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    On-Target Onboarding Training For Hiring Managers

    Are you responsible for hiring and managing new employees? Then TrainSMART's On-Target Onboarding Workshop is for you. Participants will learn how to create a positive impression for new employees, set clear expectations for the first 90 days and beyond, create a strong message about organizational culture, engage and acclimate employees to their new role and the company, and implement on boarding best practices. If you think this course is right for you or for your team we'd be happy to engage in a conversation about how we can best run this course. Call TrainSMART today at 800-807-8030.
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    Balancing Work & Family Life Training For Employees

    Would you or you team benefit from learning how to find alternative ways to managing professional and personal life challenges? If so, TrainSMART offers a Balancing Work & Family Life workshop. Participants will learn Make better decisions based on priorities, goals, and values, stay focused based on which “hat” you are wearing, reduce the stress and have fun with the challenges, identify tips and tricks to save time and be more organized.
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    Market Pricing: Conducting a Competitive Pay Analysis seminar

    This course provides a consistent and effective methodology for market-pricing benchmark jobs within an organization. In this two-day course participants will have an opportunity to develop their data utilization skills through classroom practicum exercises.
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    Internal Consulting Skills for the Human Resources Professional

    Through lectures, case studies and role playing exercises, this two-day seminar will give you the skills you need to identify critical business issues and create action plans that drive bottom-line results.
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    Talent Management

    This cutting edge, two-day seminar will explain the building blocks of a talent management system and outline an end-to-end process of planning, developing, managing, and retaining employees throughout the organization.
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    How to Develop a Smarter Workforce

    This seminar provides guidance, practical tools and support for employees to become more fulfilled, higher performers. It can open new avenues to achievement, growth and innovation for both your team and your company.
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    Retaining the Best and the Brightest

    Learn how to develop a comprehensive retention strategy that will help you secure the loyalty of high-performance employees, motivate them to give their best, and keep them from being lured away by competitors.
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    Interviewing Skills for Managers and Supervisors

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    Recruiting, Interviewing, And Selecting Employees

    The everything-you-need-to-know-before-you-say you're hired seminar! Nothing's scarier to HR pros than the thought of making the wrong hiring decision. It means throwing away a substantial investment of time & money on recruitment, training and benefits.
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    He Says, She Says

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    Bridging the Generation Gap

    This one-day skill-building participant-centered workshop is designed to enable participants to recognize and manage the generational differences that are increasingly at the root of misunderstanding, poor customer service, and conflict in work ethics, interpersonal styles, communication needs, and motivational concerns. Because they do not recognize the difference in generational values, service providers unintentionally frustrate, disappoint, or insult customers, and their employers start to lose their client base. Using interactive exercises, the participants will: identify the reality of the generational gap at work; define four different generational cultures; decode generational miscommunications; and recognize and resolve real-life intergenerational issues.
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    Three Keys to Employee Retention

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    A Quick Proven Way to Prescreen Professional and Managerial Applicants

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    How to Hire the Right Person

    This one-day skill-building participant-centered workshop is designed to assist supervisors and managers in improving their abilities to conduct an effective selection interview that protects them from the "professional interviewee" who shines during the interview but tarnishes quickly once on the job. Through interactive exercises, the participants will learn how to conduct an effective hiring interview and develop behavioral situational and organizational - fit structured interview questions and benchmark answers to ensure an effective hiring decision.
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    Finding, Selecting and Retaining Employees

    This one-day skill-building participant-centered workshop is designed to help participants identify and plan how to meet the three criteria that must be met to ensure a quality hiring decision. Using interactive exercises, the participants: explain the steps in an effective recruitment and selection process; perform a task analysis; determine the most effective recruitment strategies; create a pre-screening device; develop a structured interview; discuss how to avoid illegal questions; identify eight ways to increase new employee retention; and practice applying seven motivational tools.
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    Successful Selection Interviewing Skills

    This one-day skill-building participant-centered workshop is designed to assist supervisors and managers in improving their abilities to conduct an effective selection interview that protects them from the "professional interviewee" who shines during the interview but tarnishes quickly once on the job. The workshop provides information ad practice in how to: clearly define the job; identify the skills, knowledge and abilities necessary to perform the job; create questions that screen for these prerequisites; and develop benchmark answers for each question. The workshop also discusses the purpose and stages of a selection interview, general interview principles, the role of open-ended and probing questions, and appropriate opening and concluding statements.
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    Dynamic Interviewing©

    In TD Consulting Group's Dynamic Interviewing© program, managers learn a proven approach to making the best selection decisions through behavioral interviewing.
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    Workplace Diversity

    Click on the name of the course to be taken to our website for class schedule, class outline, and to register. This class will help you understand what diversity is and how you can help create a more diverse world at work. You will be instructed to use skills such as active listening, employ effective questioning techniques, and communicate with strength. One day class. Cost is $649.00.
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    People Trends & Strategies - Managing Diversity

    Trends in Business & Reasoning for Strategies o Current business & market trends affecting people strategies and diversity o Business case for managing people strategies & developing a greater diversity response Diversity Dimensions, Issues & Awareness o The dimensions of diversity in a workforce – age, gender, race, nationality, abilities, education, goals, values, personality, lifestyle, etc. o Barriers & Types of -- Attitudes, Stereotypes, Prejudices, Discrimination, Harassment o Legal issues of Harassment – broad EEO categories Workforce Trends & Concerns, and Responsive Strategies o What are the workforce trends which are driving a more diverse workforce o How to respond to and take advantage of (build on) workforce trends Further People Strategies & Ideas for Managing Diversity in People/Management Practices o Staffing & Selection o Organizational Development o Performance Partnering/Management o Leadership Development/Hi-Potential Development o Succession Planning Planning
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    Talent Acquisition - Recruiting & Staffing

    Planning • Organizational goals & what needs do we/will we have • What can we train for and what do we need to hire for • Using the Job Description to create a behavioral interview format (uses examples from Client) Legal considerations in staffing/interviewing Screening/Interviewing Considerations • Types of screening/assessment tools- interviews, tests, application, in-basket, etc. – using several • What selection practices and/or instruments should we use to evaluate experience, skills, traits? Behavioral Interviewing • Why do we interview & what do we want out of it? • Types of interviews, including ‘tag-team’ approach • The basic interview process Selection • Decision model/matrix for selection • Defining and weighting requirements for selection Making the Offer – Accepted or Declined Interview Practice – Mock Interviews