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    Be a Leader Thumball - $24.75

    The Be a Leader Thumball gets the conversation going about what skills great leaders possess, and guides players through a bit of introspection as they consider their own leadership strengths or opportunities for improvement. This ball contains 32 panels including both reflective and forward-thinking prompts, such as: * I’d be a better leader if I spent more time on... * Talents I aspire to have on my team (that I don’t have) * When my workers disagree with me, I... * Making decisions is hard when... * The #1 leadership trait * I get honest feedback from workers when... * When an employee makes a mistake, I... * How I get the best ideas from my team * What motivates me? * A risk I’d like to take * Tasks I hope to delegate * I can model work-life balance by... * How I can make employees feel valued * The best morale-builder I know is... * A way I can brighten people’s day * I want most for my team to view me as... *... and more!
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    Beach in a Box

    Make learning as relaxed as a day at the beach! Help your learners relax by offering the Beach in a Box fiddle. The soft sand and the beach umbrella create a nice oasis for relaxation. The sand can be molded into fun shapes as the special sand does not leave grit on hands or desks. This sand is so incredible you can’t put it down. It has a wonderful kinesthetic quality -- it oozes, moves and melts right before your eyes. It flows through your fingers like a slow-moving liquid, but leaves your hands completely dry. It sticks to itself and not to you! Shape anything you want and use it over and over again because it never dries out. Active hands mean active minds so your learners will relax and stay focused.
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    Becoming a Customer Service Superstar - Get Primed for the Climb!

    This audio conference will not only boost your day-to- day effectiveness it will give you a tremendous edge when it comes to giving the superstar performance your customers and organization expect.
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    Best Advice for New Salespeople

    Sales Training And Results, Inc. (STAR) Blog - Practical sales tips and tools you can use!
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    Better Meeting Management

    Are too many unproductive, wasteful meetings eating up your time? If so, then here is the better-meeting-management-training program you've been waiting for to put an end to unproductive meetings. This training program begins by showing you the advantages and disadvantages of meetings in the pre-meeting step, then walks you through a systematic decision-making process. This all results in a productive problem-solving or informational meeting that everyone wants! You'll Learn To: Understand when to/or not to hold a meeting by using A-C-T; Correctly distinguish who should be invited to a meeting; Set a clear, purposeful agenda; Crystallize the nature of the problems/issues and poignantly define objectives; Implement "Problem Re-formulation" to come up with workable ideas; Observe the three basic rules of brainstorming; Use "matching orders" to assign follow-up actions… This program is available in DVD form or as an online video streaming rental or digital download rental.
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    Beyond Words for Healthcare

    Day after day, your patients are communicating with you through body language – and you are communicating back to them through your body language. Recognizing the most common body language cues can help you to understand what a patient may be thinking, but not necessarily saying. More importantly, learning body language cues can help you diagnose patients more accurately. Beyond Words for Healthcare will improve your ability to communicate with patients. The major challenge that exists in the healthcare industry today is the ability to strike a balance between business efficiency and taking the time to provide needed bedside Available as a DVD rental or as an online streaming rental.
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    BOOK: Contagious Leadership: Ten Steps to Transition from Manager to Leader

    An excellent manual for new managers! In the ten chapters of Contagious Leadership, you’ll learn the steps to transition from manager to leader. You'll find out if you’re managing them or leading, which means: communicating, listening, delegating, micro-managing, and coaching in ways that make them WANT to follow!
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    BOOK: Make Difficult People Disappear: How to Reduce Stressful Behavior and Eliminate Conflict in the Workplace

    Make Difficult People Disappear helps you do far more than deal with difficult people. Part story, part how to manual, this book provides powerful tips for reducing stressful behavior, working better with others, and eliminating conflict in your office. This book is also available as a training class and a webinar. Both may be found at
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    BOOK: What Does Leadership Take?

    What Does Leadership Take? is a small gift book great for sharing with each manager on the team you lead. Divided into three sections: Being You, Leading You, and Leading Others, this book walks you through how you must first be yourself and lead yourself before you have any business leading others!
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    Briteboards (Dry-erase Fluorescent Response Boards) - $34.50 (10/set)

    See who's learning what… and who's not getting it! Encourage participation with Quick Response Briteboards. They are a huge hit with students and educators, as every individual gets to write an answer, cast a vote, ask questions, and offer opinions. Set includes 2 each of 5 different hot fluorescent boards... PLUS 10 fun mini-erasers that work GREAT on these boards. Erasers measure 2.5" x 1.25". These super-sturdy dry-erase, TWO-sided Briteboards are great for:  Casting votes Conducting icebreaker activities Answering questions Rating or ranking items Sharing game answers View Video demos!
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    Building Access Tables

    You get step-by-step instructions in this DVD. In one hour, this webinar takes the guesswork out of Access. It brings you up-to-date on working in Design View, defining a Primary Key and so much more.
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    Business Analyst Assessment

    Are you looking for a way to prove your skills are excellent? Are you an employer that wants to make sure candidates are qualified to play the pivotal role of Business Analyst in your company? From a pool of over 850 "cognitive domain" questions, InQuestra’s innovative testing software will randomly select 250 questions – weighting these to provide insightful feedback in 13 vital areas of Business Analyst Competency. This online assessment is intended for those: 1. Job Seekers – To attach a Skills Certificate to your resume 2. Professional Analysts – To help target career development needs. 3. Hiring Managers – To baseline skills. 4. Human Resource Managers – To assess training impact or improve the hiring process. 5. Recruitment Firms – To differentiate your candidate screening for clients.
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    California AB1825 Sexual Harassment Training

    California specific AB1825 Sexual Harassment video programs.
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    Certificate in Business Communications

    The Certificate in Business Communications includes five online communications courses: Effective Business Writing; Effective Presentations; Effective Public Speaking; Effective Emails, Memos and Letters; and Communicating Collaboratively. These courses focus on improving business writing and help learners organize, structure, and create effective presentations and written documents..
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    Checkpoint 360