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    2-Hour Virtual Seminar on Data Integrity for GXP Compliance

    This training session covers the background to data integrity, why it is important and how its requirements affect both paper-based and computer-based systems, The course will include discussion of the recently finalised MHRA data integrity guide which provides guidance on the data integrity expectations that should be considered by organisations involved in any aspect of the GXP pharmaceutical lifecycle GCP, GMP, GLP and GvP.
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    5-day CISM Combo Training

    Pre-Recorded CISM Webinar Training If you're unable to attend our Live, Online Security Prep Training....... Megamind also now offers CISM Training via Webinars, On-Demand (Pre-recorded). A great alternative to attending our LIVE, ONLINE training especially if you're unable to attend our LIVE, Online training classes. SPECIAL OFFER until MAY 1, 2017: 7 days of CISM Training for only $595 (42 hours of CISM Training)! The 5-day CISM COMBO Class (includes the 3-day CISM Intensive Boot Camp - Foundation & Concepts Training and the 2-day CISM Prep Exam Training). Plus, as an added bonus ADMISSION to the May 20-21, 2017 CISM Prep Training, LIVE, Online, COMPLIMENTARY (a $495 value).. CISM Training Webinars: On-Demand Recordings Megamind's Live, Online Classes. TO SUBSCRIBE go to:
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    70-497: Software Testing with Visual Studio

    +Software Testing with Visual Studio: Manage Test Cases
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    Advanced Agile Management Methods

    Basic agile project management certification shows that the candidate understands how to use agile management techniques to manage projects in corporate environments. Yet, not all projects are created equal: some require a higher level of nuanced understanding of the application agile management techniques plus familiarity with more advanced topics such as organizational governance of agile projects including agile in a CMMI environment, scaling agile projects, agile contracting, agile fixed price projects, and more; advanced agile metrics including earned business value, agile earned value, running tested features, budget burn, and agile balanced scorecards; agile reporting and communications (kanban boards, agile documentation, dealing with distributed teams); and agile adoption with a team or within the enterprise.
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    Advanced Android Development Boot Camp Training - Level II, Advanced (2 Days)

    This 2-day intensive training provides attendees with advanced skills needed to develop applications using the Android mobile platform. Eclipse & Android SDK are used as the development environment throughout the class. Please note: This training is currently only available onsite. For group pricing and scheduling contact: for 2019 Dates.
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    Advanced Architecting on Amazon Web Services

    Advanced Architecting on Amazon Web Services: Costing Advanced Architecting on Amazon Web Services: Deployment Management Advanced Architecting on Amazon Web Services: Data Storage Architecture Advanced Architecting on Amazon Web Services: Security Architecture Advanced Architecting on Amazon Web Services: Scalability and Elasticity
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    Advanced Business Analysis

    This course is for business analysts looking to improve the way they elicit, analyze, document and communicate requirements. Using the proven case study model, participants explore two approaches to requirements modeling: the Unified Modeling Language (UML) and Information Engineering. Participants discover how modeling can help them make requirements decisions earlier in the system development life cycle, thus enhancing requirements quality and completeness. Data models, use cases, requirements traceability and prioritization are covered in depth. For other Business Analysis courses please visit
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    Advanced PowerShell Desired State Configuration

    Advanced PowerShell Desired State Configuration: Writing Custom Resources
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    Advanced Project Management

    This workshop gives seasoned project managers the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully manage increasingly complex project issues to meet desired goals and objectives. Assuming a mastery of project planning, this workshop extends skills to the remaining project management processes covering areas such as avoiding mistakes when executing and controlling a project, dealing with evolving stakeholder expectations, using trend analysis to measure project performance and improving project outcomes. PDUs: 24 credits. For other Business Analysis courses please visit
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    Advanced Rational Functional Tester v7.0

    This two-day course is designed for testing professionals already familiar with Java programming and the fundamentals of IBM Rational Functional Tester. The course explores advanced tool use through Java programming. In addition to class lecture, students will complete lab exercises to reinforce critical tool and language concepts, and gain hands-on experience guided by an expert instructor. This course is designed for anyone already familiar with both Functional Tester and Java programming and wants exposure to advanced techniques with the tool as applied to functional GUI testing. For other Software quality and testing courses please visit
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    Advanced Scrum

