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    1-Team Dimensions Profile

    Understand and value your contribution to successful innovation teams. Discover the right roles for the right people.
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    Achieve results with Let's Talk Shop!

    This bold, innovative program for a team or work group:
    • Taps talent & good ideas
    • Builds collaboration
    • Generates action plans
    • Ensures implementation of more effective systems & operations
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    Adventures in Attitudes

    Take learners through a series of activities critical to personal and professional success. By increasing self-awareness, improving attitudes and relationships, participants learn how they perceive and respond to events around them is their choice.
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    America3: The Power To Create

    Put the formula that won America's Cup, yachting's most coveted prize, to work in your organization. The crew of America 3 won the America's Cup by overcoming obstacles and focusing on teamwork, technology, and talent. Hosted by Cliff Robertson.
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    ARC010 - ARC's Effective Leadership and Internal Audit Management:: Internal Auditing Level II

    This "Senior" level program emphasizes the skills essential for the planning and administration of the entire audit assignment. As an in-charge auditor, you have assumed management as well as technical responsibilities. You need to polish the planning, administrative, and audit strategy skills. As demands are placed on organizations to be more effective and productive, the in-charge auditor needs to ensure that the audit process provides the organization with the maximum return on the investment in audit. Today's in-charge must be able to provide the maximum coverage of auditable risk areas, while minimizing the investment in audit. You will learn how to effectively and successfully manage the internal audit project. You will understand how to identify the critical control components of a process, design audit tests that support assertions, and develop effective audit programs. You will fully understand how to develop an audit report that gets action.
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    Basic Teamwork

    It's a great way to introduce participants to the basic concepts of teamwork, which include interdependence, common goals, continuing interaction, valuing diversity, and creating a supportive work environment.
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    Brainstormers Team Building

    We have a great idea for you...a fun and inspiring team building event that fits with your organization's initiative for innovation & creativity.
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    Build & Manage More Effective Teams

    Establish work teams that get the job done – Increase productivity/quality with better teams – Increase team performance/creativity – Improve communication between people/departments – Improve morale & cooperation between teams – Avoid most common reasons teams fail – Define & communicate team vision effectively – Establish right climate to support work teams – Develop improved communication & interpersonal skills – Improve lines of communication & flow of information to teams
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    Building a Positive, Supportive, and Self Reliant Team

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    Building A Winning Team

    All TTN courses are video based & available in multiple formats including 100K video streaming, Video CD & Network Video Streaming. Courses can be purchased & delivered online on our On-line LMS or are available in a S.C.O.R.M. format for nearly any L.M.S.
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    Building an Effective Management Team

    This one-day skill-building participant-centered workshop uses participative exercises to enable the participants to learn and experience the five essential elements for productive team functioning: (1) positive interdependence, (2) individual accountability, (3) face-to-face interaction, (4) collaborative skills, and (5) group processing. The workshop also focuses on the use of quality improvement group problem finding and decision making techniques to identify and initiate a process to address issues.
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    Building Relationships

    Enhance connections and build more and higher quality relationships. Enhance connections and build more and higher quality relationships. Learn the core skills needed to improve empathy and work in collaborative environment. All leaders need power and effective leaders manage their power sources and types actively. Never leaning on threat power or overusing reward power, the best leaders work to build relationships and networks to get things done.
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    Building Respectful Work Relationships

    This one-day skill-building participant-centered workshop is designed to enable participants to recognize that if they want to work in a comfortable and cooperative environment, then they need to realize that they can "teach" people how to treat them. This begins with learning to respect and accept themselves - because if they don't, why should anyone else? Then, if they want to be treated with respect, they need to model the interpersonal behaviors that they want others to use with them: (1) listen well; (2) express thoughts and feelings clearly; (3) constructively handle negative feelings; and (4) be authentic. This participatory workshop will give participants an opportunity to develop and practice these behaviors, so that they can create healthier and more respectful working relationships.
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    Building Teamwork & Commitment Workshop

    Have you participated as a team member or are you responsible for leading a team who is in need of building teamwork and commitment? If so, TrainSMART's Building Teamwork and Commitment training workshop is for you! Participants will learn to Identify the phases every team goes through and how to manage the process to become productive, define the importance of communicating goals and vision, identify and build on individual strengths, create ground rules that everyone can live with, utilize techniques to lead the team and keep motivated and focused, help your team accept differences and value one another.
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    See the miraculous life-saving rescue of 33 miners, while sharply focusing on 3 key elements teams need to implement for success. Plus reviewing the interactions all team leaders & members must be aware of so as not to undermine the team's ability to function.
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    Coaching and Teambuilding Skills for Managers and Supervisors

    This is your prime opportunity to gain vital teambuilding expertise guaranteed to make your team more cohesive, motivated and productive. You'll walk away with a teambuilding action plan you can launch immediately. CEU Credits: 0.5 CPE Credits: 6
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    Coaching Team Members

    Provide the fuel to enhance team member performance and build a highly functioning work team. Coaching is destined to be the leadership approach of the 21st century and beyond. The correct application of coaching tools and techniques will unlock the potential and drive your team to amazing levels of success. The key is using the correct approach and applying it with your team on an ongoing and consistent basis.
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    Coaching Towards Excellence

    Employees whose professional development stagnates often sap enthusiasm and creativity from their peers. If employees feel their development is ignored, they may leave, creating a brain drain for the company. Both situations often lead to higher expenses and lower productivity. Exec-Comm’s Coaching Toward Excellence program helps you coach and train the people on your team to reach their potential and continue to add value to your organization.
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    Collaboration & Communication: Collaborating With Other Teams

    This workshop provide individuals and teams with the opportunity to experience collaboration across both internal and external boundaries. Working both within groups and across groups, participants build awareness of the importance of cooperation, etc.
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    Collaborative Skills for Teams

    This class provides organizations with the key to building collaborative, effective teams by teaching participants the need for different roles on a team and exploring how various team roles communicate, manage time, and manage priorities.