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    Peer Relationships

    +The Value of Peer Relationships +Developing Strategic Peer Relationships in Your Organization +Forming Peer Relationships and Alliances at Work +Peer Political Styles +Building Better Relationships through Understanding +Building Peer Relationships
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    Personal Productivity Improvement

    +Personal Productivity Improvement: Managing Your Workspace +Personal Productivity: Self-organization and Overcoming Procrastination +Personal Productivity Improvement: Managing Tasks and Maximizing Productivity
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    Building and Maintaining Trust

    +Building Trust +Rebuilding Trust +Rebuilding Trust +The Fruits of Integrity: Building Trust at Work
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    Critical Thinking Essentials

    +Critical Thinking Essentials: What Is Critical Thinking? +Critical Thinking Essentials: Applying Critical Thinking Skills +Critical Thinking
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    Dealing with Organizational Change

    +Understanding Organizational Change +Preparing for Organizational Change +Embracing Organizational Change +Managing the Stress of Organizational Change +The Importance of Flexibility in the Workplace +Developing Organizational Agility
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    Problem Solving and Decision-Making Strategies

    +Problem Solving: The Fundamentals +Problem Solving: Determining and Building Your Strengths +Problem Solving: Digging Deeper +Decision Making: The Fundamentals +Decision Making: Tools and Techniques +Decision Making: Making Tough Decisions +Uncovering the Root Problem +Playing the Devil's Advocate in Decision Making +Turning Problems Around with Reverse Brainstorming +Problem Solving: Process, Tools, and Techniques
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    Effective Time Management

    +Time Management: Analyzing Your Use of Time +Time Management: Planning and Prioritizing Your Time +Time Management: Avoiding Time Stealers +Coping with Information Overload +Prioritizing Personal and Professional Responsibilities +Planning for Interruptions Helps with Procrastination +Setting and Managing Priorities +Coping with Conflicting Priorities +Setting Goals +Getting Time under Control
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    Managing Your Career

    +Managing Your Career: Creating a Plan +Managing Your Career: Getting on the Right Track +Managing Your Career: Professional Networking Essentials +Managing Your Career: You and Your Boss +Managing Your Career: Leveraging the Performance Appraisal +Developing Your Career +Building and Managing Upward Relationships +Planning Your Career +Exploring Self-development +Managing Your Relationship with Your Boss Simulation
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    Generating Creative and Innovative Ideas

    +Generating Creative and Innovative Ideas: Enhancing Your Creativity +Generating Creative and Innovative Ideas: Maximizing Team Creativity +Generating Creative and Innovative Ideas: Verifying and Building on Ideas +Executing Innovation +Getting Ready to Present +Creativity: Developing and Communicating Ideas +Promoting Creative Thinking
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    Developing Strategic Thinking Acumen

    +Developing the Capacity to Think Strategically +Developing the Strategic Thinking Skill of Seeing the Big Picture +Using Strategic Thinking Skills +Effective Critical Analysis of Business Reports +Essentials of External Consulting +Returning to Core Competencies +Competitive Awareness and Strategy
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    Run More Effective Meetings

    Facilitate productive and purposeful meetings; Plan more effective meetings; Develop more powerful meeting agendas; Conduct more effective teleconferences & virtual meetings; Manage personalities more effectively; Have the correct and necessary people attend your meeting; Increase the overall attendance of your meetings; Enhance your reputation as a powerful meeting leader; Politely and assertively enforce meeting management rules and guidelines; Accomplish more results in your meetings; Run more effective meetings
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    Effective Interpersonal & Business Communication Skills

    Training Benefits & Deliverables Include: Project a confident and professional image…Present your ideas in ways to maximize agreement…Increase your confidence and comfort level when speaking in front of clients, managers and employees…Communicate more effectively with customers, employees and co-workers…Build stronger working relationships through increased understanding…Make more powerful individual and meeting presentations…Communicate the message you want with stronger body language, gestures and tones…Reduce the instances of being misunderstood or misrepresented…Increase credibility in both internal and client business settings…Identify and replace words, phrases and mannerisms that reduce credibility…Communicate more effectively with cultural, generational and other differences
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    More Powerful Negotiation Skills

    Increase your confidence in negotiating, selling or buying…Gain the advantage in business dealings more regularly…Determine the best price and terms at which to buy or sell…Learn proven negotiation and persuasion techniques…Reach agreement and understanding with people more quickly…Persuading others to work with you not against you…Develop budgets and project plans that are more realistic and achievable…Finalize and administer simple or complex agreements more successfully…Communicate more effectively with clients and customers…Break or avoid a serious impasse without alienating people…Resolve conflict more quickly and effectively…Gain agreement on your suggestions and ideas more consistently
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    Effective Delegation Skills

