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    Time Management for Managers & Supervisors

    Electronic handbook in PDF format on basic time management skills for supervisors and managers. Covers how to: · Analyze your job and identify what you should focus your time on to achieve what’s expected and your own personal goals. · Develop an ideal picture of how to allocate your time between your various activities. · Analyze how you are currently spending your time and identify the gaps from your ideal picture. · Develop weekly and daily schedules so you focus your time on the activities needed to achieve your goals. · Deal with time management challenges such as unexpected interruptions, non critical phone calls, high volumes of e-mail, and unproductive meetings.
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    You Can't Do It All: Effective Delegation Skills for Supervisors

    This book will help you devise a delegation plan that works. Learn how to overcome fears, then how to effectively delegate tasks to the right person and what to do to keep assigned projects on track.