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    Increasing Personal Effectiveness

    Designed in a 2 day format to understand behavior, improve accountability, communicate functionally, and overall improve productivity.
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    Leading Accelerated Projects: Pathway to Rapid Results

    How to plan and execute projects on a tight timeline. How to take advantage of Eight Opportunity Levers to ID multiple possibilities for achieving rapid results. How leading accelerated projects differs from managing conventional projects -- and why this is important. How to think outside the conventional P.M. box to make accelerated projects a reality. Goes beyond P.M. basics and discipline-bound solutions. ... this is a roll-up-your-sleeves course for those who are serious about delivering time-critical projects on a tight schedule.
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    Certified Training Manager (CTM)

    Have more days than not when you’re ready to pull out your hair? Maybe it’s HOW you’re managing your training function. Especially if you’re a one person department! With the right practices, any training program can accelerate performance while delivering economic benefit and, as a focused and practical manager of a training function, you can lead the charge within your own organization. In this certificate, focus in-depth on effective methods to manage the entire scope of your organization’s training effort. You will examine practical ways, sound techniques, and proven ideas to manage your organization’s training and yield tangible, bottom-line results. After this workshop you will have practical and useful tools and techniques to partner with management, and yourself to the organization’s goals, and make an impact on performance!
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    Certified e-Facilitator

    When transferring your facilitation skills from a physical classroom/OJT environment to a virtual one, there are certain things you need to change! This pragmatic workshop will teach you HOW to cut down on your learner’s multi-tasking (no, we can’t eliminate it altogether) and have them plug into you! In this highly interactive, blended workshop you will learn and practice the essentials of adult learning and how to make training "come to life" in online virtual environment. After this workshop you will have the tools and techniques to incorporate adult learning concepts into an e-learning environment, use e-facilitation skills to promote e-learner participation and interaction, and get the most out of the technology that you have available!
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    Strategic Business Management: How to develop General Manager awareness and thinking in your middle managers

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    Introduction to Management with Certificate

    Discover what it takes to become an effective manager in today's business climate. This unique distance learning course is geared to address the needs of individuals learning how to manage effectively in the contemporary competitive environment.