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    Webinar on Weeding Out the Bad Candidates: Best Practices for Sourcing, Resume Review and Pre-Screening

    In this topic you will get to know the tips and tricks to solve the strategic sourcing process and pre-screening to select top candidates in a company. Price:$200.00. Contact info : OnlineCompliancePanel Phn. no. +1-510-857-5896 Fax-+1-510-509-9659 Event link
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    Webinar On What Employers Need to Know About Severance Arrangements - EEOC, ACA and ERISA

    Most employers at one time or another will have to let an employee go. It's never easy. Severance benefits and severance agreements, when done properly, can be an extremely valuable risk management tool —but you need to be aware of the pitfalls. This webinar will help you learn what you need to know to derive maximum benefit from and avoid the pitfalls associated with severance arrangements.Price:$200.00. Contact info : OnlineCompliancePanel Phn. no. +1-510-857-5896 Fax-+1-510-509-9659 Event link
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    Webinar On What Employers Need to know to be Ready for New I-9 Form

    In this webinar, Speaker Bruce E. Buchanan will discuss the new I-9 form, which was announced in mid-November 2016 and must be used for all new hires as of January 22, 2017. Employers need to be ready for the new I-9 form in order to not commit paperwork violations, for which Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) could issue costly penalties.Price:$200.00. Contact info : OnlineCompliancePanel Phn. no. +1-510-857-5896 Fax-+1-510-509-9659 Event link
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    Webinar On WHMIS 2015 - Canada's Adoption of Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) for Workplace Chemicals

    Canada's first major GHS deadline is just months away. Don't wait to get started on your compliance tasks! Canada officially adopted GHS on February 11, 2015 and implemented a series of phased-in compliance deadlines - the first of which is scheduled to go into effect on June 1, 2017. This session will provide a high level overview of Canada's adoption plans.Price:$200.00. Contact info : OnlineCompliancePanel Phn. no. +1-510-857-5896 Fax-+1-510-509-9659 Event link
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    Webinar on Winning with Millennials: Engaging, Managing, Motivating and Leading Millennials

    Millennials are projected to make up 50% of the workforce by 2020 and they will make up as much as 75% of the U.S. workforce by 2025. While millennials are the most educated and culturally diverse of any generation before them, they're also have a tendency to notorious leave a job easily, dislike bureaucracy and distrust traditional hierarchies-leaving many business leaders scratching their heads. Price:$200.00. Contact info : OnlineCompliancePanel Phn. no. +1-510-857-5896 Fax-+1-510-509-9659 Event link
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    Webinar On Working Smart: Time and Task Management

    The speed of everything has changed. Are your time management skills up to the challenge? Do you put off more today than you can ever accomplish tomorrow...exhaust yourself by 4:00 p.m. with only a fraction of your work done...see yourself as a decision maker who never gets around to making decisions...dread the next business meeting-or worse, going back to your desk to see what voice mails and emails await you? If you're doing more and enjoying it less, it's time to get out of the time trap and back to productive management! This webinar gives you practical techniques for controlling time and making it a manageable resource.Price:$200.00. Contact info : OnlineCompliancePanel Phn. no. +1-510-857-5896 Fax-+1-510-509-9659 Event link
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    Webinar On Workplace Civility-Respectful Habits Lead to Increased Productivity, Decreased Liability

    What exactly is workplace civility and how does it affect productivity and safety on the job? Civility is more than being polite. It is about being respectful even when one disagrees, it is about listening intently even when there seems to be no reason, it is about every person's voice being heard and each person demonstrating and also receiving a high level of respect.Price:$200.00. Contact info : OnlineCompliancePanel Phn. no. +1-510-857-5896 Fax-+1-510-509-9659 Event link
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    Webinar On You Said Whaaat? Limiting Employer Liability for Sexual Harassment in the California Workplace

