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    2015 OFAC Sanction, Related Export Control Violations and Enforcement Trends: Best Practices for Preventing Violations

    This training program will update participants on the developments regarding OFAC sanctions, OFAC enforcement trends as well as related export control traps for the unwary. Who Will Benefit: Risk/compliance managers and officers CFOs Compliance counsel Internal audit staff Finance directors and managers Instructor Profile: Robert J. Ward, Jr. has been practicing law for over 27 years. His focus has been on international trade strategic and compliance issues for most of his career, including establishing an FCPA and UK Bribery Act compliance program for the world’s largest maritime services company. Note: Use coupon code 232082 and get 10% off on registration. For Registration:
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    AB RSLogix PLC Training Seminar

    You will receive hands on training with the lap top using RS Logix and your pick of the PLC5, or a SLC500 or a Micrologix PLC. Day 3 is the challenge workshop, a chance to exercise your newly learned skills.(1.6 CEU) Plus free PLC, trainer, 1 gig extra learning material and free copy of RSLogix 5000 training software to every attendee. No one comes close to matching the value we deliver.
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    AB RSLogix PLC Training Workshop

    Reduce downtime thru PLC training.You will get hands on training with the lap top using RS Logix and PLC5, SLC500 and Micrologix PLC.This course qualifies for 1.6 CEU and you receive a certificate and software simulation CD. Now also free RSLogix 5000 training software to every attendee. No one else comes close to matching the value we offer.
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    Appliance Repair

    Learn refrigeration troubleshooting and how to repair refrigerants with these self paced courses and training videos.
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    Auto Electronics, Engine Rebuild & Body Repair

    Auto Body Repair DVDs, Automotive Electronics Repair Certificate Course, Basic Engine Rebuilding Course, Small Engines, Diesel Engine DVD Courses & more!
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    Automotive Electronics Repair

    Avoid making common automotive repair errors and learn how to repair it right with these self-paced courses. Repair your own car or start your own business.
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    Basic Electronics Course with Hands-on Lab

    Learn to troubleshoot electronics while earning a professional Certificate of Completion from home! Quickly master the basics and move on to more advanced topics. 39 lessons, hands-on labs, soldering iron, free tutorial support & online exams.
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    Basic Principles of Construction Insurance

    This OnDemand Webinar will offer an overview of basic insurance coverage used for construction projects.
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    Battle of the Forms and Managing the Contracting Process

    This OnDemand Webinar will teach you how to control the contracting process to avoid unacceptable terms by avoiding or winning the battle of the forms, how to get the warranties one wants, how to secure appropriate rights and remedies and limit those of the seller, and what to do if and when unsatisfactory goods are delivered.
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    Best Practices for Setting Up a Global International Trade Compliance Program

    In this webinar, the speaker will share proven best practices on how to create, evaluate and monitor a global trade compliance program. Why Should You Attend: In today’s global economy, multinational companies have business partners, employees, subsidiaries and offices around the world. As a trade compliance profession, you may be responsible for trade compliance at your organization on a global level. Who Will Benefit: Global Trade Compliance Professionals Import/Export Compliance Personnel Tax & Accounting Department Legal Department Instructor Profile: Deep SenGupta is the president of DSG Global, LLC, where his mission is to simplify global trade for his customers. Over the past 12 years, Mr. SenGupta co-founded and led FedEx’s Trade & Customs Advisory Services (TCAS) division and assisted over 1000 importers and exporters with international trade solutions. Use coupon code 232082 and get 10% off on registration.
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    Breaking Down the Basics - Export Classification Control Numbers (ECCN) and the Commerce Control Lists (CCL)

    This webcast will provide an overview of U.S. Export Classification Control Numbers (ECCN) and making license determinations via the Commerce Control List (CCL).It will explain the “How to” classification breakdown and the considerations for commodity jurisdictions (CJs). Who Will Benefit: US and global trade compliance professionals US export professionals Supply chain professionals Attorneys and legal staff Instructor Profile: Suzanne Bullitt is the director of export strategy and compliance for Walmart of Bentonville, AR. Ms. Bullitt is an accomplished trade compliance professional with over 19 years’ experience in import and export compliance and logistics. Note: Use coupon code NB5SQH8N and get 10% off on registration, Valid till Dec 31st 2015.
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    Broadcast Engineering

    This Broadcast Engineering course from Cleveland Institute of Electronics was designed to provide the specialized knowledge required for a career as a broadcast engineering technician at an AM or FM radio station or at a TV station. This distance education course is also valuable for the cable television technician who must maintain and repair studio equipment. Learn at home with instructor support, chat rooms and video lessons. Send for your free catalog today.
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    Computer Programming with Java and C#

    This distance learning course was designed to provide an individual having little or no computer background with the knowledge to join the field of computer programming! Students graduate with the ability to understand, analyze and program various computer applications used in the business, manufacturing and service industries. In addition, they will be able to develop and build web pages for personal or professional use, learn how to install and run applications and perform basic system management on their PC. Learn at home with instructor support, chat rooms and video lessons. Send for your free catalog today.
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    Computer Technology with A+ Certification

    Learn to Troubleshoot Computers and prepare for the CompTIA A+ Certification with this distance education course! Cleveland Institute of Electronics created a program that will train individuals with little or no computer background about computer technology, computer troubleshooting and prepare them to pass the CompTIA A+ Certification exam. Learn at home with instructor support, chat rooms and video lessons. Send for your free catalog today.
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    Crane Safety Training

    This training video covers all aspects of crane operation and safety.
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    Cuba Sanctions: Understanding Policy Changes and Potential Opportunities

    This webinar training will focus on policy changes and the opportunities for business development and growth in Cuba. The US Department of Treasury, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and the US Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) respectively amended the Cuban Assets Control Regulations (CACR) and the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) to further ease the US embargo against Cuba and authorize certain business activities with Cuba in targeted sectors. This training will focus on these areas of change. Who Will Benefit: US and Global Trade Compliance Professionals US Export Professionals Supply Chain Professionals Freight Forwarders and Carriers International Sales Professionals Business Development Professionals Instructor Profile: Suzanne Bullitt is the Director, Global Trade Strategy & Compliance for Eastman Chemical Company of Kingsport, TN. Note: Use coupon code NB5SQH8N and get 10% off on registration.
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    Customs Single Window: Are You in Compliance?

    This training program will offer attendees an understanding of single window requirements. It will also discuss documentation requirements (electronic vs. paper) and help determine software requirements. Who Will Benefit: Companies engaged in global trade Finance professionals Global tax professionals Instructor Profile: Grant Smith is an international trade consultant with Grant Smith Consulting, LLC. Mr. Smith is a trade compliance professional with 30 years’ experience in global logistics and trade compliance, a licensed customs broker and certified customs specialist. He has worked for global corporations, implementing trade programs and providing training in multiple regions internationally. Note: Use coupon code NB5SQH8N and get 10% off on registration, Valid till Dec 31st 2015.
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    Deterioration Mechanisms of Concrete Pavement Joints

    Understanding the mechanisms and mechanics of joint deterioration can help the owner and contractors to better identifying the contributing factors to the premature joint deterioration and can help them in the design for durability.
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    Diesel Engine DVD Courses

    These DVDs give an overview of the design, construction and operation of diesel engines. Detail the steps needed to properly disassemble, inspect, and measure the parts of a diesel engine & install it back onto its short block. Self-paced study.
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    Electrical and PLC Training

    Business Industrial Network provides electrical troubleshooting and PLC CBTs (CD format), as well as Onsite or Seminar PLC troubleshooting and PID tuning training.