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    Dealing with Difficult People

    This course is designed to provide you with strategies and tools for dealing with individuals you manage that present hard-to-work-with behaviors.
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    How to Set and Really Achieve Your Goals

    Reaching your goals can be difficult as can determining what your goals really should be. In this program, Jeff Blackman, will help you learn to set and then reach your goals. Learn the 6 elements to change and the GRASP IT goals achievement system.
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    The Zorro Circle

    Too many unread emails, multitasking & impossible deadlines can hijack your brain’s ability to function productively. In, The Zorro Circle, Shawn Achor will show you a few simple, daily tasks that will help you reduce stress & increase productivity.
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    OXO Good Grips: Think Differently with Tom Peters

    Tom Peters show you how OXO Good Grips’ belief in design & product improvement achieves results. Find out how to stay lean & flexible through partnerships with other businesses. Learn how continuous innovation & improvement can lead to success.
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    How To Get Things Done

    Learn how to avoid procrastination, deal with the deadly crunch of meetings, phone calls and deadlines, how to set meaningful goals, how to delegate, how to establish priorities & learn tactics to say no when you must in difficult situations.
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    Manage Your Time Better

    Learn to: Target your efforts on the most important tasks; Do the most constructive things first to make life easier later; Avoid time-wasters; Use the R-A-F-T Theory to attack those stacks of paper; Effectively delegate, even if you're not the boss
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    Time Management: Get The Most Out Of Your Time

    Learn: The simple ABC System to prioritize your jobs; How to deal with time-wasting procrastination tactics; Block off time each day for uninterrupted work; Plan for and shorten phone calls to cover only necessary information and more. 39 minutes
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    Managing Conflict At Work

    Conflict is a normal part of life. Learn how to turn it into a positive experience-yes, a positive experience. The result? A new atmosphere at your job, a feeling that problems are in fact solvable, & opportunities for everyone to grow & improve.
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    The Basics to Improve Your Memory

    With this program you will learn the eight basic memory devices that will change your memory forever, including: Concentration, Observation, Visualization, Association, Substitution, Classification, Linking, Memory Pegs. 54 Minutes.
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    How To Achieve Ultimate Success with Dr. Paul Timm

    Learn the 5 building blocks to success. They include: Perspective & how we view control; Purpose, clarifying our values & aligning activities; Personality, determining how assertive & receptive we are; Planning; Productivity, beating time wasters.
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    The Power of Attitude

    Learn five steps for developing & projecting a positive attitude in the workplace. See how to determine the attitude types of co-workers, how to deal with them, and how to maintain your own positive attitude. Also learn to defuse difficult attitudes.
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    Emotional Intelligence Series

    The series contains three training videos: “Understanding Emotional Intelligence,” “Demonstrating Emotional Intelligence,” and “Emotional Intelligence and Optimal Performance.” Dan Goleman explains how EI works and hoe you can become more aware of your emotions and optimize your interactions with others.
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    Little Big Things: YOU with Tom Peters

    Tom believes that we should all, as individuals, strive for Excellence in each and everything we do. Otherwise… is there any point to getting out of bed in the morning? What does your calendar say about you? What books have you read lately? What books should you read? Tom Peters uses his decades of experience to deliver eighteen video segments of things you can start doing TODAY to achieve excellence as a person and ultimately excellence within your organization.
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    Demonstrating Emotional Intelligence

    Learn the subtle art of reading facial expressions & understand how our emotions are passed from one person to another. Learn how feel good chemicals in the brain help you sync up with others and encourage rapport. A key (and very funny) scene in the film shows how emotions play out below the surface when the actors reveal their true feelings directly into the camera, while acting like nothing is wrong. Training program comes with PowerPoint & leaders guide.
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    Emotional Intelligence and Optimal Performance

    Most people don't understand that a certain amount of stress is necessary for optimal performance. Knowing the right amount for you is one of the 5 keys to staying highly motivated & engaged. Learn how to recover quickly from an emotional episode & how to handle disturbing emotions in yourself, your coworkers & your boss. Once you master the 5 steps outlined in DVD, you will get along better with others, handle stress better, communicate better, & be more productive.
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    Understanding Emotional Intelligence

    Learn the 3 basic strategies for handling stress with emotional intelligence: 1) Become aware of your emotions, 2) Self-regulate your emotions 3) Recognize and empathize with the emotions in others. This 12 minute training film with Daniel Goleman uses actors to illustrate the teaching points. The Understanding Emotional Intelligence training DVD is the perfect introduction to Emotional Intelligence & the science behind it. Training program comes with Powerpoint & leader's guide.
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    Tougher Import Rules for FDA Imports in 2017

    FDA and the Customs and Border Patrol Service (CBP) have become increasingly sophisticated and equally demanding in the submission of import information and adherence to government procedures. Firms that fail to understand and properly execute an import and export program find their shipments delayed, detained or refused. As of December 2016, FDA and CBP officially implemented the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) entry filing system. You either meet ACE requirements or face entry refusals and monetary penalties of up to $10,000 per offense. Other factors can derail the expectation of a seamless import entry process. The course covers detailed information about the roles and responsibilities of the various parties involved with an import operation and how to correct the weakest link(s) in the commercial chain. The course will include tips on how to understand FDA's thinking, negotiate with the FDA and offer anecdotal examples of FDA's import program curiosities.
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    The EU Clinical Trial Regulation + EU Filings & Registrations 2017

    This course covers the requirements for conducting Clinical Studies across the EU via the requirements of the EU Clinical Trial Directive and the impending changes coming to the EU through the EU Clinical Trial Regulation (for Drugs, Biologics & Combination Products). The course also covers recent updates on EU-GCP associated with the new regulatory framework, the highlights of the new EU Pharmacovigilance Directive, as it relates to studies and helpful tips into working with the European regulators. Read More:
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    Biostatistics for the Non-Statistician 2017

    Statistics is a useful decision making tool in the clinical research arena. When working in a field where a p-value can determine the next steps on development of a drug or procedure, it is imperative that decision makers understand the theory and application of statistics. Many statistical softwares are now available to professionals. However, these softwares were developed for statisticians and can often be daunting to non-statisticians. How do you know if you are pressing the right key, let alone performing the best test? Read More:
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    5 Components of Emotional Intelligent Leader

    The TrainHR Course is approved by HRCI and SHRM Recertification Provider. Overview: Learn what the hallmarks are of an emotional intelligent person and it will benefit your leadership, your hiring, and your promoting of employees.