    Sexual harassment and the liability employers suffer from allegations of sexual harassment are no laughing matter. But that doesn't mean that a sexual harassment prevention course must be dry, cold or clinical. In fact, boring and admonishing sexual harassment courses tend to invite mockery and disdain from their audiences. Worse, participants in that sort of course don't seem to give credence to the information presented.Price:$200.00. Contact info : OnlineCompliancePanel Phn. no. +1-510-857-5896 Fax-+1-510-509-9659 Event link
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    Wellness Trainings

    BizPsych has the expertise to give your company a head start when it comes to staff development, leadership, wellness and stress management through personalized facilitation, interactive exercises and rich content.
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    What's New in Onboarding

    The TrainHR webinar is approved by HRCI and SHRM Recertification Provider. Overview: Join us to learn about current best practices and how to organize the new hire experience to build commitment, confidence and competence.We will include how to integrate technology, such as online gaming, and mobile applications that will engage and inspire your new talent to quickly grasp the knowledge and skills they need to perform in the new job.
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    What's New in Onboarding

    This webinar will explain Onboarding Experience with your employee and how to engage your new hires in learning the required skills quickly and easily, learn about current best practices and how to organize the new hire experience to build commitment, confidence and competence.
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    When does the Onboarding Process Begin and does it Ever End?

    In this webinar we will examine some of the critical points associated with onboarding and how those points have a positive impact on the new employee's decision to be engaged and stay, Onboarding is the process by which a firm differentiates between hiring people to do a job (orientation) and hiring people who become an integral part of your organisation's success.
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    Working in a Matrix - Influencing without Authority

    Be a more effective project or matrix team manager – Work more effectively within a matrix environment – Influence others to agree with you – Get things accomplished without having direct line authority – Be a more effective communicator – Reach different communication & personality styles more effectively – Understand and remove the most common listening barriers – Communicate technical information to non-technical people more successfully
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    Workplace Diversity

    Click on the name of the course to be taken to our website for class schedule, class outline, and to register. This class will help you understand what diversity is and how you can help create a more diverse world at work. You will be instructed to use skills such as active listening, employ effective questioning techniques, and communicate with strength. One day class. Cost is $649.00.
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    Workplace Diversity

    In-House Specialist Diversity in the workplace results from the differences in cultural background, age, educational status and a wide range of other factors found in your workforce. The Workplace Diversity Training Course provides you with the skills to successfully manage their varied perspectives and ideas into positive interactions and create better performances in the workplace. The Workplace Diversity Course by PD Training covers the following: what is diversity, reasons for and consequences of diversity in the workplace, how to deal with discrimination and other barriers to successful diversity management, effective listening and questioning techniques, dealing with diversity-related complaints, the appropriate verbal and non-verbal communications and much more.
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    Workplace Diversity Training DVDs

    Workplace cultural diversity and inclusion training DVDs.
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    Workplace Investigations - Witnesses Interviews

    This webinar gives you information and practical advice on how to handle an investigation effectively, It is true that every workplace investigation will have unique issues, circumstances, dimensions, challenges and outcomes, But an investigation can cause serious harm if it is not conducted properly, also Interviewing witnesses is a crucial part of any workplace investigation but it can sometimes be difficult to extract reliable evidence.
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    Workshop On Project Management in Human Resources

    Thanks to rapid change and the pressures of intense competition, more and more work has become project work. Changes in technology and in customer preferences have made work less routine and less repeatable - presenting new challenges for departments geared tactically for daily routines while at the same time, competitive pressures have forced work be done more quickly and with fewer resources.Price:$1500.00. Contact info : OnlineCompliancePanel Phn. no. +1-510-857-5896 Fax-+1-510-509-9659 Event link
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    Your Organization's Culture: If You Don't Get It Right, Nothing Else Matters

    Overview: Get on a Southwest flight to anywhere, buy shoes from, pants from Nordstrom, groceries from Whole Foods, anything from Costco, a Starbucks espresso, or a Double-Double from In N' Out, and you'll get a taste of these brands' vibrant cultures.