to minimum wage and overtime requirements as employers it is critical to understand these changes and how it will impact the employer both from a cost and compliance perspective. This webinar will give a detailed review of both federal and state laws and what impact these changes may have on employers. Areas Covered in the Session: Federal and State Minimum Wage Federal Overtime Requirements Exempt vs. Non-Exempt Overtime Concerns Regular Rate of Pay State Overtime Requirements State by State Review Pending Federal Changes and Potential Impacts
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    Webinar On Uniform Commercial Code Rules: How to Comply to Attach and Perfect Secured Transactions

    This webinar will cover the impact of the Uniform Commercial Code on secured transactions and focus on the most relevant factors bankers and administrators need to know to comply with this very important Code. We'll focus less on theory and more on the practical application of the rules under the UCC.Price:$200.00. Contact info : OnlineCompliancePanel Phn. no. +1-510-857-5896 Fax-+1-510-509-9659 info@onlinecompliancepanel.com Event link http://www.onlinecompliancepanel.com/webinar/UNIFORM-COMMERCIAL-CODE-RULES-501621/JULY-2016-ES-TRAININGREGISTRY
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    Webinar On Developing an Effective HR Audit and Compliance Committee

    Assessing the effectiveness of your organization's human resource management is of increasing importance. This assessment can help you determine how successful your human capital is in helping your organization achieve its business objectives. It can help you determine if your employment practices are creating material risks and liabilities. It can further demonstrate your organization's commitment to sound business and HR management practices. This webinar is designed to help you develop and use HR Audits in addressing these issues, in answering questions about critical risk management and due diligence issues, and in discussing the development and use of HR audit compliance committees.Price:$200.00. Contact info : OnlineCompliancePanel Phn. no. +1-510-857-5896 Fax-+1-510-509-9659 info@onlinecompliancepanel.com Event link http://onlinecompliancepanel.com/webinar/HR-AUDIT-COMPLIANCE-COMMITTEE-501567/JULY-2016-ES-TRAININGREGISTRY
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    Webinar On Using Project Management Best Practices to Get Work Done (Part– 2)

    Managing projects can be a big headache sometimes; our Webinar is the perfect prescription! We will provide the best practices for managing projects - you will receive tools, techniques and best practices to enable you to more effectively manage the projects you are assigned successfully - on time and on budget.Price:$200.00. Contact info : OnlineCompliancePanel Phn. no. +1-510-857-5896 Fax-+1-510-509-9659 info@onlinecompliancepanel.com Event link http://onlinecompliancepanel.com/webinar/USING-PROJECT-MANAGEMENT-501476/JULY-2016-ES-TRAININGREGISTRY
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    Seminar on Payroll Fundamentals at Los Angeles

    This will be a all inclusive class that give details on understanding the laws such as FLSA and other laws such as the portal to portal act that help payroll professionals determine proper pay mehods. Once the correct pay method is determined this class will give the skills to understand how to properly calculate overtime pay accurately according to FLSA guidelines for all types of payrolls. The assist in the learning process case studies will be provided and worked with instructor guidance. Discussions in regards to properly classifying employees for both overtime and tax purposes will be reviewed.
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    Webinar On Resident & Non Resident Alien Payroll

    Overview: More companies are now expanding their recruiting worldwide to find the best talent, it is becoming more and more critical for payroll professionals to understand non-immigrant concerns and how it affects how we pay employees. From taxes that need to accounted for in the US and in the foreign country.
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    Webinar On Incentivizing True Growth - Targeting the Right Behavior

    Overview: Richard Mills delivers in-depth insights on incentivizing individuals, teams and entire organizations with plans that reward positive results and acknowledges mutual success. Territorial concerns and isolationist actions can be avoided with the proper balance of targets, metrics and milestones. When goals are set for a single sector of the organization and they do not match the goals of another sector, then offsets must be applied to compensate for the actual control that each group has to achieve their respective goals.
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    Webinar On The New Managers Toolkit to Instant HR Proficiency

    Overview:As the old saying goes an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Training your managers, especially new managers in the basics of HR compliance is the easiest, fastest, most helpful, and downright cheapest thing a company can do to stave off employment complaints and expensive legal claims. This webinar will cover what a new manager needs to know about HR before, or shortly after they start their new job.
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    Webinar On Substance Abuse in the Workplace: Prescription Drug Abuse and Preventing Negative Outcomes in YOUR Facility

