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    10 Simple Steps to Being a Better Boss

    Beyond basic leadership skills, this course uniquely addresses both the role of manager and leader and how to get those who report to you to do what you’ve asked them to do, all with 10 steps to be better at both! Whether recently promoted or held the position for years, you’ll be able to understand the pride and pitfalls of your title and power, and get the secrets behind truly leading employees instead of being seen as someone they need to go through, work around, or tolerate.
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    4 Behavior Styles | DISC Training

    Learn how to communicate using the DISC language as a way of understanding themselves and others. Gain a complete understanding of what DISC is and how to use it to interact with others and to appreciate others behavioral styles. Online reports available.
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    Achieve results with Let's Talk Shop!

    This bold, innovative program for a team or work group:
    • Taps talent & good ideas
    • Builds collaboration
    • Generates action plans
    • Ensures implementation of more effective systems & operations
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    Advanced Management Skills

    The workshop builds on the topics covered in the essential management skills workshop and addresses key Management and Leadership topics essential to be an outstanding manager.
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    Balancing Work & Family Life Training For Employees

    Would you or you team benefit from learning how to find alternative ways to managing professional and personal life challenges? If so, TrainSMART offers a Balancing Work & Family Life workshop. Participants will learn Make better decisions based on priorities, goals, and values, stay focused based on which “hat” you are wearing, reduce the stress and have fun with the challenges, identify tips and tricks to save time and be more organized.
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    Beating Burnout in 2018!

    Persons who are responsible for the wellness of other persons and systems, such as care providers, managers, customer service staff and administrative professionals, often face stress and burnout resulting in absenteeism, turnover, increased errors and even mortality. This can be very harmful to organizational productivity and credibility, creating costly gaps in care and services. But who cares for the care providers and other employees? Providers and professionals working in education, healthcare, sales and hospitality must be reminded how to assert themselves, set healthy boundaries and respond to stress in healthy ways. Focus groups held by HCEI across the US confirm the need to celebrate the spirit and journey of caring persons while teaching self-preservation skills for the future. When employees care for themselves first they then provide better care and services to others.
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    Becoming More Assertive In the Workplace

    This one-day Assertiveness course is designed for anyone at any level within an organization, to better communicate with others in their work/business environment, using assertive skills. Assertive skills involve a variety of appropriate interpersonal behaviours including the following: giving positive feedback, providing information, asking requests of others, giving constructive criticism or being on the receiving end of feedback, criticism, or saying “no” without feeling guilty. Using assertive skills will help increase self-confidence, increase one’s own self-respect and respect of others, allow one to have better stress and time management skills, and finally, have overall better communications with others in the workplace to successfully achieve business goals. Who Should Attend: The Becoming More Assertive In the Workplace course is designed for all roles in the workplace, and is recommended for anyone looking to improve their communications with others in the workplace.
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    Being as a Human Resource Strategic Business Partner

    The role of the HR business partner is more important than ever, now that there are more demands on HR to add value. And more leaders are realizing that by making better use of their employees, they can better achieve the profitability goals of the business. In addition, more of the transactional HR work is being outsourced, so HR is not only able to focus more on the strategic side of the business, but is also being asked to make a strategic contribution and develop people strategies that clearly add value to bottom-line results. This is the role of the human resources business partner.
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    Best Practices for Utilizing Google� Calendar

    In this OnDemand Webinar you will learn how to create meetings, events and appointments at the most ideal time for your attendees. Learn how to customize the way your co-workers see the events on your schedule and the times you are available to meet.
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    Better Meeting Management

    Put an end to unproductive meetings, for good! This program begins by showing you the advantages & disadvantages of meetings in the pre-meeting step, then walks you through a systematic decision-making process.
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    Better Meetings

    Electronic book in PDF format that employees can store on their computer and access each time they need to design or run a meeting. Covers meeting design,tips for running effective meetings, handling common problems and Group discussion frameworks. Purchase online.
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    Building an Informal Network: How Work Really Gets Done

    You will learn how to identify, analyze, map and navigate the informal networks in your organization. As you grow your network you will increase productivity, create better teams, build engagement and encourage a more collaborative work environment.
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    Building and Maintaining Your Organization`s Reputation: Surviving a Crisis

    Learn how to evaluate the crisis potential of situations and have a plan in place that you can enact with speed if and when a crisis occurs. You`ll also discover how to create and communicate this plan.
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    Building Better Work Relationships: New Techniques for Results-Oriented Communication

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    Building Constructive Coping Skills

    This half-day workshop help participants: examine their current coping strategies, recognize why they act this way, face their fears or concerns, and identify and seize the opportunities offered by the changes in their lives.
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    Bushfire Survival Situation

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    California AB 1825 Sexual Harassment Training

    Training Benefits & Deliverable Include: Meet CA AB 1825 sexual harassment training requirements…Build stronger working relationships through increased understanding…Improve productivity by providing a more comfortable working climate…Communicate more professionally and effectively with co-workers…Reduce the instances of being misunderstood or misrepresented…Reduce the exposure to employment and labor law claims by documenting sexual harassment training…Deal with cultural, generational, religious and other differences more sensitively…Learn communication skills that can eradicate harassment and discrimination before it begins…Sensitize employee awareness to colleague perceptions and perspectives…Address the most common causes of harassment and disrespect…Increase the employee’s understanding of their responsibilities of behavior…Identify and avoid risky work place conduct…Reinforce your company’s anti-harassment and discrimination policies
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    Cascades Survival Situation

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    Change Management

    The difference between leading & managing, initiating change, 6 targets for change, 4 stages of transitions, how to manage each stage, communicating through transitions, leading non-stop change, anticipating/planning for obstacles, building trust
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    Change Management

    Dr. Rick Goodman is a professional speaker, motivator, author and training consultant helping organizations Develop Great Leaders - Through Excellence in Communication, Team Building, Change Management, and Customer Excellence. Dr. Rick = RESULTS