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    Project Management Excellence - 20 CPEs

    Join us for a unique, interactive course that "walks you through" the project management process and tradecraft needed to be an effective project manager. This introductory level training in project management helps to prepare the attendee with little-to-no formal project management training to run small, simple projects in the work environment: construction, technology and development. The emphasis is on introducing the terminology along with the basic tools and techniques for starting and running simple projects in a hands-on way. We use a custom workbook binder with step-by-step guidance. No prior experience with managing projects is expected, so it is an excellent introduction to the subject for team leaders and participants who need to get started quickly. Attendees will leave the course with the knowledge needed to serve as a template for initiating and planning real-world projects in their environments.
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    Scrum Immersion

    This course covers the functions and features of the agile Scrum methodology. You will learn about Scrum basics and key Scrum artifacts. You will also learn about user stories and implementing Scrum.
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    Introduction to Agile Requirements Using User Stories

    Agile teams use Use Cases and User Stories to define requirements, but what other… Wait a minute... What’s a User Story? Not everyone has heard of them but even those who have may benefit from complimentary tools that highlight patterns in the roles of stakeholders, putting a face on the users with personas.
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    Customizing the SDLC for Your Organization

    This course presents an integrated view of the information presented in the structured SDLC courses (see prerequisites). The Capability Maturing Model for the SDLC is discussed and a view of a mature, modern SDLC is explained. The YSM models for the analysis and design phases of the SDLC are covered and the testing of all deliverables is shown to be integral to producing a high-quality product. The various types of SDLC productivity tools are covered and their functions explained. Hands-on workshops using a JAD format are used to reinforce concepts.