    Overview: Overdoses now cause more deaths than car crashes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported more than 12 million U.S. residents used prescription painkillers non-medically in the past year. Many nonmedical users of prescription painkillers are employed, and therefore prescription drug use affects employers of all company sizes and in all industries.
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    Webinar On Fraud Incident Response Plan

    Overview: According to a recent survey, over 75% of employee-related crimes go undetected and unreported. That means that frauds which ARE detected must be dealt with in an effective, efficient and professional way.
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    Webinar On HR Metrics: Strategic Management of Critical Issues

    Overview: Effective HR metrics and analytics are not developed in a vacuum. The "right or best" metrics and analytics require a detailed understanding of your organization: how it generates revenue, its business strategies and objectives, it business imperatives, the risks it faces, the opportunities to be seized, and what it already measures.
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    Webinar On Legally Compliant Employer-Employee Arrangements: Non-Compete Agreements, Classifying Independent Contractors vs. Employees, and Employment

    This webinar will clarify how an employer should properly classify different types of workers, in order to comply with federal and state labor and employment laws. In addition, attendees will learn some of the pitfalls to avoid and which language to include in drafting, revising or negotiating legally sound, clear and enforceable employment contracts- from non-compete and non-disclosure agreements, to contracts for hire and compensation.Price:$200.00. Contact info : OnlineCompliancePanel Phn. no. +1-510-857-5896 Fax-+1-510-509-9659 info@onlinecompliancepanel.com Event linkhttp://onlinecompliancepanel.com/webinar/LEGALLY-NON-LEGALLY-COMPLIANT-EMPLOYER-501483/MAY-2016-ES-TRAININGREGISTRY
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    I9 & E-Verify Training

    Failure to thoroughly complete form I-9 paperwork has led to a fine of $605,250 - the largest amount ever ordered to date. In this session, participants will learn current requirements for I-9 form and E-Verify compliance, common I-9 completion mistakes to avoid, best practices for filling out the I-9 and legally acceptable ways to verify workers' documentation, form I-9 re-verification requirements for non-U.S. citizens and non-permanent residents, How to handle I-9s for returning workers, how to complete I-9s for new employees using automatically extended employment authorization documents, tips for copying and storing I-9s - from supporting documentation to paper I-9s and electronic records, and much more.
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    Indestructible Documentation

    You hear it from counsel all the time: DOCUMENT EVERYTHING! You try but they never give you a step by step process on how to do that accurately. Learn the steps to creating “indestructible” documentation to save unemployment cost and keep your organization compliant.
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    Conference on What Employers Need To Know About Human Resources

    This workshop will provide a comprehensive overview of all the key aspects of Human Resources. It will cover areas of compliance as well as best practices. You will receive a comprehensive workbook for the workshop and you will come away with Human Resource tools that you can start to use immediately upon your return to work that will add value to your organization. You will also come away with "best practices" in key areas such as Hiring, Termination, Discipline and Compensation. Human Resource issues can make or break your business. Employment related laws are constantly changing and the penalties for non-compliance seem to be continually increasing. After this workshop you will have a much better understanding of all the basic employment laws that apply to businesses and be better able to avoid many of the pitfalls and traps that employers fall into that wind up in costly litigation and large amounts of lost time. GlobalCompliancePanel Refer a Friend Program: Any Customer to 3 Refer
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    Webinar on Document Retention and Destruction What Human Resource Professionals Must Know

    Join our expert speaker Cathleen Hampton in this session to discuss important tips for business records retention, the finer points of an effective management policy, and how to make that policy work for your organization. To manage an effective program in a cost-effective manner, compliance professionals must rely on information from a broad range of resources within the organization. Records management is the point of convergence of these resources, which is why effective and reliable records management must be part of your Compliance Program. Price:$200.00. Contact info : OnlineCompliancePanel Phn. no. +1-510-857-5896 Fax-+1-510-509-9659 info@onlinecompliancepanel.com Event link http://onlinecompliancepanel.com/webinar/DOCUMENT-RETENTION-501376/APRIL-2016-ES-TRAININGREGISTRY