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    Deluxe Fiddle Set - $66.95 (24/set)

    Improve attention spans! With the Deluxe Fiddle Set, learners have the ultimate flexibility to choose the fidget toy that suits their tactile preferences and enables them to stay focused longer.
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    Fab Five Fiddle Set - $61.50 (20/set)

    Get only your Fab 5 - for less! Focus on everyone's favorites and get 4 of each -- now packaged in a see-through drawstring vinyl bag, as shown in image above. Includes 20 assorted Fiddles: Tangles, Bendeez, Flexiblox, Koosh balls, and Jeliku. (Substitutions may occur.)
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    Kitchen Sink Fidget Set - $194.95 (84/set)

    Colossal Collection of the BEST FIDDLES we know of! Includes everything -- but the kitchen sink! This set offers 84 fidget and stress toys in a clear tote*for easy transport. With this combination of "fiddles," there is sure to be a favorite for every type of participant in your group.There are plenty of options for shaping, squeezing, flexing, stretching and manipulating that even big groups will be satisfied.
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    Meeting Room Fiddle Set - $37.95 (12/set)

    Fiddles help people relax, stay focused during long meetings, and think creatively. Our meeting set comes in an elegant, clear box, so that it will look neat and professional during management or executive meetings. Because different people tend toward different tactile experiences, the Meeting Room Fiddle Set has a nice varied assortment. Set contains 12 pre-selected fiddles in a clear box. Substitutions may occur.
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    Walk-away Fiddle Set - $35.95 (25/set)

    Don't worry if these Fiddles "walk away"! So many customers "complain" that their Fiddles are so popular that people want to keep them. With this set, you can encourage them to do so. This low-cost Fiddle set offers plenty of finger-enticing fiddlebility. Includes 25 pieces, including Gyrobi, Loopeez, metal springs, stretchy string, Brain Noodles, pufferballs, Jeliku, smiley bendables, bendable monsters, Bendeez, etc. (Substitutions may occur.) Comes with its own FREE sturdy, see-through Fiddle Box for convenient storage and travel.