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    Webinar On Working Smart: Time and Task Management

    The speed of everything has changed. Are your time management skills up to the challenge? Do you put off more today than you can ever accomplish tomorrow...exhaust yourself by 4:00 p.m. with only a fraction of your work done...see yourself as a decision maker who never gets around to making decisions...dread the next business meeting-or worse, going back to your desk to see what voice mails and emails await you? If you're doing more and enjoying it less, it's time to get out of the time trap and back to productive management! This webinar gives you practical techniques for controlling time and making it a manageable resource.Price:$200.00. Contact info : OnlineCompliancePanel Phn. no. +1-510-857-5896 Fax-+1-510-509-9659 Event link
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    What Every Boss Needs in Order to Lead During the Holiday Season™

    Being a boss fills your day with enough things to do without the need to get presents, manage decorations, and plan parties, too. The holidays are a fun time and they do pass fast, but without some additional methods to manage the stress, that feeling that you’ve not done enough or done it right, can tend to last. In this webinar, What Every Boss Needs in Order to Lead During the Holiday Season™, you’ll learn how to keep your sense of humor, how to manage the more delicate holiday issues, and even how to build a stronger bonded team in the process. Don’t let the holidays drag you down or slow you up and register for this course straight away. Your holiday “to-do” list grows longer every day and you don’t have a minute to lose. Fast paced, packed with simple solutions, and designed with you in mind, this course ensures your office holiday stocking is truly filled with cheer this year and beyond! (This course includes access to the Leader’s Comprehensive Guide to Holiday Survival).
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    What Every Manager Needs to Know: AMA's Tool Kit for Success Seminar

    You will cover the management role from soup to nuts as you focus on: time management...project management...human resources...budgeting and basic finance...and leadership skills.