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    Adventures in Attitudes

    AIA is designed to help employees understand that how they perceive and respond to events around them is their choice.
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    Beating Burnout in 2018!

    Persons who are responsible for the wellness of other persons and systems, such as care providers, managers, customer service staff and administrative professionals, often face stress and burnout resulting in absenteeism, turnover, increased errors and even mortality. This can be very harmful to organizational productivity and credibility, creating costly gaps in care and services. But who cares for the care providers and other employees? Providers and professionals working in education, healthcare, sales and hospitality must be reminded how to assert themselves, set healthy boundaries and respond to stress in healthy ways. Focus groups held by HCEI across the US confirm the need to celebrate the spirit and journey of caring persons while teaching self-preservation skills for the future. When employees care for themselves first they then provide better care and services to others.
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    Building Better Relationships with Emotional intelligence

    In this highly interactive one day course participants will learn the fundamentals of EQ in a powerful and his impact method. When they walk out of this course they will be able to start utilizing and practicing EQ in their work and personal lives. Target Audience: Anyone who wants to assess their emotional intelligence and learn how to manage and leverage it You Will Learn To: - Master the ability to communicate to any group - Understand the principles of emotional intelligence (EQ) - Identify how the brain works when presented with stress or lack of clarity - Develop skills to increase communication between team members or teams - Acquire skills to manage yourself and relationships better
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    Demonstrating Emotional Intelligence

    Learn the subtle art of reading facial expressions & understand how our emotions are passed from one person to another. Learn how feel good chemicals in the brain help you sync up with others and encourage rapport. A key (and very funny) scene in the film shows how emotions play out below the surface when the actors reveal their true feelings directly into the camera, while acting like nothing is wrong. Training program comes with PowerPoint & leaders guide.
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    Developing Emotional Intelligence

    Getting along at work is not just about what you know but how you come across to others. Participants will learn how to maximize their skills to stay in charge of emotions, build positive relations, & grow resilience even in the face of change.
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    Developing Networking Skills

    Acquire and refine skills, knowledge and tools to effectively manage their personal image and to develop higher level skills to build new relationships through effective networking.
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    DISC Training

    Help your team understand the DISC instrument and what it provides to up the interpersonal skills of each team member. The DISC adds insights and skills that help individuals understand behavior in a specific role and how to get the best from colleagues and staff.
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    Effectively Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce

    Attract/retain best multi-generational talent – Work successfully with Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen Xers & Millennials – Overcome work ethic differences between generations – Establish multi-generational teams that work – Motivate and lead different generations – Communicate more effectively with different generations – Reduce potential conflict between different generations – Identify and reinforce the similarities between generations – Develop effective workplace environment
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    Emotional Intellegence Training Video

    Emotional Intelligence Training DVD series.
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    Emotional Intelligence

    In-House Specialist The Emotional Intelligence (EQ) For Professionals training course teaches you how to develop your emotional intelligence or your ability to manage your responses based on your objective assessment of different personalities and situations.
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    Emotional Intelligence

    In the Emotional Intelligence training you will learn how to influence and direct your emotional states, read and influence others’ emotions, and even anticipate their behaviors. Emotional Intelligence classes will help you develop the skills to be more effective in communication, manage conflicts better, and get people from no to yes. EQ is now a stronger predictor of success than IQ, and many companies are now hiring candidates based on their EQ. Learning how to master your Emotional Intelligence can launch you on the road to success in both your personal and work goals. Our Emotional Intelligence Courses help you develop an understanding of how to manage emotions to control impulses, read and manage reactions in others, drive goals and productivity, deal with change, improve negotiations, deal with stress, and solve problems.
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    Emotional Intelligence and Optimal Performance

    Most people don't understand that a certain amount of stress is necessary for optimal performance. Knowing the right amount for you is one of the 5 keys to staying highly motivated & engaged. Learn how to recover quickly from an emotional episode & how to handle disturbing emotions in yourself, your coworkers & your boss. Once you master the 5 steps outlined in DVD, you will get along better with others, handle stress better, communicate better, & be more productive.
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    Emotional Intelligence Certificate Program

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    Emotional Intelligence for Administrative Professionals

    This seminar provides you with emotional intelligence tools to help you achieve confidence, control, assertiveness and emotional flexibility at work.
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    Emotional Intelligence Series

    The series contains three training videos: “Understanding Emotional Intelligence,” “Demonstrating Emotional Intelligence,” and “Emotional Intelligence and Optimal Performance.” Dan Goleman explains how EI works and hoe you can become more aware of your emotions and optimize your interactions with others.
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    Emotional Intelligence Workshop

    Use the Emotional Intelligence (EI) 360 Feedback tool, participants will learn where they stand in relationship to Self-Management, Relationship Management and Communication. This workshop focuses on the key EI competencies that help participants reach their next level of interpersonal success. Often participants will follow up with one-on-one coaching once they discover where they'd like to improve.
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    EQ Self-Awareness and Self-Management

    The relationship with you, the real you. Understand the impact of personal behavior on the working environment and the control factors associated with attitude and behavior. Build, energize and inspire leaders. 1. Understand the impact of personal behavior on the working environment and the control factors associated with attitude and behavior. 2. Utilize multiple sources for feedback and self-understanding. 3. Build greater levels of resilience, self-esteem, creativity, initiative, and confidence. 4. Improve the consistency of positive behaviors. 5. Enhance self-regulation and self-control in difficult situations.
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    EQ-i Certification Workshop

    Researchers suggest that emotional intelligence is a key determinant of one?s success in life. The EQ-i Certification Workshop will prepare you to administer the EQ-i and provide feedback on the results.
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    How to Keep From Getting Your Feelings Hurt: Understanding the Relater Preference

    Understanding the Relater Preference™ is a one hour webinar, designed for those naturally in the Relater quadrant from the CORE Profile. Whether you have attended the Make Difficult People Disappear™ webinar and are familiar with the CORE Profile, or simply want to honor your own gifts for getting along with others, value all contributions in a conversation, and wish to learn how to be more direct and assertive, this course is for you!
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    Leadership IMPACT

    Six impacting competencies come with the Leadership IMPACT. Aegis Learning delivers a powerful, engaging and guaranteed leadership development experience that will far exceed your expectations for learning and growth. Presented in either an extended format or three day academy to meet your needs. Based on the Ten Competencies of Outstanding Leadership by Tim Schneider, this program is built on 25 years of research and the best practices of highly successful organizations. The learning cascades and builds a continuous set of useable skills that can be implemented immediately and with lasting results. You will be able to navigate the challenges of becoming a leader, create boundaries and expectations with team members and redirect your focus to leadership functions. Leadership IMPACT provides four statistically accurate and validated competencies in a clear and easy to apply manner. Your leadership success will be enhanced immediately!