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    Adventures in Attitudes

    Take learners through a series of activities critical to personal and professional success. By increasing self-awareness, improving attitudes and relationships, participants learn how they perceive and respond to events around them is their choice.
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    AMA's Advanced Executive Leadership Program

    Executive leadership training is the first step on the road to achieving your potential as a leader. You’ll come away with an understanding of what makes executive leadership different from other kinds of leadership roles, how to shape organizational excellence, which global competencies are critical to success today and how to gain personal mastery of your own leadership.
    And you will profit from the shared insights and experiences of peers who, like you, are senior managers looking for answers through advanced executive leadership training

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    AMA's Course for Senior Executives

    The program is focused on the dynamic management philosophy and framework that enables managers to help guide there organization’s growth and successfully achieve their corporate goals in today’s intensely competitive, rapidly changing business environment.
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    AMA`s Green Leadership: Implementing Sustainability Strategies Seminar

    You will learn how to translate green and socially responsible business strategies into triple economic, social and environmental results.
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    AMA`s Leadership Lab: Building Skills Through Practice and Feedback

    Receive honest, unbiased feedback on your leadership style from your instructor and peers, to build better skills by recognizing how others really see you. You`ll develop a personal development plan that`s based on peer feedback and in-course assessments.
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    ARC010 - ARC's Effective Leadership and Internal Audit Management:: Internal Auditing Level II

    This "Senior" level program emphasizes the skills essential for the planning and administration of the entire audit assignment. As an in-charge auditor, you have assumed management as well as technical responsibilities. You need to polish the planning, administrative, and audit strategy skills. As demands are placed on organizations to be more effective and productive, the in-charge auditor needs to ensure that the audit process provides the organization with the maximum return on the investment in audit. Today's in-charge must be able to provide the maximum coverage of auditable risk areas, while minimizing the investment in audit. You will learn how to effectively and successfully manage the internal audit project. You will understand how to identify the critical control components of a process, design audit tests that support assertions, and develop effective audit programs. You will fully understand how to develop an audit report that gets action.
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    Assertiveness Skills Training

    Assertiveness Training Benefits & Deliverables Include: Become more confident and assertive in your words and actions through assertiveness training…Speak up and stand up for yourself more consistently with assertiveness training…Meet deadlines and due dates more regularly…Deal with angry and emotional people more effectively with assertiveness training…Transform conflict into cooperation with assertiveness training…Reduce your stress level and those who work with you…Better anticipate other’s needs and expectations of you…Understand your communication style…Become a more assertive communicator with assertiveness training
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    Becoming an Owner In Leadership: How to Partner with HR As a Value Add Resource

    Overview In today's workplace, a lack of ownership has become a problem. Many Leaders make mistakes and feel blaming others is an appropriate solution.
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    Becoming More Assertive In the Workplace

    This one-day Assertiveness course is designed for anyone at any level within an organization, to better communicate with others in their work/business environment, using assertive skills. Assertive skills involve a variety of appropriate interpersonal behaviours including the following: giving positive feedback, providing information, asking requests of others, giving constructive criticism or being on the receiving end of feedback, criticism, or saying “no” without feeling guilty. Using assertive skills will help increase self-confidence, increase one’s own self-respect and respect of others, allow one to have better stress and time management skills, and finally, have overall better communications with others in the workplace to successfully achieve business goals. Who Should Attend: The Becoming More Assertive In the Workplace course is designed for all roles in the workplace, and is recommended for anyone looking to improve their communications with others in the workplace.
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    Bridging the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®), Temperament, and Situational Leadership® II

    Learn how to match your leadership style to an individual`s development level, positively influence them & build their commitment to achieve better long- term results. You`ll develop a clear blueprint for how to apply and implement your new skills.
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    Build & Manage More Effective Teams

    Establish work teams that get the job done – Increase productivity/quality with better teams – Increase team performance/creativity – Improve communication between people/departments – Improve morale & cooperation between teams – Avoid most common reasons teams fail – Define & communicate team vision effectively – Establish right climate to support work teams – Develop improved communication & interpersonal skills – Improve lines of communication & flow of information to teams
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    Building Leaders using Everything DiSC Work for Leaders Profile

    Are you an organizational leader who wants to learn how to develop the skills needed to lead your organization, present focused ideas, make your points clear to others, gain commitment and buy in and project confidence when communicating your vision. If you answered YES, TrainSMART's Building Leaders workshop is for you and your team.
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    Building Managers using Everything DiSC Management Profile

    Is your job to help others improve their workplace performance?
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    Building Relationships

    Enhance connections and build more and higher quality relationships. Enhance connections and build more and higher quality relationships. Learn the core skills needed to improve empathy and work in collaborative environment. All leaders need power and effective leaders manage their power sources and types actively. Never leaning on threat power or overusing reward power, the best leaders work to build relationships and networks to get things done.
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    Change Leadership

    • Change Management & Project Management – what do you focus on in change management (culture, roles & responsibilities, goals, communication) • How People Handle and React to Change • Change Management Concepts • Break-out/Team Activity – teams will be assigned an industry and scenario around change • Processing and Integration of Thoughts from Team Activity with Change at Client - Your Role Before, During and After Change? o Defining the Future State, the Vision, Where are We Headed, What Does it Look Like? o Managing Expectations o Managing Employees Through Change o Removing Barriers & Providing Support o Discussion of Service Scenarios • Final Processing & Integration/Action Planning
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    Coaching & Counseling Employees for Top Performance

    Improve employee performance through more effective coaching – Change employees with enhanced feedback/criticism skills – Establish organizational consistency in coaching & discipline – Defuse angry and emotional employees – Motivate employees effectively – Safely and legally discipline employees – Choose the right words to reduce defensiveness – Document verbal and written warnings consistently and safely – Handle difficult and sensitive issues more confidently
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    Coaching and Teambuilding Skills for Managers and Supervisors

    This is your prime opportunity to gain vital teambuilding expertise guaranteed to make your team more cohesive, motivated and productive. You'll walk away with a teambuilding action plan you can launch immediately. CEU Credits: 0.5 CPE Credits: 6
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    Coaching for Success

    Gain a better understanding of why and how to use coaching through exercises, which enhance interpersonal, problem solving, and feedback skills. Use NTG as coach, through follow-up contact to keep your employees on track with the skills they learned.
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    Coaching Skills For Leaders Workshop

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    Coaching Skills Training for Leaders

    Are you a leader looking to coach employees or are required by company policy and need techniques to be successful? If you answered Yes, then TrainSMART's Coaching Skills For Leaders is for you.