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    Statistical Sampling Plans - Methods and Applications

    Acceptance sampling plans are important tools for manufacturers. Effectively used they can help reduce costs while assuring quality and controlling risks. Unfortunately, this rich field of techniques is not as prominent as it once had been. As a result, quality practitioners don't always appreciate the wide range of available options or understand how to choose among alternate statistical sampling plans. Click to Continue Reading:
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    FDA General Principles of Software Validation | Cyber Security 2018

    Software's level of complexity and use is expanding at exponential levels. Likewise, the potential risks to health follow suit. Ransomeware attacks hold your software hostage until you pay hundreds or thousands of dollars. Life supporting and life sustaining healthcare grinds to a halt. Extracting personal healthcare information is another plague that has a huge financial incentive for hackers. Your software is running on thin ice. The FDA looks at software in one of three ways: Standalone, such as for a mobile app; device-based software used to control a device's performance, or simply electronic records. FDA's risk classification will gradually clarify keep enhancing:
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    Seminar on HIPAA, Mobile Devices, and Communications - Compliance and Using New Technologies for Healthcare Communications at SFO, CA

    Overview With the recent advances in portable technology, more and more organizations and their users are taking advantage of mobile devices to save time and get work done more efficiently. Texting, portable e-mail, and Apps are revolutionizing the ways health care providers interact with their patients and get their work done. But the use of these devices comes with hidden costs of compliance, especially if they lead to a reportable breach under HIPAA or state laws. HIPAA Privacy and Security Officers have been struggling to keep up with the use of the devices to protect patient privacy and avoid compliance issues. Even if these devices aren't in formal use in your organization, you need to act now to anticipate their use and make sure they are used properly.
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    Learning Android Programming - Level I, Intro Training (2 Days)

    Android powers millions of devices worldwide & is used in cellular phones, tablets, gaming consoles, cameras,and even televisions. This introductory level course provides attendees with the fundamentals of Android programming. Please note: This training is currently only available onsite. For group pricing and scheduling contact: for 2019 Dates.
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    Advanced Android Development Boot Camp Training - Level II, Advanced (2 Days)

    This 2-day intensive training provides attendees with advanced skills needed to develop applications using the Android mobile platform. Eclipse & Android SDK are used as the development environment throughout the class. Please note: This training is currently only available onsite. For group pricing and scheduling contact: for 2019 Dates.