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    Certificate in Cybersecurity

    The Certificate in Cybersecurity program is a suite of online courses offering information security training in Asset Security, Communications and Network Security, Identity and Access Management, Security and Risk Management, Security Assessment and Testing, Security Engineering, Security Operations, and Software Development Security.
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    Cyber Security Incident Response Program (CSIRT) and Plans

    Cyber Security Incident Response Program is a must for any organization using the Internet. It must be robust yet flexible. Unfortunately in spite of all of the Cyber Events, many companies are taking a long time to respond. Teams must be trained and have written procedures. Time is critical in responding to an incident. Every incident costs the organization, money and reputation, In this session you will learn: Best practices and the standards that make up a great Cyber Incident Response Program Learn what teams should be part of your CSIRT Team Get insight into how to create CSIRT Playbooks and Management Plans Learn how to conduct inexpensive tests of the CSIRT Teams and Programs This program will help you determine your current Gaps and provide milestones for correcting the Gaps
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    Implementing a Technology Transfer Process - 2017

    Overview: It will cover the concepts associated with transferring the scientific technology needed to manufacture the product, processes to ensure the receiving manufacturing facility is ready for the product and tools and templates to help capture the knowledge. Why Should you attend: However execution of that transfer is complex involving the interactions of many disciplines across an organization.
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    Data Integrity FDA/EU Requirements and Implementation 2017

    There is no doubt that data integrity is the current and future inspection focus of all regulatory health care agencies. More than 50% inspection reports such as 483's and Warning Letters quote data integrity as deviations from GxP regulations. This new two-day course provides the regulatory background and guides attendees through the complete record lifecycle from data entry or acquisition through evaluation, reporting, archiving and retrieval. It also helps to fully understand not only the text but also the meaning of related regulations such as FDA's Part 11 and the EU/PICS Annex 11. Read More :
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    Tougher Import Rules for FDA Imports in 2017

    FDA and the Customs and Border Patrol Service (CBP) have become increasingly sophisticated and equally demanding in the submission of import information and adherence to government procedures. Firms that fail to understand and properly execute an import and export program find their shipments delayed, detained or refused. As of December 2016, FDA and CBP officially implemented the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) entry filing system. You either meet ACE requirements or face entry refusals and monetary penalties of up to $10,000 per offense. Other factors can derail the expectation of a seamless import entry process. The course covers detailed information about the roles and responsibilities of the various parties involved with an import operation and how to correct the weakest link(s) in the commercial chain. The course will include tips on how to understand FDA's thinking, negotiate with the FDA and offer anecdotal examples of FDA's import program curiosities.
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    Why you Should be Worried about HIPAA 2017

    This seminar will be addressing how practice/business managers (or compliance offers) need to get their HIPAA house in order before the imminent audits or (even worse) litigation occurs against your organization under state laws of negligence. It will also address major changes under the Omnibus Rule and any other applicable updates for 2017. Areas covered will be texting, email, encryption, medical messaging, voice data and risk factors as they relate to IT. The primary goal is to ensure everyone is well educated on what is myth and what is reality with this law, there is so much misleading information all over regarding the do's and don'ts with HIPAA - I want to add clarity for compliance officers Read More:
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    Product Reliability Training Courses | Product Reliability Testing

    Although a primary objective of reliability analysis is to improve product reliability, there are many possible reasons for collecting and analyzing reliability data. Several examples are the following: Assessing product reliability in the field Predicting product warranty costs Estimate replacement part/spares requirements Assessing the effect of a proposed design change Demonstrating product reliability to customers or government agencies Comparing components from multiple suppliers Comparing components from different production periods, operating environments, or materials Improving reliability through the use of laboratory experiments keep enhancing:
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    MDSAP Recognized Auditing Organizations-MDSAP Audit Checklist

    Global Medical Device Regulations continue to evolve, as devices become more diverse and sophisticated. Understanding the regulations and requirements in your targeted markets will expedite speed-to-market of innovative products and assist patients needing access to life-saving products and technologies. Government Regulatory Authorities, needing to become more efficient with their time, are looking for ways to better use their internal resources without compromising safety in products, which become marketable. One such example is the Medical Device Single Audit Program [MDSAP], where Authorized Organizations would be allowed to carry out a single GMP audit on medical device manufacturing facilities and have it stand to support registrations across the current participating member countries: U.S. Canada, Brazil, Australia and Japan. Read More:
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    Industrial Technical Trainer Certification

    Day one of the workshop will build the foundation for effective adult learning particularly in terms of adult learning theory and human performance. This is fundamental to understanding how to best transfer job relevant skills and knowledge to adult learners. Day one will end with a discussion of the building blocks of training - those skills needed to break training into manageable parts. Click to Continue Reading:
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    Risk Based Incident Management and [CAPA for GxP] Operations

    The CAPA process captures those incidents and failures escalated from the incident management and periodic review processes. These are then tracked from initial occurrence, through impact assessment to resolution and implementation of the correction, recognizing that the control of the resolution and implementation of the correction may be managed by other processes.
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    How Blockchain Will Become the Basis for An Integrated Food Safety System (IFFS) ?