    Advanced Scrum: Developing the Product and Sprint Backlogs Advanced Scrum: Integrating and Customizing Scrum Advanced Scrum: Addressing Sprint Execution Challenges
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    Advanced Security Implementation

    This course is designed to provide the foundation knowledge to network administrators and security professionals who are seeking to learn about advanced security issues surrounding PKI and biometrics. Advanced Security Implementation is designed to provide network administrators and security architects with an awareness of security-related issues and the essential skills they need to implement security in a given network. It is the first course offered in the second level of the Security Certified Program. This course is followed by Enterprise Security Solutions (ESS). For other Security courses please visit
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    Agile BA Basics

    Many organizations are starting to reap rewards from adding agile methods to their development practices. One of the roles most impacted by switching to an agile approach is the business analyst. Requirements are captured and documented differently on agile projects using novel techniques such as backlogs and user stories and by making extensive use of agile requirements modeling practices. Additionally, requirements are first captured at a broad, abstract level, prioritized using a 3-step approach, and then explored more deeply in cycles according to their priority.
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    Agile Boot Camp: Practitioner`s Workshop to Pragmatic Real-World Adoption

    You will put the knowledge, skills, tools and techniques you are taught to work. The classroom will be divided into Agile teams and your expert instructor will drive each team through the Agile process from Vision to Daily planning and execution.
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    Agile Bootcamp for Executives and Senior Managers

    With the widespread adoption of agile project delivery methods within our organizations, project teams and project managers work in new, innovative ways to avoid waste and to be more flexible to changes raised during the project. Most agile training focuses on the project managers and the people on the team designing and building the deliverables. But where does that leave executives and senior managers? What are the benefits – and risks – of taking an agile delivery approach? What projects are best suited to agile methods, and what are the implications for project governance processes? And finally, what are the lessons learned by other organizations that have tried to adopt agile and how do we avoid reinventing the wheel? This one-day course helps executives and senior managers answers these common questions through a series of lectures, group discussions, and case study activities.
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    Agile Business Stakeholder Basics

    When agile has been selected as a delivery approach, it has far-reaching impacts in the organization beyond just the project delivery team. One of the groups impacted are the business stakeholders who will be working with the agile delivery team. Aimed at these business stakeholders, this e-learning module addresses questions such as "How does my role change in an agile delivery approach?" and "What do I need to do differently?" The session addresses specific agile processes that business stakeholders need to be engaged in as well as cultural/behavioural changes expected of all agile participants. This course uses sound. Please have computer speakers or a headset ready.
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    Agile Development with Scrum

    For other Software Engineering classes and outlines please visit Software Engineering training .This 2-day course assures students understand for make passing Certified Scrum Master training a certainty.
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    Agile Development with Scrum

    This 2-day course assures students understand what adopting Scrum will mean for their organization and themselves, and to make passing Certified Scrum Master training a certainty. The course begins with the concepts and terminology of iterative development: developing and delivering portions of a total product according to a well-defined schedule and partitioning of product features. The business case for iterative development is thoroughly covered. For other Software Engineering classes please visit
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    Agile Documentation Best Practices

    Tired of wasting time creating documents that no one will ever read? Spending hours fussing with documents to make them “perfect” only to find out that they didn’t include the right content? Spinning your wheels updating documents to keep them current? Modern agile management practices propose techniques to operate our businesses more efficiently, to be responsive to changing needs, and to greatly improve our throughput. Agile Documentation is composed of a set of practices that will help you document only the necessary things, in the most efficient way, for exactly the right audience, and in a way that minimizes ongoing updates. This e-learning course will teach you how to save time and money while still producing quality documents, the agile way. This course uses sound. Please have computer speakers or a headset ready.
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    Agile Executive Awareness

    As more and more project teams start to talk about using agile methods to improve delivery success, project sponsors and other business stakeholders get nervous about adopting this new approach. They commonly raise concerns such as: - "Is agile mainstream or is it just the next fad?" - "How will agile affect the project budget and timeline?" - "How do we know if agile is right for us?" This e-learning module is aimed at project sponsors, executives, senior managers, and other business stakeholders to help them understand what have been the experiences of companies who have already adopted agile, what are adoption statistics telling us, what adoption approaches are being used, what are some lessons learned from adopting agile. This course uses sound. Please have computer speakers or a headset ready.