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    Smart Moves For Speaking Out

    This workshop is for women who are “Professional Leaders;” women who are at the beginning of their leadership journey. You will learn to assess our own communication style and provide tools to assess others, identify 10 key communication approaches that can boost their leadership perception and practice leadership communication
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    Embrace the Life You Want: Develop The Leader Within

    Are you a stepping into a leadership role? This course is for women who need inner guidance during times of uncertainty or change. You will learn to discover your “strength role” that applies to your personal and professional life.
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    The 3Cs of Women in Leadership: Courage, Confidence and Collaboration

    This workshop series explores Courage, Confidence and Collaboration in more depth and in a safe environment. There is a famous quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt “Courage is not the absence of fear” that encourages people to reconsider what it means to have “courage.” For Millennial women in large organizations Courage is finding their voice and making sure that it is heard. Confidence is pursuing new professional opportunity even when you don’t have all the answers and Collaboration is deliberately and intentionally sharpening your relationship building skills in a genuine manner. Primary learning objectives would be to: •Inspire women and [men] to believe they have a chance and should therefore pursue growth opportunities •Engender greater confidence that women can forge a path into leadership •Foster a safe environment to dynamically explore leadership affirming behaviors that are courageous, confident and collaborative.
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    Beyond Customer Service.. Managing Confrontational Clients

    Basics of customer service, recognize and respond to different behavior styles using the DiSC™ Personal Profile System, develop strategies to stay calm and in control with an angry customer, learn how to recognize and de-escalate hostile situations. One day.
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    Coaching for Success

    Gain a better understanding of why and how to use coaching through exercises, which enhance interpersonal, problem solving, and feedback skills. Use NTG as coach, through follow-up contact to keep your employees on track with the skills they learned.
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    Adventures in Attitudes

    Take learners through a series of activities critical to personal and professional success. By increasing self-awareness, improving attitudes and relationships, participants learn how they perceive and respond to events around them is their choice.