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    The New Supervisor: Skills for Success

    This DVD training program will become your road map for developing the skills necessary to become a first-rate supervisor. You'll learn: How to develop the necessary leadership skill; How to make timely, effective decisions; The need for managing change and how to manage your time; How to communicate effectively; How to praise, correct and deal with conflict; Team building. Use The New Supervisor: Skills for Success and become the consummate supervisor! This program is available as a DVD or as an online streaming rental or digital download rental.
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    The Power of Attitude

    Positive attitude. Positive attitude. Positive attitude. A worn-out anthem? Or is there really power behind a positive attitude? The Power of Attitude: It Does Make a Difference shows that there is, and most of what makes us positive is attributed to our own self-image. This training DVD highlights five steps for developing and projecting a positive attitude in the workplace, and beyond. You'll see how to determine the attitude types of co-workers, how to deal with them, and how to keep the hard work of maintaining your own positive attitude in perspective. Also featured are general strategies for defusing difficult attitudes before they cause injury to the big and little things we do all day long. This program is available in DVD form or as an online video streaming rental or digital download rental.
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    The Power of Customer Service with Dr. Paul Timm

    This training program provides the basics needed in any organization to help improve customer service. Customer service comes from the inside of an individual. It comes from the desire to provide good service to everyone - whether they are a customer, co-worker, friend or relation. Using the three C's of good customer service - Concern, Communication, and Competence, leading customer service expert Dr. Paul Timm brings to life the skills needed to enrich any customer service relationship. This program is available in DVD form or as an online video streaming rental or digital download rental.
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    The Six Functions of Management - A practical Action Planning guide

    A practical entertaining guide to understanding and applying the Six key areas of management to your daily work life. The guide includes educational topics, self assessments, action planning process and true stories. Book is relevant for individual contributors to executives.
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    The ViewTrainer Tutorial Software CBT

    This NEW RSView32 HMI Training Software ( The ViewTrainer ) includes RSLinx communications, DDE topics and excel, rsview graphics, quiz, laboratory manual and much more. Can serve as a precursor to taking on those control engineering projects.
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    The Work of Leaders

    he Work of Leaders presents a simple structure that neatly captures the complexity of contemporary leadership. The goal of this book is to make this wealth of leadership insight accessible to anyone who wants better results as a leader.
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    The Write Stuff - Training Video, Online Program & DVD

    There is nothing like good writing. Good writing is the tool that may stretch our imaginations. And, yes it may be difficult and time consuming. But the ability to communicate clearly and succinctly and have people understand what we are saying is critically important both in our business and personal lives. In this truly non-threatening training program you'll learn the two unbreakable rules of writing; Techniques needed to make reports, memos, letters, e-mails, and business presentations more understandable by your readers; How to eliminate writer's block; How to answer many of the tough grammar questions; and how to truly reward yourself for completing your writing assignment. This program is available in DVD form or as an online video streaming rental or digital download rental.
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    Think Smarter - Critical Thinking To Improve Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Skills

    Think Smarter, a critical thinking book, presents a pragmatic set of tools to apply critical thinking techniques to everyday business issues, resulting in higher quality and faster problem solving, decision making and innovation. Think Smarter is filled with real world examples that demonstrate how the tools work in action, in addition to dozens of exercises the reader can use to practice the techniques.
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    Time Management Class Online

    One of the more precious resources a manager has is his or her time. Managers can become more effective by employing time management and scheduling techniques, delegating, outsourcing key tasks, and employing technology. This online Time Management class will help you assess your attitude about time management and develop the skills for effectively using your time.
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    Time Management for Managers & Supervisors

    Electronic handbook in PDF format on basic time management skills for supervisors and managers. Covers how to: · Analyze your job and identify what you should focus your time on to achieve what’s expected and your own personal goals. · Develop an ideal picture of how to allocate your time between your various activities. · Analyze how you are currently spending your time and identify the gaps from your ideal picture. · Develop weekly and daily schedules so you focus your time on the activities needed to achieve your goals. · Deal with time management challenges such as unexpected interruptions, non critical phone calls, high volumes of e-mail, and unproductive meetings.
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    Time Management: Get the Most Out of Your Time

    It's 6:00 in the morning and you're already at your desk. In a desperate attempt to be productive, you plan to work - uninterrupted - until the frenzy of regular business hours begin. You don't have to rise before dawn to be effective at work. This time-saving training program will help you: Use the simple ABC System to prioritize your jobs; Deal with and conquer time-wasting procrastination tactics; Block off time each day for uninterrupted work; Plan for and shorten phone calls to cover only necessary information; Understand the importance of saying "no" to save your time; Carefully organize meetings to reduce their time and increase their effectiveness; Utilize the quiet time of airline travel. Too many of us get bogged down in time-wasting activities. But you can change all of this. Remember, you're in control! This program is available in DVD form or as an online video streaming rental or digital download rental.
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    Time Mastery Profile

    The Time Mastery Profile is a unique tool that provides people with a complete self-directed assessment of their current time management effectiveness. Based on that assessment, individuals can determine where to focus time management efforts for greater personal and professional success.
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    Tokens of Appreciation

    Don’t reserve praise for only your top performers. Motivate your “strivers” to keep up the good work and keep growing. Everyone likes to receive praise and it feels good to give it. Encourage sharing appreciation of others with these unique tokens. Token is inscribed with "Token of Appreciation" on one side; the reverse says "Pass it along." Each token is 3/4" diameter. Solid medium-weight metal feels great in your hand! Sold in sets of 10 tokens.
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    Tokens of Appreciation and Note Card

    Don't reserve praise for only your top performers. Everyone likes to receive praise and it feels good to give it. Encourage sharing appreciation of others with these unique card/ token combo.Each colorful 3.5" x 2" card is printed on one side with this motivational message: Too often in our circles, appreciation goes unspoken, So, let us start anew with this very special token. Please don’t stash it in a wallet or leave it at your ‘station,’ "Pass it on" to a fellow friend, in an Act of Appreciation. As on and on it travels, giving thanks and recognition. Ours will become a place of brightened disposition. THANKS!
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    Training Assets Gateway - TAG®

    Powerful training content. Realistic videos. Real results. TAG® makes it easy! With over 5,400 training videos and resources. Create engaging training within minutes from anywhere in the world... at any time. Distributed training has never been easier! Most organizations are on an ever-changing path filled with opportunity and challenges — hurdles that can be overcome with effective training. ?But where to start?... as you look at navigating the ocean of issues and options available? The simple answer is TAG®. Select from nearly 90 training topics — ?harassment prevention and leadership to personal protective equipment. Choose from facilitation-ready programs, video clips, microlearning, case studies, activities, games, tip cards... ?and more! Build completely new training or update older stuff. With TAG, you can do more with less... and train fearlessly!