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    Webinar on Learn How to Develop Trust and Respect in the Workplace

    Learn how to develop workplace relationships that facilitate trust and respect. Register for this interactive webinar today at a discounted price. Price:$200.00. Contact info : OnlineCompliancePanel Phn. no. +1-510-857-5896 Fax-+1-510-509-9659 Event link -
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    Webinar on Developing Assertiveness Skills for Executives, Managers and HR Professionals

    How to communicate more assertively and effectively? A must attend training program for Executives, Managers and HR Professionals. Price:$200.00. Contact info : OnlineCompliancePanel Phn. no. +1-510-857-5896 Fax-+1-510-509-9659 Event link -
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    12 Units, 42 Hours, Award Winning Content for Managers, Executives & Business Owners • Enhance Team Member Engagement • Improve Key Results & Metrics • Reduce Turnover • Build a Healthy Company Culture Aegis Learning delivers a powerful, engaging and guaranteed leadership development experience that will far exceed your expectations for learning and growth. Presented in either an extended format or multi-day academy to meet your needs. Based on the Ten Competencies of Outstanding Leadership, this program is built on 25 years of research and the best practices of highly successful organizations. 7 Full Days of Facilitated Onsite Leadership Development or Twelve, Three Hour Workshops – 42 Hours of Total Content Time. 10 Foundational Competencies for Leadership Success – Communication, Engagement, Coaching and Self-Mastery, Empowerment, Decision Making, Thinking and Risk, Relationships and Power, Innovation and Change and Planning and Vision. Everything DiSC Management Assessment
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    Leadership Development ASCEND

    Two competencies come with the Leadership ASCEND. Aegis Learning delivers a powerful, engaging and guaranteed leadership development experience that will far exceed your expectations for learning and growth. Presented in either an extended format or two day academy to meet your needs. Based on the Ten Competencies of Outstanding Leadership by Tim Schneider, this program is built on 25 years of research and the best practices of highly successful organizations. The learning cascades and builds a continuous set of useable skills that can be implemented immediately and with lasting results. You will be able to navigate the challenges of becoming a leader, create boundaries and expectations with team members and redirect your focus to leadership functions. Leadership ASCEND provides four statistically accurate and validated competencies in a clear and easy to apply manner. Your leadership success will be enhanced immediately! Includes: Leadership Transition Understanding You
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    Agile Critical Thinking

    In this two-day, engaging and interactive seminar participants will be introduced to the Agile Critical Thinking framework and a practical set of tools and techniques you can immediately put to use to help you and the people you work with confidently make sound decisions and explain your reasoning. Today’s business environment is increasingly complex, connected and changing. We seldom have the luxury of perfect information, limitless resources or people who share our perspective, knowledge and priorities. The nature of stakeholder relationships and how we use technology is changing. The Internet of Everything, the influence of global markets and a multi-cultural, multi-disciplined and multi-generational workforce is transforming the workplace.
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    Creative Thinking

    Thinking is a Skill! We can consider that intelligence and thinking are different. Intelligence is our innate capability, what we’re born with. Thinking, on the other hand, is how we learn to use our intelligence, and as such, is a skill. As a skill, like bowling, golfing, cooking, etc., it can be actively improved. In one comparison, intelligence is the race car and it’s finite mechanical capabilities, and thinking is the driver who can learn more and more about how to maximize the utility of the car. Our brains are wonderful data storage and retrieval systems which prefer patterns and repetition. They recognize new ideas that are similar enough to recorded ideas so they “fit” into the pre-existing collection. Truly new ideas often don’t even register in this hierarchy of set patterns.
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    Agile Critical Thinking for Project Managers

    The course is designed to apply critical thinking within organizations – that are by nature imperfect, changing and involve people and stakeholders with often competing agendas. We call this framework Agile Critical Thinking, which helps participants to both apply and fill in the gaps they face in implementing of managing the Project Management Framework as outlined in the PMBOK® Guide regardless of the project work methodology (e.g., adapted waterfall, agile, engineering or non-engineering, innovation, administrative and other project work). We accomplish this by teaching techniques and providing tools (paper, pdf and increasing their availability via a web-based platform). This collection of tools provide a contextual basis for teams, stakeholders or people working together to be able to follow a structured process based on critical thinking (rather than per
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    Critical Thinking Essentials

