Computer Forensics for Law Enforcement

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    Webinar on Identifying Cybercrimes

    Each year cyber crimes as we know are evolving. In what is a trying time for organizations, the severity of internal and external threats are mounting. While the financial repercussions of such incidents are often substantial regulatory bodies have also become more heavy-handed in penalizing organizations that fail to safeguard customer data. Join this helpful webinar to understand and identify the most current insider and external cyber-security threats. Price:$200.00. Contact info : OnlineCompliancePanel Phn. no. +1-510-857-5896 Fax-+1-510-509-9659 Event link
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    Introduction to Computer Forensics

    This distance learning course will give you the legal, technical and investigative skills you need to launch your career in computer forensics. Includes live instructor support, online exams and an academic Certificate of Completion. Open enrollment.