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    Webinar On Creating a Development Culture: On the Job Strategies for Developing Employees

    Many organizations are now putting effective skill and career development programs in place to engage and retain key talent and develop talent resources for the future. In this session, you will learn how to embed employee development practices in your organization's cultural 'DNA'. Join us to learn how to insure that employee development becomes an ongoing organizational priority that supports business strategy.
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    Webinar On Behavioral Interviewing: Using the STAR Method to Consistently Hire The Best Talent Available

    Interviewing prospective employees effectively is an important component of successful recruiting. Our Behavioral Interviewing Webinar is designed to provide both new and experienced professionals with the knowledge to determine the appropriate behavioral interview techniques which will help you identify the applicants who stand the greatest chance of succeeding.
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    Webinar On Facilitating Dynamic Change in the Workplace

    This webinar offers protocols and skillful practices that can optimize our capacity to participate with and facilitate dynamic change in the workplace. You will learn how to participate with change through the use of stories, examples, tips, guidelines, and experiential exercises. A highlight of the program is the introduction of a unique model of communication, based upon the tenets of Aikido, which, with its supporting principles, can serve as a "map" to help you navigate the difficult terrain of dynamic change.
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    Webinar On Meeting Management: Making Meetings Work

    Ask managers what part of their job they find most taxing and tedious and the answer is sure to come in a loud and unanimous voice - Meetings. Too many, too often with too few results. Nothing seemed to get accomplished; the agenda was unclear; people were late…or didn't even show up. Let's face it. Meetings have a bad reputation; They are time wasters. The best you can hope for is to get through them. Right? It doesn't have to be that way. If the meetings you manage are not working, you can fix them. But only if you understand what it takes to make a meeting work. Learn how to lead meetings that are focused, productive, participative, and even fun!
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    Webinar On Implementing Effective Employee Fraud Awareness Training

    Fraud detection and prevention depends on numerous factors- none more significant than employee tips. However, tips only are reported if employees know what to look for. To optimize your organization's employee fraud tip reporting, it is therefore essential to have a robust awareness training program in place. Such a program must be carefully designed and executed. This webinar will provide detailed guidelines on how to put together a fraud awareness training team, how to design your training program, who should be trained and through which format (classroom, online, Webinar, etc). Learn how to ensure that employees are understanding and remembering the material in your training program and how to maintain CONTINUOUS fraud awareness on the part of everyone in the organization.
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    Webinar On The 4 Workplace Conversations: How & Why 75 Percent (or 3 out of 4) Are the Wrong Conversation

    This presentation brings to light the only 4 possible conversations that could occur in a work environment and explores the reasons why three of the four or 75% of them are the wrong conversation. Business leaders need to understand "The 4 Workplace Conversations" and how to move every conversation towards the "right" conversation or be doomed to continually repeat the 3 "wrong" conversations and continue to have an under-performing team, organization or company. Having everyone on your staff understand "The 4 Workplace Conversation" matrix and be able to realize which conversation they're in and be confident in communication strategies that can move any conversation towards the "right" conversation will begin to create a high-performing championship caliber team, company or organization.
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    Webinar On Project Management 101: 5 Steps to a Successful Planning and Implementing a Successful Project

    A successful project is one that gets done on time, on budget, and that meets the quality standards your clients expect and deserve. If you don't have the basic tools to manage this, you face the danger of wasting those resources as well as the morale, engagement, and mental and physical energy of yourself and your team. Learn how the basic tools and techniques used to build complex systems and structures can help you manage your workload, reach your business (and personal) goals, improve your communication skills and engage your team members.
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    Webinar On How to Make Sure your Start-up is HR Ready

    Often startup companies just don't consider human resources issues when getting started. Often founders think that HR is a bigger company issue. Unfortunately they often find out too late that human resources issues start at DAY 1. This session will make you familiar with the top five (5) human resources related issues for start-up and small companies and what to do about them.
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    Webinar On The Entrepreneur's Mind-Set

    Everything you build begins in your mind. Your mind is able to adapt, change and improve its capability when you apply deliberate effort and hard work. We will explore the various beliefs, attitudes and habits of thinking that are best suited to being an entrepreneur. Some people have it, some don't but everyone is capable of improving their ability to think. A burning passion and purpose is usually the starting point of all entrepreneurial efforts. There are several necessary building blocks that enable a great idea and develop it into a viable business. We will use illustrations from well-known successful entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Richard Branson and Elon Musk. You will take away a check list of necessary ideas to explore, subjects to master and specific action steps and behaviors for you to use on your journey. This webinar is going to explore the mind-set of a successful entrepreneur and show you how to use many entrepreneurial attributes to be successful in any endeavor.
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    Webinar On Writing Effective Email

    Writing Effective Email starts from the premise that email is writing, requiring attention to the standards of language, especially in the workplace. This webinar focuses on the greatest challenges facing employees who sift through hundreds of emails daily and offers concrete suggestions for creating emails and responding to them efficiently and accurately. From there it moves to practical remedies of purposeless, incomplete, unorganized, and insensitive messages-to ensure that emails are reader-focused, deferential, thorough, and easily scanned. It closes with guidelines for managing the email system and for checking critical emails when high-quality communication matters most.
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    Webinar On Hot Topics in Employment Law