    Training Benefits & Deliverables Include: Improve the personal productivity of managers and supervisors…Develop more effective and productive employees & teams by using your delegation skills…Increase the motivation and morale of your employees…Delegate successfully knowing the job will be done correctly…Improve the process and effectiveness of how tasks are accomplished with delegation skills…Become a more effective communicator…Increase your active listening skills…Set, develop and communicate more clear performance expectations with delegation skills…Overcome the most common barriers and obstacles to delegating…Don’t lose control over delegated duties and goals
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    Interpersonal Skills for Teams

    Establish work teams that get along and get the job done…Work more effectively with different types of people & personalities…Develop interpersonal skills that generate harmony and allow people to work together…Improve cooperation & morale between people and teams…Reduce frustration and antagonism…Increase individual, team and department productivity and effectiveness…Reduce conflict through proactive communication actions…Resolve conflict through improved interpersonal problem solving techniques…Increase morale and build more productive teams…Deal with negative or aggressive behaviors more successfully…Handle emotions more appropriately with interpersonal skills for teams training…Increase the cooperation and collaboration of individuals, teams and departments…Improve the lines of communication and the flow of information…Apply the most effective skills to be a valuable team contributor
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    How to Manage & Control Stress

    Manage pressure and stress more effectively…Re-build and re-new creativity, confidence and enthusiasm in the workplace…Develop more positive energy and direct it towards workplace success…Help departments and employees work more effectively under stress…Recognize the negative effects of stress before they become conflict points…Increase the positive response choices to stressful situations…Improve work habits in dealing with difficult people, personalities and situations…Assess current approaches to stress and pressure…Identify the optimal stress level and its positive effect on our performance…Understand the 5 phases of stress and how to keep them under control…Resolve the difference between perceived and real causes of stress…Reduce stress by becoming more proactive…Develop improved “under stress” communication skills…Implement coping guidelines and strategies for professional stressors…Separate personal life stress from aff
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    Assertiveness Skills Training

    Assertiveness Training Benefits & Deliverables Include: Become more confident and assertive in your words and actions through assertiveness training…Speak up and stand up for yourself more consistently with assertiveness training…Meet deadlines and due dates more regularly…Deal with angry and emotional people more effectively with assertiveness training…Transform conflict into cooperation with assertiveness training…Reduce your stress level and those who work with you…Better anticipate other’s needs and expectations of you…Understand your communication style…Become a more assertive communicator with assertiveness training
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    Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving Power ToolsSM

    Program based on definition by National Council for Excellence in Critical Thinking. OBJECTIVES o Solve problems, make effective decisions o Prioritize decisions for effectiveness, efficiency o Make better decisions with limited data o Minimize poor decisions; neutralize stress OUTLINE What are Critical Thinking, Creative Problem Solving? o Define principle o Strengths, Challenges o Meet business challenges Use art, science of critical thinking o Role of values, facts o Challenge knowledge, beliefs, facts, assumptions o Methods to explore alternatives, stimulate thinking Creative critical-thinking; o Use Clarity methodology; proven results o Develop solution options, plan o Make decision with confidence, test decisions Develop action plan to improve critical thinking. IMPLEMENTATION o Interactive o Customized workshops on your issues o Web-based follow-up to answer questions, share experiences
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    Advanced Tools and Techniques for Data Analysis

    This 2-day advanced analytics seminar will introduce you to predictive analytics techniques, so you can frame strategic and operational questions involving marketing, finance, and operations or other real-world business applications.

    In this hands-on course, you will cover a variety of analytics tools, such as histograms, ANOVA analysis, A/B testing, Pareto analysis, clustering, box plots, scatter diagrams, partitioning, unstructured text analysis, and multivariate regression analysis. Best of all, no background in statistics or programming is required. As long as you have a basic understanding of spreadsheets, you will learn how to manipulate complex data sets so you can gain insights that are not possible with common business intelligence techniques.

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    Myers-Briggs Type Indicator(R) Understanding Personality

    The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator(R) MBTI is the most used and researched personality assessment. Rebecca Staton-Reinstein, Ph.D. and MBTI Master Practitioner, works with you individually or as a team to understand how your personality preferences influence your work, communication, and management styles. Maximize your unique gifts. Understand and interact with others more effectively. Individuals: Use MBTI to consider key life decisions, become a better communicator, and use your strengths and talents to become more productive. Teams: Gain insights into fellow team members, work together more effectively, and eliminate needless conflict. Everyone: Learn the art of Flexing to "speak the other person's language" without giving up your own. Receive a detailed profile, content-packed notebook in an interactive feedback and education session. Choose from different types of in-depth profile reports based on your needs. Integrate into leadership, team, and personal development.