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    Client Actor Services

    To help your professionals hone their client meeting skills, Exec-Comm offers professional actors to assume the roles of your external and internal clients. Leveraging these actors, your professionals can strengthen their communication skills through dynamic and practical role plays. You can engage our client actors for a few hours up to a day-long session.
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    Computer Based Training (CBT) CDs

    We offer Computer Based Training (CBT) on topics of Electrical Training, PLC training, Mechanical Training and Management Training. Our CBTs utilize audio, video, interactive simulations, on disk printable manuals and certificates.
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    Content Licensing

    Engage with us to license our content and train your trainers. You will empower your trainers and learners with proven communication and leadership skills.
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    Facilitation Services

    When you assess the ability of your internal team of learning and human resource professionals to meet the growing development needs, you realize that you have an issue - limited capacity. While your team of trainers, coaches, and subject matter experts are highly talented, you want to extend their reach and impact. Exec-Comm’s Facilitation Services can ramp up your learning and development initiatives. We can learn your content and teach solo, or compliment your internal resources in the classroom. We’re passionate and experienced instructors who are eager to collaborate and help your professionals learn.