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    'Truscore 360 Degree Feedback Survey Hosting'

    Your Assessments If you have your own content we can host your assessments, giving you access to the full line of features our TruScore® application provides. Powerful, yet easy, process management A wide range of features to make survey administration a breeze Rights managed platform, allowing for hands-off or hands-on control. Setup and kick-off a survey project within four easy steps. Control deadline dates at the group level or for individual participants. Extend deadlines, invite raters, check survey completion, send reminders, and much more. Supervisor, coach, or administrator approval can be required for rater selection. Track progress of your participants through TruScore® or project status emails. Integrated credit system can be used for those that want to prepay without the hassle of invoicing. Report delivery can be controlled by an administrator, coach, or facilitator.
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    360-degree Feedback

    With 20/20 Insight Gold, you can collect virtually any type of feedback-- ideas, thoughts, impressions, opinions, surveys-from any number of people about the performance of an individual, a team, or your entire organization.