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    Learning Instruments

    Complete line of training instruments and facilitator kits designed to address soft skills development at every level. Let us help you find which tools best meet your needs.
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    Me First Wireless Buzzer System

    Involve EVERY student with this dynamite audience participation tool. Give everyone a chance to answer your toughest questions with a Me First® Personal Answer Dome (P.A.D.) at every seat. Participants will compete to answer your questions and win points. Facilitator remote lets you choose whether to block out students who have already buzzed in or reset the system so that everyone can answer. These wireless light-up P.A.D.s will bring light, laughter and learning to any workshop!
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    Meeting Room Fiddle Set - $37.95 (12/set)

    Fiddles help people relax, stay focused during long meetings, and think creatively. Our meeting set comes in an elegant, clear box, so that it will look neat and professional during management or executive meetings. Because different people tend toward different tactile experiences, the Meeting Room Fiddle Set has a nice varied assortment. Set contains 12 pre-selected fiddles in a clear box. Substitutions may occur.
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    Quick Response Whiteboards - $38.50 (12/set)

    See who's learning what… and who's not getting it! INCLUDES: * 12 Quick Response Whiteboards in 3 different colors * 12 mini-erasers Encourage participation with Quick Response Whiteboards. They are a huge hit with students and educators, as every individual gets to write an answer, cast a vote, ask questions, and offer opinions. These super-sturdy dry-erase, TWO-sided whiteboards (5.9" x 7.75") are great for: * Conducting icebreaker activities * Casting votes * Answering questions * Rating or ranking items * Sharing game answers Lightweight, convenient Hanging Rack (#WBON) for your whiteboards sold separately.
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    Reusable Name Tents - $3.50 ea

    Participants can write their nicknames on our Original LARGE erasable, reusable name tents. It will increase their comfort and save you from pre-printing formal name cards. These two-sided 4" H x 11" L x 3"D molded plastic whiteboard tents let you see names from the front or the back of the room. Molded construction makes stacking and storage easier than ever. Use them again and again with dry-erase markers (SOLD SEPARATELY). Check out our quantity discounts!
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    Session Openers Thumball - $24.75

    Start a soft-skills learning event with the Session Openers Thumball, containing 32 discussion prompts about goals, motivations, and aspirations. Pass the ball and share your reaction to whatever prompt lies under your thumb.Prompts include: * Proudest moment * My best coach / teacher * I most admire * Childhood hobby * I’m happiest when… * Claim to fame * My worst habit * Pet peeve at work * My greatest work challenge * I wish to be better at… * I’m here because… * I’ll be successful if… * I’d like to change… * Childhood dream * A day I’d live over * Most creative contribution * Something I’d like to invent * I hope to learn… * Oops! I forgot to… * Greatest strength at work… * ... and more!
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    Team Dynamics Thumball - $24.75

    Teams are everywhere – from board rooms to church basements, we’re thrown together with people we may or may not know well, and are challenged to achieve great results. Is your team performing to the max? How do you support each other? How do you develop consensus and manage disagreements? Team Dynamics Thumball is a playful way to raise these critical questions so that your teams can reach their full potential. 32 discussion prompts include: 1. What's the best thing about being on a team? 2. What's most challenging about being on our team? 3. What inhibits trust in our team? 4. How do we build trust among team members? 5. How can we make sure everyone feels heard? 6. How do we make everyone feel included? 7. How do we show respect for one another? 8. How can we ensure we don't duplicate efforts? 9. How do we gain commitment? 10. What if someone isn't pulling their weight? 11. How should we manage disagreements? 12. Give an example of a goal we are all working towards *and
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    Tokens of Appreciation

    Don’t reserve praise for only your top performers. Motivate your “strivers” to keep up the good work and keep growing. Everyone likes to receive praise and it feels good to give it. Encourage sharing appreciation of others with these unique tokens. Token is inscribed with "Token of Appreciation" on one side; the reverse says "Pass it along." Each token is 3/4" diameter. Solid medium-weight metal feels great in your hand! Sold in sets of 10 tokens.
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    Walk-away Fiddle Set - $35.95 (25/set)

    Don't worry if these Fiddles "walk away"! So many customers "complain" that their Fiddles are so popular that people want to keep them. With this set, you can encourage them to do so. This low-cost Fiddle set offers plenty of finger-enticing fiddlebility. Includes 25 pieces, including Gyrobi, Loopeez, metal springs, stretchy string, Brain Noodles, pufferballs, Jeliku, smiley bendables, bendable monsters, Bendeez, etc. (Substitutions may occur.) Comes with its own FREE sturdy, see-through Fiddle Box for convenient storage and travel.
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    Who's First Wireless Game Buzzer

    Take the guesswork out of who answered first! Add gameshow excitement to your classroom with this snazzy, updated model of our popular Who's First?® 6-TEAM classroom gameshow light and buzzer system! Who's First? is a stand-alone "buzz-in" gameshow buzzer system that will add excitement and real time technology to any fast-action Q&A game. The system identifies first and second place respondents with snazzy lights, a loud buzzer (which can be turned off, if desired), and 6 color-coded touch pads that announce who came in first -- and second!