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    How To Make Winning Presentations

    Learn the two basic key ideas on which to build presentations; how to overcome presentation jitters; how to look & act composed; how to deliver what audiences expect; how to use action endings to tell listeners what to remember and much more!
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    Presenting with Impact

    As a speaker, how can you consistently project poise and conviction when the stakes are high? Learn to manage your presence, information, and audience so you can deliver your message with ease.
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    Positively Organized! Presentations

    Professional speaker Susan Silver shares her
    Positively Organized! presentation secrets so you can easily:

    • Organize rich content
    • Prepare powerful slides & other visuals
    • Project a relaxed yet dynamic delivery style with confidence

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    Ask for English Help Now!

    ESL & non-native English speakers, get help today with your:

    • Writing
    • Speaking & presentations
    • Pronunciation & accent reduction
    • English grammar

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    Winning Presentations Training Seminars

    Applying concepts from HOW TO PREPARE, STAGE & DELIVER WINNING PRESENTATIONS (AMACOM 2004). Programs well- proven over 2+ decades. Hands-on, true skill-building seminars for techies, sales, PMs, Sr. Execs. Also training for high stakes presentations.
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    Effective Presentation & Speaking Skills

    Named Consummate Speaker of the Year, Lorna Riley CSP, is one of the elite presenters in the country, winner of five productivity and speaker awards, author of four books, three audio programs, 30 sales programs, and 60 productivity programs.
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    Life is a Series of Presentations: Inspire, Inform & Influence. Anytime, Anywhere

    Life is a Series of Presentations teaches employees how to focus and execute communication by following the steps of the P.O.I.N.T. model.
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    Life IS a Series of Presentations

    Employees who learn how to make their P.O.I.N.T. (Prepare, Outline, Involve audience, Narrow objectives, Tailor) can really make a difference! This simple but powerful five-step process empowers your workforce to communicate with impact anytime, anywhere.
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    A Customized Workshop to Enhance Ability to Present to Groups

    Presentation Skills for Speaking to Groups The Taylor team custom designs High Impact Presentation Skills training with expertise in helping: • Executives speak to the Board of Directors • Sales teams present to prospect and client teams • Engineers and IT professionals present to a non-technical audience • Entrepreneurs and business development professionals speak at networking events • Project managers present to senior management Call 800-610-8170 for more information.
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    Presentation Skills for Speaking to Groups

    Presentation Skills for Speaking to Groups On-Site at Your Location. The Taylor team custom designs High Impact Presentation Skills training with expertise in helping: • Executives speak to the Board of Directors • Sales teams present to prospect and client teams • Engineers and IT professionals present to a non-technical audience • Entrepreneurs and business development professionals speak at networking events • Project managers present to senior management Visit or call (800) 610-8170 for more information.
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    1 to 1 Public Speaking Coach New York

    Individual coaching to help you create and deliver high impact presentations. Individual coaching to overcome fear of speaking in public.
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    Develop & Deliver High Impact Training

    Develop training that makes an impact – Design courses that reach all learning styles – Increase retention of your information – Gain world class presentation & facilitation skills – Keep the attention of your learners – Conduct more effective Training Needs Assessment – Better manage the human dynamics of your groups – Integrate humor into your training – Increase management buy-in & support for your training – Handle difficult trainees & situations more successfully
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    Presenting with Power & Impact

    Gain confidence in planning/making presentations – Increase dynamics & effectiveness of your presentations style – Turn performance anxiety into performance energy – Identify your audience more effectively – Understand differences between technical & non-technical presentation styles – Adapt language, jargon and ideas to tailor your presentation to audience – Use voice, action & body language to add variety and clarity – Confidently handle questions and/or objections
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    Professional Communication Skills

    TPG provides expert presentation and speech training for all levels. Formal/informal speeches & presentations (internal/external, B-2-B, regulatory and specialty.)Former journalists and sr. communication advisors with Fortune 500 expertise. (301) 908-3896
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    On-Site Presentation Skills Training Course

    This fun, interactive and engaging workshop is designed to provide you the skills and techniques to design, develop and deliver more dynamic and effective presentations. Participants will learn: - To formulate clear, concise objectives - The importance of planning the structure of a presentation - To create a dynamic opening - To create visuals to complement and clarify your message - How to communicate to different audience needs - Techniques to reduce stress and fear of presenting - Optional: Some basics of PowerPoint to enhance your presentation Interested in bringing a presentation training course to your office? Call us at 800-807-8040
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    Advanced Presentation Skills Training

    Do you desire to improve and fine tune your current presentation abilities? TrainSMART's Advanced Presentation Skills Workshop is for Trainers, Executives, Managers, Subject Matter Experts, Business Leaders and others who have some presentation experience and want to take those skills to the next level. You will learn to define and demonstrate the elements of stage presence, practice audience engagement and interaction techniques, demonstrate confidence and flexibility, execute ability to persuade an audience, create a compelling message and content flow, and design effective visuals.
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    Learn How to Design & Present Technical Training

    Are you responsible for designing, developing and facilitating technical training on the use of tools, processes or systems? If you answered YES, TrainSMART's How To Design & Present Technical Training Workshop is for you. You and or your team will learn how to: use a systematic approach to easily help people use new technical tools, processes and systems, provide effective demonstrations, while engaging the audience, segment or “Chunk” content that reinforces the steps to complete a task, break down a task easily into its teachable parts, map learning objectives to the appropriate level of learning, select the best method to train learners, practice making training interesting and engaging, identify how much practice is needed to build a new skill and how to test for knowledge retention.
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    How to Turn Data Into Compelling Visual Presentations

    Communicating data and the story of what that data means has become increasingly important in recent years. As attention spans decrease and the amounts of quantitative information increase, it is crucial to be able to visualize your data for your audiences in the most clear and effective ways possible. A chart that takes 10 seconds to understand, compared to one that takes only 2 seconds, could mean the difference between a sale and no sale.

    Your data is only as powerful as your visual presentation of it.

    In this course, you will learn the fundamentals and best practices of data visualization techniques, as well as hands-on approaches to using Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint to present your data in a variety of formats.

    You will complete multiple exercises and create various types of visualizations and charts throughout the course. You will also work individually and in groups to analyze, redesign, and improve poorly designed charts that are provided.

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    Presenting for Maximum Impact: A Team Approach

    This seminar helps you gain the advanced planning, coordination and presentation skills critical to successful team presentations.
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    PowerPoint Unplugged - How to Present With Powerpoint

    This course encourages you to rethink and sharpen your presenting skills to achieve an optimal experience for your audience, and greater polish, poise and self- confidence for you.