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    Webinar on Root Cause Analysis during OSHA's Incident Investigation Process

    Join this webinar to learn how to identify the root causes of accidents and how to use root cause analysis successfully when performing an OSHA incident investigation. Price:$200.00. Contact info : OnlineCompliancePanel Phn. no. +1-510-857-5896 Fax-+1-510-509-9659 info@onlinecompliancepanel.com Event link https://www.onlinecompliancepanel.com/webinar/Root-Cause-Analysis-Reduce-the-Risk-of-Future-Accidents-Using-OSHA-s-Incident-Investigation-Process-502624/AUGUST-2018-ES-TRAININGREGISTRY
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    Webinar on New Hazardous Waste Generator Rule: Your Haz Waste Compliance Obligations under the EPA's Final Generator Rule Are Now in Effect

    This webinar will evaluate an existing program to identify and address compliance challenges with the New Hazardous Waste Generator Rule. Price:$200.00. Contact info : OnlineCompliancePanel Phn. no. +1-510-857-5896 Fax-+1-510-509-9659 info@onlinecompliancepanel.com Event link https://www.onlinecompliancepanel.com/webinar/New-Hazardous-Waste-Generator-Rule-Your-Haz-Waste-Compliance-Obligations-under-the-EPA-s-Final-Generator-Rule-Are-Now-in-Effect-508299/JUNE-2018-ES-TRAININGREGISTRY
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    Webinar on How Lock Out/Tag Out (LOTO) Can Prevent Accidents and OSHA Penalties for Non-Compliance

    Join LOTO standard webinar with John J. Meola to learn OSHA's zero energy assurance standard lock out/ tag out procedure. Price:$200.00. Contact info : OnlineCompliancePanel Phn. no. +1-510-857-5896 Fax-+1-510-509-9659 info@onlinecompliancepanel.com Event link https://www.onlinecompliancepanel.com/webinar/How-Lock-Out-Tag-Out-LOTO-Can-Prevent-Accidents-and-OSHA-Penalties-for-Non-Compliance-504133/JUNE-2018-ES-TRAININGREGISTRY
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    Leading More Effective Meetings™

    No one enjoys meetings scheduled for the sake of having a meeting. From dry presentations, to cluttered slides, to looking up the nose of a colleague on a virtual meeting tool, Leading More Effective Meetings™ will bring back the value of meeting virtually or in person. Whether you meet with a team of employees in your office or gather together a committee on a web based video conference, this webinar will show you how to employ effective engagement methods, craft appropriate interaction, and even create a fast moving efficient and effective meeting agenda. If you run meetings, share information with everyone in attendance, and actually want employees, team members, or others to show up, this webinar is a must!
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    Click on the name of the course to be taken to our website for class schedule, class outline, and to register. This class will provide you with the training necessary to organize, prepare, and deliver business presentations. One day class. Cost is $399.00. Two day class. Cost is $1,399.00
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    Run More Effective Meetings

    Facilitate productive and purposeful meetings; Plan more effective meetings; Develop more powerful meeting agendas; Conduct more effective teleconferences & virtual meetings; Manage personalities more effectively; Have the correct and necessary people attend your meeting; Increase the overall attendance of your meetings; Enhance your reputation as a powerful meeting leader; Politely and assertively enforce meeting management rules and guidelines; Accomplish more results in your meetings; Run more effective meetings
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    How to Train the Adult Learner

    Understand how adults learn and tailor our training to meet their needs… Better understand the difference between teaching children & training adults…Apply the principles of adult learning more successfully in training… Learn what really motivates the adult learner… Create more motivational and energetic training… Improve the impact of your training by reaching all learning styles effectively…Maximize the benefits or reaching the most common learning principles and learning styles…Identify the strengths and weaknesses of adult training styles…Communicate more effectively with others who have different personality styles…Gain and maintain trainee’s attention and interest more consistently…Think on your feet and respond to questions more responsively…Increase the motivational qualities and techniques in your training programs…Improve your delivery and presentation skills…Apply the concepts of accelerated learning more successfully into your trainin
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    More Powerful Negotiation Skills

