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    Improving Team Motivation With DiSC

    Through the DiSC® model, participants learn to appreciate the role that their environment has on their motivation. Team members discover how to capitalize on their particular motivators in a way that makes the entire team more successful.
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    Successful Innovation Teams

    Successful team members don't do the same thing at the same time. They do the right thing at the right time. While team members work together toward a common goal, individuals still must play their individual roles in the process.
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    Team Effectiveness Series Using DiSC

    Teams rely on both individual and group talent. The individual members need to know how to let their strengths shine, while the group needs to know how to work as a unit. This series is designed to advance both of these goals in three easy, half-day sessions.
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    1-Team Dimensions Profile

    Understand and value your contribution to successful innovation teams. Discover the right roles for the right people.
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    Management Skills for Newer Supervisors

    Ease the transition from former peer to supervisor – Lead and motivate employees more effectively – Increase productivity/output of employees and departments – Improve communication skills – Develop trust and confidence with employees – Motivate employees effectively – Succeed with different types of people and personalities – Create and maintain a consistent team vision – Manage former peers and friends fairly – Hold employees more accountable and responsible
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    Deliver Evaluations That Really Improve Performance

    Improve consistency of evaluation and rating process – Increase the confidence/comfort levels in conducting appraisals – Boost employee performance and morale through more accurate feedback – Avoid potentially adverse legal and financial exposure – Generate fewer arguments in evaluation meetings – Set/use clear standards and goals – Avoid overly-subjective evaluation ratings – Handle evaluations that become emotional – Use self, peer or upward evaluations
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    Build & Manage More Effective Teams

    Establish work teams that get the job done – Increase productivity/quality with better teams – Increase team performance/creativity – Improve communication between people/departments – Improve morale & cooperation between teams – Avoid most common reasons teams fail – Define & communicate team vision effectively – Establish right climate to support work teams – Develop improved communication & interpersonal skills – Improve lines of communication & flow of information to teams
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    Overcoming Negativity in the Workplace

    Develop more effective working environment – Increase productivity and work quality – Improve communication in workplace – Improve employee morale – Reduce causes of employee griping, complaining & negativity – Reduce employee turnover – Identify/eliminate different types of organizational or environmental negativity – Establish increased trust in the workplace – Handle disgruntled employees more successfully
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    Successfully Managing Off-Site, Remote & Virtual Employees

    Boost the performance/productivity of off-site employees – Increase the accountability/responsibility of remote employees – Improve communication with off- site employees/locations – Strengthen teamwork of different locations – Hire/develop employees who don't need constant supervision – Safely discipline or terminate off- site employees – Improve the flow of information from off-site employees – Motivate employees without being there
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    Increase Results through Performance Management

    Increase performance by linking goals to strategic plans – Cascade organizational goals down through department/employee goals - Establish effective performance management system – Develop effective & consistent evaluation process – Improve performance with feedback – Increase employee performance & morale with better communication – Develop clear performance standards & goals - Handle challenging situations that become emotional – Design effective appraisal/evaluation form
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    How to be an Effective Team Member

    Identify the 6 most important teamwork factors – Increase individual & team effectiveness – Improve interpersonal skills – Enhance individual and team accountability – Increase the cooperation and collaboration of individuals – Reduce frustration and antagonism between people – Understand the roles and goals of both teams and team-members - Know the roles that are essential for team success – Become a valuable team contributor – Develop improved communication skills
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    Management Skills for Technical Professionals

    Understand differences between technical & non-technical employees – Work with different people/personalities more successfully – Improve communication & listening skills – Increase awareness & empathy to work better with non-technicals – Assist technical employees to work/communicate better with non-technical coworkers – Define & communicate vision & expectations more effectively – Align individual, team & department goals – Handle difficult/sensitive situations more effectively
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    Workshop qualifies you to use numerous tools for working with executives, managers, supervisors and teams, e.g., FIRO Element B, LEAD + more! This is the next generation of training for leadership, personality and teams. Qualification on FIVE instruments!
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    On-Site Team Building Training For Employees

    TrainSmart's Corporate Team Building Training Programs provide an interactive approach to developing teams and accomplishing goals. Students will participate in team building activities and exercises.
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    Working With Virtual Teams Training

    In this on-site course participants will learn practical, easy to implement solutions to create a high performance virtual team. With globalization a reality, this will become an even more common team dynamic. Mastering the art of working with virtual teams will increase your teams productivity. It is even an opportunity to increase the freedom and flexibility of a team that works in the same office. Participants will learn to: - Define the five fundamentals to successfully work with a virtual team - Implement best practices when communicating virtually - Build trust on a virtual team - Motivate and recognize employees on a virtual team - Create an action plan to put virtual team fundamentals into practice
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    How Building Successful Teams Training

    Are you responsible for leading a team? Would you like to learn how to Identify the phases every team goes through and how to manage the process to become productive, define the importance of communicating goals and vision, identify and build on individual strengths, create ground rules that everyone can live with, utilize techniques to lead the team and keep motivated and focused, and help your team accept differences and value one another? If you answered YES to any of there, then TrainSMART's Building Successful Teams Workhop is for you and your team.
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    Building Teamwork & Commitment Workshop

    Have you participated as a team member or are you responsible for leading a team who is in need of building teamwork and commitment? If so, TrainSMART's Building Teamwork and Commitment training workshop is for you! Participants will learn to Identify the phases every team goes through and how to manage the process to become productive, define the importance of communicating goals and vision, identify and build on individual strengths, create ground rules that everyone can live with, utilize techniques to lead the team and keep motivated and focused, help your team accept differences and value one another.
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    Team Building 101

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    Presenting for Maximum Impact: A Team Approach

    This seminar helps you gain the advanced planning, coordination and presentation skills critical to successful team presentations.
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    TRUST: Strategies to Drive Commitment and Productivity

    This seminar will enable you to develop and refine the core competencies that establish, regain and leverage trust with your teams. Learn to demonstrate and communicate trust, rekindle your passion for managing and increase your impact as a manager.