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    '360 Degree Feedback' - Sales Management

    The Sales Management 360 feedback assessment focuses on the sales manager's ability to implement strategies within the organization and achieve sales goals.
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    '360 Degree Feedback' - Technical Professional

    The Technical Professional 360 feedback assessment focuses on skills that are essential for high performing professionals to effectively use their expertise and experience to make significant contributions to the organization through quality performance.
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    ASSESSMENT: The CORE® Multi-Dimensional Awareness Profile

    The CORE® Profile is a multi-dimensional awareness personality assessment and coaching tool for leaders, managers, employees and teams. With the CORE® Profile and accompanying 90 minute results facilitation, you can: 1) Put the right people in the right jobs 2) Teach employees how to better manage stress 3) MEASURE the behavior changes and RESULTS of training CORE® is different than DISC or MBTI, and works as a positive developmental tool to improve authenticity, engagement, teamwork, and leadership skills.
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    DiSC Profile Assessment Online-Version

    The online-version of the DiSC Profile is an automatically scored assessment used to identify the four behavioral styles. These styles fall into 4 categories: Dominance, influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness. Respondents take a short 28-question online survey and a narrative report is returned. The report can be printed or emailed as a PDF. Organizations may also wish to check out our online EPIC accounts for managing online profiles. Brand profile reports with your corporate logo, determine whether participants can see their results and much more. Our DiSC Profile access codes are delivered instantly. Order online and receive your access code within minutes. No waiting for someone to manually send your access code.
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    DiSC Profile Assessment Paper-Version

    The paper-version of the DiSC Profile is a self-scored assessment used to identify the four primary behavioral styles including Dominance, influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness. We sell the DiSC Classic Profile which is the most widely used DiSC version on the market. The booklet includes the 28-question survey, scoring and interpretation. Our staff is always eager to help with your interpretation questions.
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    Everything DiSC Sales Profile & Facilitation Materials

    The Everything DiSC Sales Profile is a DiSC-based profile that generates a sales-specific 22-page report. Everything DiSC Sales is designed to help understand DiSC selling styles, customer purchasing styles and how to adapt your style to meet customer needs. Use Everything DiSC Sales Profiles in conjunction with the facilitator kit and group reports for the most noticeable improvements to your sales team.
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    Everything DiSC Workplace & Facilitation Materials

    Everything DiSC Workplace is a customizable DiSC-based profile and product line. The Everything DiSC Workplace Profile can be used with everyone in your organization to improve communications and working relationships. Participants will discover their DiSC style, understand the DiSC style of others and build more effective workplace relationships. The Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitator Kit includes all of the tools needed to present professional DiSC-based training programs. The kit comes with a fully scripted program including several engaging activities. Easily add, subtract or rearrange materials to create unique presentations and reports for virtually every situation and any time frame. Offer courses ranging from one-hour to a full-day. Interested in a composite view of your team's DiSC styles? Try Everything DiSC Group Reports. You will get an introduction to your group's culture, a map of your group's DiSC styles, advantages vs. disadvantages and more.
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    Everything DiSC® Sales Profile

    Everything DiSC® Sales Profile increases communication and improves sales relationships. The most in-depth, easily customizable DiSC®-based sales-training solution available!
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    PXT Select Hiring Assessment

    An online assessment for employee hiring. Select the best candidate for your open positions with this powerful assessment and reports. PXT Select will help you streamline your hiring process, minimize the risk of selecting the wrong employee, reduce turnover and lower your hiring and training expenses.