    +Critical Thinking Essentials: What Is Critical Thinking? +Critical Thinking Essentials: Applying Critical Thinking Skills +Critical Thinking
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    Developing Strategic Thinking Acumen

    +Developing the Capacity to Think Strategically +Developing the Strategic Thinking Skill of Seeing the Big Picture +Using Strategic Thinking Skills +Effective Critical Analysis of Business Reports +Essentials of External Consulting +Returning to Core Competencies +Competitive Awareness and Strategy
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    Problem Solving Techniques and Decision Making

    Develop alternative courses of action, systematically evaluate problems and consistently make effective decisions by addressing root causes not symptoms.
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    Strategic Thinking and Planning - Applied

    Identifying techniques and methodologies effective at disseminating corporate strategy through the target organization allowing managers and their teams to identify their roles in achieving the identified corporate strategy.
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    How Leaders Can Make Better Decisions

    With 5 distinct decision making methods, this webinar will equip you with the skills that time, pressure and sheer workload may not have allowed you to develop until now. No more trial and error, guesswork or whining when a decision goes awry, as you’ll now be able to calculate the cost, assess the pros and cons, and even understand the real reason for your choice. This course eliminates confusion, feeling stuck and tornado brain!
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    Sparking Innovation and Creativity

    Anyone can learn how to be a more skilled idea generator and problem solver once they unlearn old thinking patterns and habits. We'll show you how to break free of those patterns and unleash your creativity in this breakthrough seminar.
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    Strategic Thinking

    This training unpacks the skills, attitudes, traits and behaviors you need to think critically, find new answers, uncover new opportunities and make better decisions.
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    Critical Thinking Workshop for Problem Solving and Decision Making

    Our 1 or 2 day interactive workshop trains attendees in the application of critical thinking for problem solving and decision making. The attendees learn and practice critical thinking techniques using real business challenges. OnYourSite or Open Enrollment
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    Effectively Managing Time & Multiple Priorities

    Meet deadlines/due dates consistently – Increase personal/professional productivity – Eliminate/manage time wasters – Improve workplace organization & coordination – Reduce pressure/stress from toxic or hectic work environment – Reduce/eliminate self-generated time wasters like procrastination & disorganization – Reduce/eliminate environmental time wasters – Create goals & action plans – Stay focused on correct priorities – Slash meeting time without sacrificing information
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    Critical Thinking Certification: How to Develop a Thought Based Organization

    This course will train you on how to help others develop a new, more dynamic mindset - one that starts with the ability to stop and think, to recognize assumptions, evaluate information and draw conclusions
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    Analytical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making

    Today, it's everyone’s job to effectively solve problems. Analytical thinking and problem solving are foundational thinking skills that involve breaking things down into their component parts. They also involve deductive reasoning, drawing conclusions from givens and applying judgments to reach conclusions from a combination of evidence and assumptions.

    This seminar introduces you to fundamental thinking processes so that you can successfully analyze and solve a wide variety of business problems. Get these essential analytical thinking and problem-solving skills now to give yourself a powerful competitive and career advantage!


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    Critical Thinking: A New Paradigm for Peak Performance in a Government Environment

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    Developing Your Analytical Skills: How to Research and Present Information

    When making decisions, how do you assess the credibility of information? Do you conduct research and gather data methodically, or act on instinct and follow the latest trends? Do you know what key questions to ask? Feel confident you’re making valid decisions?

    Whether you are developing a new product or service, presenting findings on a competitor’s product, or deciding how to allocate resources, you need the analytical skills to be able to support your conclusions with valid and credible evidence. In this course, you’ll learn the basics to implement a process for data analysis that ensures you’re focusing on the most critical information, involving the right people, and conveying your message in terms your audiences will understand.