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    Be a Leader Thumball - $24.75

    The Be a Leader Thumball gets the conversation going about what skills great leaders possess, and guides players through a bit of introspection as they consider their own leadership strengths or opportunities for improvement. This ball contains 32 panels including both reflective and forward-thinking prompts, such as: * I’d be a better leader if I spent more time on... * Talents I aspire to have on my team (that I don’t have) * When my workers disagree with me, I... * Making decisions is hard when... * The #1 leadership trait * I get honest feedback from workers when... * When an employee makes a mistake, I... * How I get the best ideas from my team * What motivates me? * A risk I’d like to take * Tasks I hope to delegate * I can model work-life balance by... * How I can make employees feel valued * The best morale-builder I know is... * A way I can brighten people’s day * I want most for my team to view me as... *... and more!
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    Create-Your-Own Thumball

    The Create-Your-Own Thumball looks like a cool soccer ball and has 30 panels that are purposefully left blank so that you can customize it to your own content and audience needs. Armed with a permanent marker (included), you can add your own questions, prompts and graphics, and create an exercise that is "spot on" for your training needs. Due to customer demand, now available in 2 colors! Set up the blue Thumball with a set of questions on a topic, and the orange Thumball for a different topic. With the included permanent marker, these Thumballs can be used in training over and over!
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    Diversity Thumball - $24.75

    We live in a diverse world. Some differences are visible, like skin color, gender, height or weight, physical challenges and age. Others may not be visually apparent, but still affect how individuals feel or are treated: The Diversity Thumball is a fun training tool that tackles a difficult topic with smarts and sensitivity. Discussion prompts include: * When did you first become aware of racial/ethnic differences? * Share a situation when you were in the minority * Describe a time you witnessed discrimination * Your best experience with a person of a different race/ethnicity * What makes you different? * How do your thoughts about diversity differ from your parents’? * Describe a time you experienced prejudice * Where do you see prejudice? * How do you respond to jokes that are demeaning or derogatory? * A time you felt like an outsider and how you dealt with it * An instance when someone went out of their way to make you feel included? * and more!
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    Team Dynamics Thumball - $24.75

    Teams are everywhere – from board rooms to church basements, we’re thrown together with people we may or may not know well, and are challenged to achieve great results. Is your team performing to the max? How do you support each other? How do you develop consensus and manage disagreements? Team Dynamics Thumball is a playful way to raise these critical questions so that your teams can reach their full potential. 32 discussion prompts include: 1. What's the best thing about being on a team? 2. What's most challenging about being on our team? 3. What inhibits trust in our team? 4. How do we build trust among team members? 5. How can we make sure everyone feels heard? 6. How do we make everyone feel included? 7. How do we show respect for one another? 8. How can we ensure we don't duplicate efforts? 9. How do we gain commitment? 10. What if someone isn't pulling their weight? 11. How should we manage disagreements? 12. Give an example of a goal we are all working towards *and