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    Android Application Development Training Course

    This hands-on course conveys the fundamental skills necessary to deploy Android Apps on mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Attendees will design and build a variety of Android Apps throughout the course. Previous Java programming knowledge is not essential, but basic programming experience is required. Java code used in the exercises is fully explained. Students employ the Eclipse editor and the Android Developer Tools (ADT) plugin to perform comprehensive hands on exercises throughout the course to reinforce learning and develop real competency. Various alternative App development environments are compared to Eclipse, including Flex, Air and PhoneGap. The course provides students with an introduction to a variety of Android App development resources.
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    Swift Programming for iPhone and iPad Applications Training Course

    In this hands on Swift 4 programming course, attendees will learn how to develop iPhone and iPad apps using Swift and Xcode. Students begin by learning the fundamentals of the Swift language. They will explore how to build object-oriented applications by creating Swift classes with properties, initializers and both instance and class methods. They will see how to effectively use advanced Swift features like generics, closures, and error handling. The course emphasizes best programming practices. Comprehensive hands on exercises are integrated throughout to reinforce learning and develop real competency. Students will create iOS apps using Swift from the ground up, demonstrating the features of Swift, iOS, and its supporting code libraries.
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    Wireless Communications Course

    Learn about Infrared, Bluetooth, Digital Cellular Technology, Fixed Wireless, Personal Area Networks & more! This distance learning course includes 11 easy step-by-step lessons with a Certificate of Completion & free instructor help.