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    Collaboration & Communication: Collaborating With Other Teams

    This workshop provide individuals and teams with the opportunity to experience collaboration across both internal and external boundaries. Working both within groups and across groups, participants build awareness of the importance of cooperation, etc.
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    Fearless Facilitation! Lead Effective Meetings

    Just say NO to boring training classes and unproductive meetings. Turn your trainers and meeting leaders into Fearless Facilitators! They'll learn how to bring a laser-like focus to every agenda, handle disruptions.
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    Coaching & Counseling Employees for Top Performance

    Improve employee performance through more effective coaching – Change employees with enhanced feedback/criticism skills – Establish organizational consistency in coaching & discipline – Defuse angry and emotional employees – Motivate employees effectively – Safely and legally discipline employees – Choose the right words to reduce defensiveness – Document verbal and written warnings consistently and safely – Handle difficult and sensitive issues more confidently
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    Build & Manage More Effective Teams

    Establish work teams that get the job done – Increase productivity/quality with better teams – Increase team performance/creativity – Improve communication between people/departments – Improve morale & cooperation between teams – Avoid most common reasons teams fail – Define & communicate team vision effectively – Establish right climate to support work teams – Develop improved communication & interpersonal skills – Improve lines of communication & flow of information to teams
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    Leadership Skills with Emotional Intelligence

    Lead & motivate employees more successfully – Understand Emotional Intelligence – Provide improved decision-making – Boost the performance and productivity of departments/employees – Increase employee accountability/responsibility levels – Develop better communication techniques – Establish confidence and trust with employees – Work with different types of people & personalities more successfully – Handle difficult or sensitive situations more effectively – Delegate more effectively
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    Working in a Matrix - Influencing without Authority

    Be a more effective project or matrix team manager – Work more effectively within a matrix environment – Influence others to agree with you – Get things accomplished without having direct line authority – Be a more effective communicator – Reach different communication & personality styles more effectively – Understand and remove the most common listening barriers – Communicate technical information to non-technical people more successfully
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    Making an Effective Transition into Team Supervision

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    Team Building

    TD Consulting Group uses a high-powered business simulation to uncover team challenges and leadership needs. Throughout the simulation, participants draw parallels to the workplace and prepare a plan of action for effectively leading their own teams.
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    Coaching for Success

    Gain a better understanding of why and how to use coaching through exercises, which enhance interpersonal, problem solving, and feedback skills. Use NTG as coach, through follow-up contact to keep your employees on track with the skills they learned.
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    Team Building, Collaboration & Change

    • Introductions • Expectations/objectives including Workgroup/Team Goals • Program Overview • Introduction (review from pre-reading) to MBTI Types & Various Aspects • Various Lenses – we’ll focus on the temperaments lens • Review of Group MBTI & Individual MBTI types ( group report does not reveal individuals’ o identities) • MBTI Type & Emotional Intelligence – what are the tendencies and implications • Self-review comparison of group MBTI to my own MBTI type – my preferences vs. group o tendencies • Using group strengths and areas for growth in working together & supporting each other • Implications for: ? team dynamics & culture ? planning ? communication ? leadership ? change ? collaborative problem solving ? stress management & team support ? sharing of benchmark experiences (optimal work experiences) • Team Action Strategies • Managing the team – strategies for dividing work • Team Building and Building Trust • Group discussions using several work
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    Facilitation 4 Results

    High energy,interactive 3-day course of practical skills/processes to use in your business environment. Based on core competencies required by Intl. Assoc. of Facilitators for Cert. Prof. Facilitator (CPF) designation. Bob Moir,404.338.0715
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    Collaboration 4 Project Results

    High energy, interactive 3-day PMBOK-based course for Proj.Mgrs. Teaches processes/ techniques for shaping, energizing, motivating project teams to get faster/better results with Collaboration,“The Tenth Knowledge Area.Bob Moir 404.338.0715
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    Above the Rest: Team Training

    Team building training and workshops. Greg Smith is a dynamic keynote speaker, author and change management consultant. His presentations are inspirational, informative and entertaining with a highly interactive style that connects with audiences.