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    "Online Employee and Behavior Assessments

    Full range of organizational, leadership, DISC and 360 assessments. Training and certification course available. Online and paper.
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    "Online Management Training Courses"

    Our classroom and online courses will help you advance your career and improve job performance. Become an excellent manager or supervisor motivating, communication, resolving conflict, leadership and customer service. Free previews.
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    '12 Customer Service Training Videos

    12-DVD/Online set for achieving excellent customer service in English or Spanish.
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    1 DiSC ProfilesPaper and Online Versions

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    30 Days to Building a Strategic Plan that Gets Results

    This e-Book is a companion to “Success Planning: A “How-To” Guide for Strategic Planning” or can act as stand-alone resource. Assure your success and achieve your planned Goals with these 30 valuable planning and implementation techniques and tips based on coaching many managers and leaders through strategic planning and implementation. These short, practical lessons give you ideas and insights into many of the common challenges, pitfalls, and mistakes associated with creating and implementing a strategic plan that gets bottom-line results.
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    360 Plus

    360 Plus is a great new way to solicit feedback from others and develop a deeper and more complete understanding of you–your strengths as well as opportunities for growth and improvement. It’s the perfect way to support your commitment to continual learning and self-development, whether you’re an emerging high-potential leader or an experienced executive. The DiSC 363 Assessment is a world-class leadership development instrument that provides deep insights into the 8 approaches associated with highly effective leaders, plus a complete written assessment. Private One-On-One Coaching Session This coaching session is conducted by an expert workplace performance coach from PeopleTek Coaching. During this session, your coach will provide you with new insights that will inspire you to reach new levels of success. One Year License to QwikCoach QwikCoach is an online support tool that provides 24/7 coaching support. You’ll have access to hundreds of tips, techniques, practice ideas.
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    A Kick in the Attitude with Sam Glenn

    Let’s face it, we can all benefit from a positive attitude. In fact, we can all use a good “Kick In The Attitude” now and then. But how do you do it? Well, Sam Glenn has the answer – and you’ll laugh as you learn in this humorous and motivational video. We cannot control what goes on around us but we can control our perceptions, responses and actions, which ultimately form our attitude. That’s the message in Sam Glenn’s award-winning program, “A Kick In The Attitude” . This video will inspire you, make you laugh, and help you improve employee attitude and customer relationships!
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    A Workout for the Mind with Jennifer James

    Technological, organizational and cultural change can be frightening, as well as tremendously personal. In her latest lecture, Dr. Jennifer James provides you with a framework for incorporating these changes into your life. As you watch this program, you will learn how to use perspective and history as a way of helping you understand where you are and where you’re going. Drawing from the work in her top-selling book, Thinking in the Future Tense, Jennifer James will give you five skills for managing in today’s rapidly changing world. The 5 Skills: Skill 1: Seeing with New Eyes; Skill 2: Recognizing the Future; Skill 3: Harnessing the Power of Myths and Symbols; Skill 4: Mastering New Forms of Intelligence; Skill 5: Doing More with Less-Harnessing Energy. This program is available in DVD form or as an online video streaming rental or digital download rental.
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    Active Listening Techniques for Effective Communication

    Discover how to be an effective, active listener in this audio conference learning tips and strategies taught exclusively here.
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    Adventures in Sales, Service, and Self-Esteem

    Do you need to motivate and inspire your employees to higher levels of sales and service? Are you looking for good ideas to make your customers happier? Are you looking for a way to deal with angry customers? If you are, then you need Adventures in Sales, Service & Self-Esteem. You’ll be entertained with animation, music and effects as you learn Peter Glen’s steps to inspired sales & service: Prepare: Lean the importance of knowledge, pride and a positive attitude. Connect with the customer Create the best sales and service experience for your customer Close: Overcome your fears and make sales happen. Follow Up: Win customers for life by following up on the sale. You: This motivational portion of the program inspires you to be your very best. Dealing with Angry Customers: This bonus segment takes you through a 7 step program for dealing with angry customers. This program is available as a DVD with workbook or as an online streaming rental.
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    An ADA Customer Service Course for Employees from McGuire Associates

    If you have customers with disabilities then this training program is a must see for every employee. An ADA Customer Service Course for Employees is designed to help you teach all your associates how they can properly provide superior service to customers with disabilities. An ADA Customer Service Course is divided into five chapters: Chapter 1: Blind or Low Vision; Chapter 2: Cognitive Disabilities, including people with emotional challenges, and other disabilities, such as autism, Tourette Syndrome, and head injuries; Chapter 3: Deaf or Hard of Hearing, including working with service dogs; Chapter 4: Mobility, including customers who use wheelchairs as well as walkers, canes, and other mobility device; Chapter 5: People of Short Stature/Vertically Challenged
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    Assertiveness Skills for Women

    The ability to express your feelings, assert your rights and communicate openly and directly is absolutely essential to getting results in your job. Let this timely audio conference help you find your optimal level of assertiveness in just one hour.
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    AUDIO COACHING PROGRAM: Make Difficult People Disappear: 10 Ways to Stop the Whining and Become the Champion of Conversation

    This is powerful 5 CD, 40 page workbook program that teaches you step by step how to communicate better and make your own difficult people disappear...without going to jail! Packed with four valuable learning sections, this self-study tool is just right for the difficult person in your office who needs new skills so everyone can get back to work!
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    Auditing Physician Contracts Under the New Stark Rules

    In this session Mr. Wolfe will provide an overview of the Stark Law, including its 2016 changes. He will also discuss best practices for auditing physician compensation arrangements on behalf of health systems, hospitals, medical groups and physician practices. The webinar will focus on regulatory requirements, key provisions, valuation considerations and potential pitfalls that should be avoided.
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    Basics of Business Etiquette Training Program

    The way you handle yourself in a business and social environment can reveal a lot about you, and your position within an organization. From meetings with the boss to meetings with clients and customers, knowing the right things to do and say can make a tremendous difference in helping you and your company reach its goals. With The Basics of Business Etiquette how-to training program you'll learn: Why etiquette is important; Proper manners for meeting and greeting others; Spatial arrangements: How close to stand and why; Basic office equipment etiquette; Professional presence (what to wear and not to wear); The basics of how to act in both business and social situations; How to manage dining dilemmas (which fork, glass and plate belong to YOU?)… This program is available as an online streaming rental or as a DVD training program.