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    Innovation and Creativity Skills Workshop

    Innovation and creativity are now core skills needed everywhere in your organization. CLI has created a one-day workshop using the Foursight Breakthrough Thinking Profile as a basis for helping people understand their preferred approach to creativity and innovation. This active workshop offers learning activities to develop skills. At the end of the session, personal action plans transfer skills learned back to work. Participants will discover their innovation style and their strengths and challenges. - Participants will complete the FourSight Breakthrough Thinking Profile online, which measures individual preferences. - The workshop provides immediate feedback on participants’ innovation style strengths and challenges. - Participants develop a best-in-class approach for managing the innovation process - Participants will develop personal action plans to develop optimal performance on future project work. Contact us to develop a proposal today!
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    Applying the Definition of Serious Health Condition

    Course Objective: This training program focuses specifically and solely on clarifying the circumstances under which non-chronic (short-term) illness can meet the definition of “serious health condition” under the FMLA. Clear guidance was issued in 2010 that verified that many fairly common illnesses of short duration (such as the flu), can – under specific circumstances – meet the definition of serious health condition. Knowing this – and incorporating a mechanism for compliance into FMLA administration – is a critical area of compliance. Course Outline: • Clear definitions of and compliance considerations for key FMLA terminology required to fully understand requirements for non-chronic illnesses: o Covered employer: Does your company meet the definition?