    Overview This webinar will discuss how blockchain will impact the food industry and how the likely food safety and quality inputs to this invoicing system are likely to determine your company's financial future. Various concepts will be described such as chain of custody, smart contracts, Hyperledger. Know how your company will be impacted and how to Prepare to fulfill input requirements.
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    CISM (Certified Information Security Manager) Prep Exam Training (2 Days)

    Need to pass the CISM exam? This LIVE, ONLINE 2-day CISM Prep Training focuses on the CRITICAL EXAM SKILLS required for your success for the official ISACA CISM® (Certified Information Security Manager) Exam. Taught by Renowned Security Expert - Krag Brotby CISM, CGEIT - author of the official ISACA CISM Review Manual (since 2005). Krag is the ’go-to’ computer security expert for mastering the CISM exam. *He has trained thousands of CISM candidates over the past 14 years, preparing them for the very difficult official CISM Exam. *Edited the entire 1200 CISM sample question database, creating approximately 800 questions for the ISACA CISM QAE Book. CISM Prep Exam LIVE Online Training 2019 SCHEDULE: MAY 18-19, 2019 SEPT 7-8, 2019 DEC 7-8, 2019 TUITION: $395 Early Bird until May 1, Sept 1, Nov 15, 2019; $495 after TESTIMONIALS: PRE-REGISTRATION is REQUIRED. REGISTER TODAY.
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    CISM (Certified Information Security Manager) Boot Camp Training (5 Days)

    This 5-day intensive CISM boot camp provides the skills & knowledge required by the successful IS practitioner & prepares for the official ISACA CISM exam. Taught by renowned Security Expert - Krag Brotby, CISM, CGEIT -- author of the official ISACA CISM Review Manual since 2005 and the CISM Glossary document. Over the past 14 years, Krag has trained thousands of CISM candidates to help them to successfully prepare for the CISM exam. Space is limited. Early registration is recommended. Special Offers: * Group Discounts (2 or more attendees from the same organization): for add'l discounted tuition. * Attend the CISM 5-day Boot Camp and you’ll be able to attend the CISM Prep Exam Live, Online Training for FREE (a $495 value). We're here to help you to successfully prepare for the highly coveted CISM exam! Tuition: Early bird: $2495 Tution after early bird expires: $2750 for 2019 Dates.
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    Virtualization, Cloud Computing & Security Training (2 Days)

    This 2-day course covers fundamental virtualization & cloud computing concepts, including risks in both & possible controls for mitigating risks. This training is available onsite or live, instructor-led online. Email: for group pricing & scheduling.
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    Mobile Computing Security Training (2 Days)

    This intensive 2-day training covers mobile security related challenges and proven solutions to address these high risk security issues. This training is currently available onsite or live, instructor-led online. Email: for group pricing and scheduling.
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    Incident Response Training (2 Days)

    Attendees learn what an incident is, the rationale for having an effective incident response capability, the types of incidents that occur and complications in dealing with them, how to detect incidents, & more! This training is available on-site or live, online instructor-led. Email: for group pricing and scheduling.
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    Incident Detection Training (1-2 days)

    This IT security course provides attendees with in-depth information about the most critical aspects of intrusion detection. This training is currently available onsite or live, instructor-led online. Email: for group pricing and scheduling.
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    Information Security PRAGMATIC Metrics Boot Camp Training, Level I (3 Days)

    This critical training provides a hands-on, practical approach to developing, testing, & operating a set of metrics that support businesses, providing management w/information needed to make crucial decisions on risk, security,control, assurance & governance. Taught by renowned security expert, Krag Brotby CISM, CGEIT. Mr. Brotby has served as principal author and editor of the ISACA Certified Information Security Manager Review Manual since 2005, and the researcher and author of the widely circulated Information Security Governance, A Guide for Directors and Executive Management, 2nd ed., and the Information Security Governance : Guidance for Information Security Managers. He is the author of Information Security Management Metrics; Auerbach ’09 and Information Security Governance; a practical development and implementation approach; Wiley ‘09, and he is the co-author of PRAGMATIC Security Metrics; Auerbach ’13. This training is currently available onsite.
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    CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) Boot Camp Training (5 Days)

    This intensive 5-day management level computer security boot camp training teaches you how to plan, design, administer, and troubleshoot security systems to effectively protect your company's data, and prepares for the official CISSP® Exam. This training is also available onsite. Email: for group pricing & scheduling. for 2019 Dates.
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    CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) Prep Exam Training (2 Days)

    Need to pass the CISSP exam? This 2-day LIVE, ONLINE INSTRUCTOR-LED training focuses on the CRITICAL EXAM SKILLS required for your success for the official CISSP® Exam. This training is based upon the new exam blueprint, per the (ISC)² organization. 2019 SCHEDULE: September 28-29, 2019 TUITION: $395 Early Bird Discount until September 1, 2019; $495 after Early Bird. Group discounts provided for 3 or more attendees from the same organization. Attend from the convenience of your home or office. Classes held on weekends so you won't miss your weekday work schedule. PRE-REGISTRATION is REQUIRED. REGISTER TODAY: