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    Business Building Networking and Prospecting Skills

    Customize a program to get a better return on your networking investment.Participants learn how to prepare for a networking event,to engage in effective dialogues,generate warm leads and follow up effectively to gain an appointment with a prospect.
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    Business Development

    Proven strategies for acquiring and retaining clients communication styles, process, establishing value, effective networking, outbound call strategies, retention plan, metrics.
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    Business-to-Business Marketing Strategies

    Techniques for developing & applying effective B2B marketing strategies to create a competitive advantage—including building profitable long-term customer relationships, creating value-based pricing strategies, coordinating company resources & more.
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    Buying Motives

    (41 Minute Webinar) Buying motives are more powerful than selling skills. If you learn why people buy and your competition only knows how to sell, you won't just beat them, you'll bury them. By transferring the understanding of why customers buy into your everyday sales behavior you will have a better ability to connect with and engage customers and prospects. When you truly understand buying motives, you will reach the highest level of sales education. So, stop trying to educate your customers and start educating yourself on buying motives. In this one-of-a-kind webinar, you will learn: How buying motives will create genuine dialogue Why buying motives trump price objections How to identify the real reasons for purchase To use buying motives to unlock the mystery of urgency There are very few secrets of selling, uncovering buying motives is one of them.
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    Call Center

    Click on the name of the course to be taken to our website for class schedule, class outline, and to register. This course will help you improve your phone skills, make you more confident, improve sales, and help gain new customers while retaining your current clientele. Participants will learn the skills to improve productivity and performance. One day class. Cost is $649.00.
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    Certificate in Digital Marketing

    The Certificate in Digital Marketing online program offers users training for creating online marketing strategies. Topics include Content Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization, Digital Marketing Strategy, Marketing Automation, Mobile Marketing, Paid Search, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Web Analytics.
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    Closing the Sale in Turbulent Times

    Every pilot knows that getting from where they are to where they want to go involves navigating around, over, or through obstacles. The probability of reaching the destination must be sufficiently high, or the pilot won’t launch. It’s about knowing the terrain, having a process and being able to reach the destination in an assured manner. Completing a successful sale is like completing a successful flight, although too many salespeople approach it like a Kamikaze mission. No sales professional sets out with the goal to crash and burn, yet without adequate skills and preparation crash and burn is often the outcome. During an economic downturn, or even in good times, the perceived safe buying decision is to say “no.” Left to their own thinking, many potential buyers would rather cling to the status quo than risk making a bad buying decision. This doesn’t help your buyers to improve their circumstances and it certainly doesn’t help you to hit your sales goals!
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    Closing the Sales

    (55 Minute Webinar) Contrary to decades of sales teaching, closing the sale is not a matter of psychological trickery or mental manipulation. What a relief, huh? Mastery of closing the sale does NOT require you to become someone you're not. However, it does demand that you learn critical techniques and timing skills that make closing the sale one of the most exciting and effective skills you'll possess. No money is made before the sale is closed. This webinar will show you how to do it. You'll learn: -How to close the sale without trying to close the prospect -That it's all about what you do (or didn't do) before the close -How and when to ask for the sale -Which closing questions work and which one's don't -How your prospect's perception of you impacts the close -How your beliefs in yourself impact the close -How your value-first strategy defines the outcome -There are insights in this webinar that will change your perspective, change your approach, and change your outcomes.
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    Coach the SALE for Sales Managers

    A part of The S.A.L.E. Series, Coach the S.A.L.E. for Sales Managers introduces the multiple roles, responsibilities, knowledge and skills required of an effective sales manager.
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    Coaching Your Sales Team

    Examine your coaching strengths and weaknesses-and how you can make a greater impact not only on an individual salesperson’s performance, but on the success of your entire sales force.
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    Combination Products 2017

    This seminar provides Professionals working in this area with A thorough understanding of the complexities involved All the relevant regulations and guidelines Real life examples of how to register and maintain various types of combination products Interfaces: Change Management and LCM Compliant safety reporting for combination products Documentation requirements and interfacing Read More :
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    Commercial and Contract Fundamentals

    Introduction to marketing principles and theory. Delegates look at branding, social media impact, audience and market identification, all focused on creating the initial workings of a personal marketing program either for themselves or their company.
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    Communication Mastery

    Dr. Rick Goodman is a professional speaker, motivator, author and training consultant helping organizations Develop Great Leaders - Through Excellence in Communication, Team Building, Change Management, and Customer Excellence. Dr. Rick = RESULTS
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    Communication Skills

    Enhance your executive leadership skills and professional image with powerfully effective communications skills. Presentation skills training, speech, media training,crisis communications. Expert training for public figures & executives.(301)908-3896
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    Competitive Marketing Strategies

    +Competitive Marketing Strategies Conducting an Internal Analysis +Competitive Marketing Strategies Analyzing Competitors +Competitive Marketing Strategies Selecting and Implementing Strategies
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    Competitive Strategy: How To Develop Winning Marketing Plans And Breakthrough Strategies

    This three-day seminar helps you practice the skills and apply the tools necessary for mastering the outside-in thinking approach--and ensures that you stay on top of critical events, emerging trends and competitor actions.
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    Compliance Boot Camp 2017

    This 2-day seminar will cover the essentials of compliance for medical device companies. An efficient and effective quality system can be a competitive advantage for companies by leading to improved quality and compliance as well as optimizing the cost of quality. This "Compliance Boot Camp" will get you started in setting up just such a Quality System. We'll discuss the "case for quality" and how you can use compliance, not as an end itself, but as a means to improved quality and reduced cost of non-compliance. In this seminar, we will discuss: Regulatory Expectations How to plan, structure, and implement a quality system Common problems and lessons from 483 and warning letters Read More :
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    Consultative Sales Training

    Are you a sales person, manager, or someone who is responsible for presenting product/service information to a consumer/client with the end goal being to build a foundation for a stronger, ongoing relationships and increase sales? If you answered YES, then TrainSMART's Consultative Sales Training course is for you and your team. Participants will learn how to: Create a consultative approach to sales, Acknowledge the attitudes and skills necessary to conduct effective conversations, improve listening skills and understand how it will improve your overall communication with others, apply questioning techniques to gather the right information for a consultative approach, recognize the root cause of negative emotions and how they apply to objections, influence emotions so we get to conversation that will achieve the results we are seeking, use the DiSC® assessment to understand communication style and utilize techniques for adjusting behavior depending on the situation and others’ needs.
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    Consultative Selling Skills

    No matter how you sell, you should do more than simply take orders and respond to requests. You want to build business by becoming a true partner with your clients. But how do you create that partnership and become a trusted advisor? Exec-Comm’s Consultative Selling Skills program gives you the skills to communicate effectively and to help your clients uncover and explore previously unknown needs. Ultimately, you develop your approach to successfully explain how you can meet the business needs of your clients.
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    Customer Service Upselling: Best Practices to Capitalize on Every Call

    In this OnDemand Webinar, you will learn how to give your team the skills to strengthen existing customer relationships, to unearth new opportunities, sell with confidence, and close more business at higher margins.