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    How to Change your Leadership Style

    This webinar will include a discussion on how habits are formed, why it is all based on beliefs and values and also We will discuss basic behaviors and styles of leadership so you can figure out where you fit now.
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    How to Do the Right Things Right: Understanding the Organizer Preference

    Understanding the Organizer Preference™ is a one hour webinar, designed for those naturally in the Organizer quadrant from the CORE Profile. Whether you’ve attended the Make Difficult People Disappear™ webinar and are familiar with the CORE Profile, or simply know you’re a natural at getting things right, following a logical approach, while not trying to be critical, and simply wish to be appreciated for the specific skills you contribute to the team, this webinar is for you!
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    How to Effectively Manage Multiple Locations

    A two-day seminar featuring critical tools and cutting-edge "how-to" for getting results from employees who work across town, in another city or on the other side of the globe.
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    How to Excel at Managing and Supervising People

    Get the most up-to-the-minute information and exciting discoveries available on how to manage change, motivate, discipline, delegate, inspire, problem solve all the critical skills you need to succeed as a supervisor.
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    How to Get More Done Without Offending Anyone: Understanding the Commander Preference

    Understanding the Commander Preference™ is a one hour webinar, designed for those who find themselves naturally in the Commander quadrant from the CORE Profile. Whether you have attended the Make Difficult People Disappear™ webinar and are familiar with the CORE Profile, or simply know you are a leader at heart and wish to develop more patience, motivation of others, and results in your leadership, this webinar is for you!
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    How to Position Yourself for a Promotion™

    You know what you want at that next level, but are you what they believe they need? Are you the most obvious choice for the next promotion? Are you ensuring you’re doing what is needed to be in the best strategic position? If promoted, would you be prepared for your new position? In this live session, you’ll learn the fine art of both managing up and reputation management. You’ll learn 5 opportunities to take that could propel your career and visibility forward. Not every job is right for every person, so clear steps on the examination of what’s missing and what’s needed at that next level will be part of this session. When you’ve decided to progress in an organization, you’ve made an important choice. Rather than sit back and wait for someone to notice your readiness or your decision, this session will help to place you, your skills, your knowledge, your know-how, your tenure, your wisdom and your expertise in the most ideal position to get noticed and of course, get promoted.
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    Identity Theft and ID Fraud in Banking- Federal 26 Red Flags

    Learn the 26 Red Flags in ID theft and identity fraudulent attempt, tips on prevention, loss reduction, detection, and investigations of fraud. Price:$200.00. Contact info : OnlineCompliancePanel Phn. no. +1-510-857-5896 Fax-+1-510-509-9659 Event link
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    Impact & Control of RFIs on Construction Projects

    Overview This construction project management training discusses the genesis of RFIs and their development and discusses the impact of RFIs on construction projects, drawing upon data provided by ACONEX and other studies to assess how RFIs and the RFI processes impact both small large scale construction projects. It will also addresses the abuse of the RFI process examining how some contractors misuse RFIs to increase profitability, a practice that has become somewhat institutionalized in the past decade.
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    Improved Communication & Teamwork

    Promote increased cooperation and collaboration among all levels of management in team building training…Develop an improved appreciation for other team members…Increase individual, team and department productivity and effectiveness…Improve morale and cooperation up, down and between the links of the chain of command…Improve both individual and department responsibility and accountability with team building training…Increase the cooperation and collaboration of individuals, teams and departments…Reduce the frustration and antagonism between people/departments that don’t get along…Understand the roles and goals of management teams and team-members…Promote more creative problem solving among among team members…Encourage appropriate risk-taking in team building training…Improve the lines of communication and the flow of information with team building training…Develop communication skills that lead to understanding and consensus with team building
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    Improving Your Managerial Effectiveness

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    In Search of Excellence

    Motivate your employees to be more innovative, responsive & committed than ever before! Tom Peters and Bob Waterman are your hosts and guides for a far-ranging, behind-the-scenes investigation of eight phenomenally successful organizations. See how Quality & Customer Service have truly become a way of life. Here’s a sampling of what you’ll learn: At Disney World, see the training a staff to understand that a commitment to quality and customer care is vital for success. At Stew Leonard’s Dairy, see how a passion for customers is translated into huge business success. On a visit to Apple Computers, you’ll witness the birth of the Macintosh and watch as Steve Jobs leads his development team. You’ll see how 3M encourages new product development by treating every manager as an entrepreneur. Learn how 3M developed and marketed its legendary Post-It notes. At North American Tool & Die, you’ll watch Tom Melohn motivate his people to work for "no rejects."
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    Increasing Personal Effectiveness

    Designed in a 2 day format to understand behavior, improve accountability, communicate functionally, and overall improve productivity.
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    Integration of Risk Management Principles and Activities into the Quality System

    The market’s Tolerance for Failure of Drugs, Devices and IVDs has reduced significantly since the 80s. This reduced tolerance is a reflection of a general loss of confidence in the medical industry. Adoption and certification of Quality Management Systems (QMS) has provided some recovery of that lost confidence but not enough – more is needed New requirements combined with concepts and applications of Risk Management as a practical set of principles, have emerged and when integrated with Quality Management Systems re-build confidence for the three major stakeholder groups: Regulators, Industry and most importantly the Medical Community - including users & patients. This course will cover Risk Management principals associated standards and practices together with how to develop, apply and implement strategies that reduce risks in the areas of drugs, devices and IVDs while working within established Quality Management Systems. Topics covered include: •Current US and international . .
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    Interviewing Skills for Managers and Supervisors

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    Introduction to Agile Requirements Using User Stories

    Agile teams use Use Cases and User Stories to define requirements, but what other… Wait a minute... What’s a User Story? Not everyone has heard of them but even those who have may benefit from complimentary tools that highlight patterns in the roles of stakeholders, putting a face on the users with personas.
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    Click on the name of the course to be taken to our website for class schedule, class outline, and to register. In this Leadership Essentials course, you will learn how to establish direction for your team and to influence and align them toward the company's goals, motivating and committing them to action and making them responsible for their performance.
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    Leadership Skills with Emotional Intelligence

    Lead & motivate employees more successfully – Understand Emotional Intelligence – Provide improved decision-making – Boost the performance and productivity of departments/employees – Increase employee accountability/responsibility levels – Develop better communication techniques – Establish confidence and trust with employees – Work with different types of people & personalities more successfully – Handle difficult or sensitive situations more effectively – Delegate more effectively
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    Leadership Through People Skills: Turning Vision Into Action

    Intensive, three-day program turns managers at all levels of the organization into LEADER-MANAGERS, equipped to meet today`s business challenges.
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    Legal for Non-Legal Managers

    Summary of legal issues commonly seen in the corporate setting and fundamental contract law such as - vendor and employment contracts, negligence, property law and complications that can arise from inefficient due diligence in the contracting process.
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    Line in the Sand: How to Set and Stick to Boundaries with Employees™

    Big boundaries can make you a bully. No boundaries can make you a door mat. There has to be a middle ground and a way to draw a line in the sand that everyone understands and can work with effectively. Good news! There is and in Line in the Sand: How to Set and Stick to Boundaries with Employees, you’ll learn just how easy creating realistic, workable boundaries, really is. Join this one hour webinar, to learn a step by step, simple process for determining where your boundaries need to be and how to manage them productively, while keeping your reputation intact. If you want to be a better leader and get more done, this is a webinar to jump on!