    Increase your confidence in negotiating, selling or buying…Gain the advantage in business dealings more regularly…Determine the best price and terms at which to buy or sell…Learn proven negotiation and persuasion techniques…Reach agreement and understanding with people more quickly…Persuading others to work with you not against you…Develop budgets and project plans that are more realistic and achievable…Finalize and administer simple or complex agreements more successfully…Communicate more effectively with clients and customers…Break or avoid a serious impasse without alienating people…Resolve conflict more quickly and effectively…Gain agreement on your suggestions and ideas more consistently
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    Facilitation Skills

    In-House Specialist This Facilitation Skills training course provides leaders or managers with the ability to guide, assist or make it easy for their groups or teams to achieve their goals through productive and efficient meetings, planning sessions and related activities.
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    MVP Training: Facilitation & Facilitator Skills

    MVP Seminars LLC, is a leading nationwide provider of business training seminars at affordable prices, with top-notch providers. Follow-up monitoring program no-charge! Please call 510-558-3495. Largest family run training business in USA.
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    High Impact Presentations

    Dr. Rick Goodman is a professional speaker, motivator, author and training consultant helping organizations Develop Great Leaders - Through Excellence in Communication, Team Building, Change Management, and Customer Excellence. Dr. Rick = RESULTS
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    Making Meetings Work

    Learn how to facilitate a successful meeting or project team by using proven, practical methods and tools for conducting productive meetings and getting better post-meeting results. Making Meetings Work is a one-two day workshop.
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    Introduction To Public Speaking

    Introduction To Public Speaking - An eight-hour training session for up to ten participants Make a difference in how you communicate with others. Master skills that are necessary in today’s competitive business environment. Learn to speak in a way that elevates you with increased confidence and enthusiasm. Who Should Attend—All levels of professionals who have had some experience in public speaking (sales, executives, public relations).
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    Fearless Facilitation! How to Lead Effective Meetings

    How to Lead Effective Meetings is designed to build confidence and competence in leading effective meetings. This program will teach meeting leaders how to achieve desired results and manage relationships and process at the same time.
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    1,2 and 3 Day Customized Seminars - Sales, Managing, Training, Customer Service, Presenting

    Industry/job customized training to enhance selling skills, training skills, managing and supervising skills and presentation skills. Every business is unique and the training and consulting solutions should be unique as well. We listen to our clients and develop solutions tailored to your needs.
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    Beyond Train-the-Trainer: Enhance Your Training & Engage Your Audience

    Are you an experienced trainers who want to infuse more interactivity into your training as well as learn to make dry content more interesting, increase engagement and transfer more knowledge, then TrainSMART's Beyond Train-the-Trainer: Enhance Your Training & Engage Your Audience is for you. You will learn to take dry content and make it an interesting training experience, use story and story elements to enliven your training sessions and engage your audience, and Implement ways to engage your audience. Create interactive exercises for more quiet audiences
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    Become DiSC Certified Today

    TrainSmart is an award winning Everything DiSC® Authorized Partner, provides a comprehensive DiSC® Certification using a combination of learning strategies that includes pre-work, a two-day facilitated workshop, and ongoing reinforcement and support.
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    Learn How to Design & Present Technical Training

    Are you responsible for designing, developing and facilitating technical training on the use of tools, processes or systems? If you answered YES, TrainSMART's How To Design & Present Technical Training Workshop is for you. You and or your team will learn how to: use a systematic approach to easily help people use new technical tools, processes and systems, provide effective demonstrations, while engaging the audience, segment or “Chunk” content that reinforces the steps to complete a task, break down a task easily into its teachable parts, map learning objectives to the appropriate level of learning, select the best method to train learners, practice making training interesting and engaging, identify how much practice is needed to build a new skill and how to test for knowledge retention.
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    How to Measure Training Performance Improvement Workshop

    Are you responsible for training and for determining a Return on Investment for that training? If so, TrainSMART's Measuring Training Performance Improvement workshop is for you! Participants will learn how to develop pre-assessments and surveys, calculate Return on Investment, identify what data is necessary to generate a report that includes quantitative and qualitative information.
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    Training Bootcamp For Trainers