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    V4 Electrical Troubleshooting Skills Series

    Learn systematic electrical troubleshooting and problem solving skills. These award winning electricians software products are ideal for learning electrical troubleshooting techniques in a safe environment. Site licenses available.
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    Walk-away Fiddle Set - $35.95 (25/set)

    Don't worry if these Fiddles "walk away"! So many customers "complain" that their Fiddles are so popular that people want to keep them. With this set, you can encourage them to do so. This low-cost Fiddle set offers plenty of finger-enticing fiddlebility. Includes 25 pieces, including Gyrobi, Loopeez, metal springs, stretchy string, Brain Noodles, pufferballs, Jeliku, smiley bendables, bendable monsters, Bendeez, etc. (Substitutions may occur.) Comes with its own FREE sturdy, see-through Fiddle Box for convenient storage and travel.
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    What America Does Right with Robert H. Waterman, Jr.

    What America Does Right features Robert Waterman, best known for his work with Tom Peters as the co-author of In Search of Excellence. This video series takes an in-depth look at how these companies have applied Waterman’s theories with great success! Volume 1: Management Turned Upside Down: The stories focus on new strategies, horizontal management, cross-functional teams, reengineering, and career resilience. See how everything once believed to be "good management theory" is being turned upside down. Volume 2: Organization is Strategic: Explore the shared core values that make Merck, a worldwide research-intensive pharmaceutical company, and AES, an independent power plant, notably successful. Discover why these corporations support Robert Waterman’s conclusion that your organizational arrangement is your most powerful strategic tool. This program is available in DVD form or as an online video streaming rental or digital download rental.
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    What every leader ought to know about becoming a servant leader

    Article Summary: Employees want to be supported to do their best work, but not every leader is comfortable or motivated to serve an employee’s “soft, emotional” needs. One key to help leaders become servant leaders is connecting serving others to their own values (even if “serving others” is not a value). Two assessments provided the framework for understanding this link between servant leadership attributes and the leader’s values. A case study demonstrates this link within a healthcare system where these tools helped develop servant leadership skills to support employee performance. The paper aims to discuss these issues
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    Who's First Wireless Game Buzzer

    Take the guesswork out of who answered first! Add gameshow excitement to your classroom with this snazzy, updated model of our popular Who's First?® 6-TEAM classroom gameshow light and buzzer system! Who's First? is a stand-alone "buzz-in" gameshow buzzer system that will add excitement and real time technology to any fast-action Q&A game. The system identifies first and second place respondents with snazzy lights, a loud buzzer (which can be turned off, if desired), and 6 color-coded touch pads that announce who came in first -- and second!
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    Winning Customer Loyalty... Eliminate Customer Turnoffs with Paul Timm

    In Volume One Winning Customer Loyalty Eliminate Customer Turnoffs Paul Timm looks at what really alienates your customers: What makes them want to stay away and not buy your product. Each time we experience poor service we are tempted to join the chorus of complainers. But a more fruitful use of such experiences is to learn from what others do poorly so that we can provide the best in service to our customers. Understand what really alienates your customers and shows you how to overcome poor service, eliminate customer turnoffs to build customers for life. Learn the three categories of customer turnoffs. Avoid angry customers in advance. This program is available in DVD form or as an online video streaming rental or digital download rental.
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    Winning Customer Loyalty... Exceed Customer Expectations with Paul Timm

    Exceed Customer Expectations shows you how to really exceed the expectations of your customers and gain their loyalty and you can grow your business through word of mouth advertising. This program takes the ambiguity out of what it means to give your customer more when they really don't expect it. It shows you how to set yourself apart from your competitors. Most importantly, it gives you the tools to build customers for life. Key Learning Points: Learn the importance of Value; Use Information to exceed customer expectations; Speed: Lean how to give customers a faster experience; Personality: Treat customers like guests ; Follow up: Impress your customers and build lifetime relationships with good follow up… This program is available in DVD form or as an online video streaming rental or digital download rental.
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    Winning Strategies for Dealing with Difficult People

    Advantage Legal Seminars is one of the leading providers of continuing legal education in the U.S. This program has been approved for CLE credits in many states.
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    Winning Strategies for Dealing with Difficult People

    Learn why it is important to calm upset clients and what leads them to become upset in the first place. Also presented are proven techniques for disarming irrational clients and discover the four personality styles and how that effects your communication.
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    Work Life Balance Emergency Kit

    This 34-lesson program manual is designed for business owners who want to dramatically increase their productivity, focus, and effectiveness to achieve their goals so they can experience what is truly important to them in life.
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    Xtreme Analysis for Xtreme Development

    The goals of this paper are to: 1. provide you with an analysis strategy that defines clear, concise, consistent and unambiguous user stories. 2. minimize the release planning spike which saves time, money and resources.
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    Y14.5 Standard-Ease 2009

    TEC-EASE, INC. offers Y14.5 Standard-Ease 2009 Software on CD-ROM. Product Code: 5120
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    You Can't Do It All: Effective Delegation Skills for Supervisors

    This book will help you devise a delegation plan that works. Learn how to overcome fears, then how to effectively delegate tasks to the right person and what to do to keep assigned projects on track.
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    Your Words Matter: Navigating the Hazards of Social Media, Texts & Emails

    Social Media. Text Messages. Emails. It’s never been easier to communicate. And it’s never been more potentially hazardous. The Your Words Matter training DVD that will help increase awareness of the importance of written communication. Through dramatic vignettes, we explore some of the things that can go wrong and provide some practical advice for avoiding these pitfalls. Every member of your team will learn basic guidelines for avoiding common mistakes. Key Lessons: Your Messages Matter! Think before you hit “reply all.” Watch out for autofill. Your Tone Matters! People may misinterpret the tone of your communication. Learn how to avoid these pitfalls. Your Privacy Matters! Social media is not private. Learn lessons for handing social media. Your Reputation Matters. What you say electronically can affect you or your business. Learn how to manage your communications effectively. Includes 11 Minute DVD, Leader's Guide, Quiz.