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    Train-The-Trainer Course For SME's, New Trainers & Training Professionals

    How can a training professional demonstrate that they have the knowledge and skills to design, develop and deliver training in this new environment? One way is to become a certified trainer. Trainsmart offers the only “instructor-led” train-the-trainer course that is certified by the International Board of Certified Trainers (IBCT). Think of it as the ultimate training professional development workshop. Designed to be beneficial to both the experienced and novice trainer, this workshop is engaging, interactive and models the techniques that today’s learners demand from training programs. Experienced trainers have an opportunity to strengthen skills and dig deeper into new training methodologies and platforms. At the same time, new trainers – whether professionals who are training full-time or subject matter experts who now need to do sporadic training—will gain the right skills for designing, developing and delivering meaningful and successful training experiences.
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    Leveraging On The Job Training

    Are you responsible for designing, creating, and delivering training on Standard Operating Procedures and Standards? If so, TrainSMART's Leveraging On-the-Job Training workshop is for you and your team. You will learn how to determine the key concepts of adult learning, learning styles, developmental stages and active and passive learning affect on the job training, create an action plan for implementation, leverage instructional design to target training on specific SOPs and StandardsSmash your writer’s block, formulate valid and reliable assessment questions that measure outcomes, understand the rules of netiquette to create better, shorter and more effective emails, develop performance checklists that mirror the key tasks say “No” in your writing with out risking business relationships, identify communication and behavioral styles and determine how they impact learning.
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    Balancing Work & Family Life Training For Employees

    Would you or you team benefit from learning how to find alternative ways to managing professional and personal life challenges? If so, TrainSMART offers a Balancing Work & Family Life workshop. Participants will learn Make better decisions based on priorities, goals, and values, stay focused based on which “hat” you are wearing, reduce the stress and have fun with the challenges, identify tips and tricks to save time and be more organized.
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    One-on-One Coaching For Management, Leadership & Executives

    When you order one-on-one coaching from TrainSmart, you get an intensely personalized effort that will give your employees targeted, tangible takeaways. By partnering with one of TrainSmart’s experienced coaches, any individual has the chance to pinpoint their own areas of weakness and determine tactical steps that they can take to move toward solutions going forward.
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    2-Day Effective Leadership Training Course

    Are you a manager, supervisor, or leader responsible for the development and leadership of others? If you said YES, then TrainSMART's 2-Day Effective Leadership Training is for you. You and your team will learn to explore effective components of leadership on three levels: the individual, team and corporation. You will also learn to assess your current leadership styles, acquire new skills to further develop leadership effectiveness, lead from any chair and define the power of value-based leadership.
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    Coaching Skills Training for Leaders

    Are you a leader looking to coach employees or are required by company policy and need techniques to be successful? If you answered Yes, then TrainSMART's Coaching Skills For Leaders is for you.
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    The 3Cs of Women in Leadership: Courage, Confidence and Collaboration

    This workshop series explores Courage, Confidence and Collaboration in more depth and in a safe environment. There is a famous quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt “Courage is not the absence of fear” that encourages people to reconsider what it means to have “courage.” For Millennial women in large organizations Courage is finding their voice and making sure that it is heard. Confidence is pursuing new professional opportunity even when you don’t have all the answers and Collaboration is deliberately and intentionally sharpening your relationship building skills in a genuine manner. Primary learning objectives would be to: •Inspire women and [men] to believe they have a chance and should therefore pursue growth opportunities •Engender greater confidence that women can forge a path into leadership •Foster a safe environment to dynamically explore leadership affirming behaviors that are courageous, confident and collaborative.
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    Search for the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine!

    A fun and fast-paced exercise, it can be debriefed to focus on communication, resource management, planning and change, leadership, collaboration and competition, and other dynamics found in the workplace. 1/2 day.
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    Coaching for Success

    Gain a better understanding of why and how to use coaching through exercises, which enhance interpersonal, problem solving, and feedback skills. Use NTG as coach, through follow-up contact to keep your employees on track with the skills they learned.
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    Adventures in Attitudes

    Take learners through a series of activities critical to personal and professional success. By increasing self-awareness, improving attitudes and relationships, participants learn how they perceive and respond to events around them is their choice.
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    Management Develop Process

    The MDP is a six-stage learning series that uses self- assessments and an interactive classroom setting to develop Self-Management, Interpersonal Skills, Managing Differences, Performance Management, Managing Innovation, and Leadership.