    This webinar will provide an overview of issues that HR professionals face with increasing regulations and compliance challenges. The webinar will focus on "hot" topics such as generational diversity, recruitment, engagement and retention. In addition, leave challenges presented by ADA and FMLA will be reviewed. Changes the profession is facing with minimum wage, overtime and classification challenges will also be discussed. The use of social media can be very beneficial for HR processes, but social media also presents challenges within the workplace with "BYOD" policies.
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    Webinar On Stop, Look, Listen, Go! Making Rapid-Fire Organizational Change Work for Everyone

    Leadership success depends on agile development and your ability to be future oriented, seize external opportunities and bounce back from unforeseen changes - particularly with market uncertainty at record-breaking levels. You must not only have a strategic plan but you must capitalize on market trends and anticipate and respond to change more rapidly. This webinar will help you achieve agile development, lead with greater foresight and entrepreneurial thinking and expose you to the behaviors and processes associated with agile people and organizations. You'll learn how to understand and explore customer and marketplace opportunities and capitalize on them by responding with appropriate products, services and initiatives.
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    Webinar On Communicating Assertively in the Workplace

    This webinar offers an expansive view and practice of communicating assertively - one whose primary goal is on creating harmony in the workplace. You will learn how to communicate assertively through the use of stories, examples, tips, guidelines, and experiential exercises. Included in this practice of assertiveness is a unique model of communication, which, with its supporting principles, can serve as a guide to help you cultivate your "assertive self."
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    Webinar On What it Means to be an HR Business Partner

    There are three major roles for HR; First - day to day policy execution and reaction to acute problem situations, Second - making incremental improvements in current systems and processes, and Third - conducting organization wide human resource analysis and implementing step change improvements aligned with organizational direction. This session will talk to the third role and the activities and mindset that lead to successful business partnering.
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    Webinar On Social Media for Financial Services: New and Expected FINRA Guidance

    Financial services firms and even individual financial services professionals remain curious about what is considered acceptable practice regarding communications with the public via social media. Though social media has proven to be a tremendous marketing channel to present capabilities and find new clients, FINRA continues to issue guidance on recordkeeping, suitability, supervision, and content requirements for such communications. This webinar will provide an update on current guidance, and offer suggestions on how to remain compliant while still harnessing the marketing power of social networks.
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    Proof It! How To Be A Better Proofreader

    Overview: This is the ideal webinar for anyone responsible for overseeing outgoing correspondence, paperwork, project proposals, and email throughout the course of the workday. You'll walk away with two tangible proofreading tools designed to make your job easier. Why should you attend: Any document, media kit, or email bearing your organization's insignia or name must be absolutely error free. Even a careless mistake in an email can damage a leader's reputation and can make an entire organization look bad.It's all about our attention to detail.
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    Madonna Versus Bruce Springsteen Handling Change with Effective Communication

    The success of your communication determines your success in every other aspect of your life. Although people begin talking around age one, we generally have very little training on effective communication. Primarily we learn from those we are observe the most and that may or may not be successful. The changes that we must negotiate are happening at such a fast rate, it can be difficult to keep up and provide a ripe environment for conflict. Research suggests that more technological changes will occur in this century than all the previous ones combined. This combination of fast paced changes and conflict will only slow down productivity and foster frustration.
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    How to Effectively Coach

    Coaching is one of the most effective ways to develop people. It creates an environment where people know how much you care and are willing to do to help them achieve greatness. It is not about the coach, it is all about the coaches. One of the real joys is both individuals will derive benefits from the experience. The unique modality of coaching is an opportunity to reward striving employees, encourage greater achievement and develop people beyond their own self-limiting beliefs. The most successful individuals, athletes, actors, executives and students all have derived benefit from being coached. The only people who don't need a coach are those who choose to be mediocre.
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    How to Train the Adult Learner

    Understand how adults learn and tailor our training to meet their needs… Better understand the difference between teaching children & training adults…Apply the principles of adult learning more successfully in training… Learn what really motivates the adult learner… Create more motivational and energetic training… Improve the impact of your training by reaching all learning styles effectively…Maximize the benefits or reaching the most common learning principles and learning styles…Identify the strengths and weaknesses of adult training styles…Communicate more effectively with others who have different personality styles…Gain and maintain trainee’s attention and interest more consistently…Think on your feet and respond to questions more responsively…Increase the motivational qualities and techniques in your training programs…Improve your delivery and presentation skills…Apply the concepts of accelerated learning more successfully into your trainin
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    2017 & 2018 Train-The-Trainer Course In Minneapolis - Learn How To Deliver Training

    Join TrainSMART in 2017 for our 3-day Master Training Program For The Learning Professional in Minneapolis, MN. If you are now accountable for any kind of training in your organization this class is for you! Learn the essential skills to transfer knowledge to adult learners in a way that is educational, interesting and interactive! Participants will learn: - the essential skills to teaching adult learners - how to design and develop training that “sticks,” - how to create a learning environment that is conducive to learning and fun. - Skills that will increase your confidence and credibility. - How to plan, develop and create training for virtual delivery. TrainSmart's 3-Day train the trainer can help you become an awesome trainer reaching your highest potential.