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    Adventures in Sales, Service, and Self-Esteem

    Do you need to motivate and inspire your employees to higher levels of sales and service? Are you looking for good ideas to make your customers happier? Are you looking for a way to deal with angry customers? If you are, then you need Adventures in Sales, Service & Self-Esteem. You’ll be entertained with animation, music and effects as you learn Peter Glen’s steps to inspired sales & service: Prepare: Lean the importance of knowledge, pride and a positive attitude. Connect with the customer Create the best sales and service experience for your customer Close: Overcome your fears and make sales happen. Follow Up: Win customers for life by following up on the sale. You: This motivational portion of the program inspires you to be your very best. Dealing with Angry Customers: This bonus segment takes you through a 7 step program for dealing with angry customers. This program is available as a DVD with workbook or as an online streaming rental.
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    Customer Service Training DVD's

    A complete, stand-alone 12-video training library to train front line staff to achieve excellent customer service.
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    Love Your Customers with John O'Hurley

    This funny two-part program hosted by Seinfeld's John O'Hurley teaches the basics of customer service. In the first program, Love Your Customers O'Hurley demonstrates that in whatever line of work, customer service is a direct extension of the way both you and your company are viewed by the customer. Love Your Customers reminds us that there are no small parts only small choices we make about how to treat our customers. In the end, the role we play is always our choice. It’s a funny and memorable program with a simple and a universal message. So open up your heart and help your company start “Feeling the Love”. In the second program, Love Your Difficult Customers," you will learn how to deal with angry, upset and challenging customers.
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    Sales Essentials Series

    Fern Bratten has put her experience as a motivational speaker, salesperson, and stand-up comedienne into this fun and motivational series. This 3 Part series includes: Part 1 - Selling with Passion. Fern tells the hysterical story of how she got her start as a sales professional. Bring creativity, enthusiasm and passion to the job of selling. Engage & entertain the customer. Part 2 - Selling by the Numbers. Ask Fern Bratten, and she'll tell you, "sales can be as easy as 1,2,3 and 4." Understand your customer and his or her motivations to be the best in sales... Part 3 - The Big Finish. Learn how to address common objections like, "I can't afford it," or "I don't like it." Create customer for life. This program is available in DVD form or as an online video streaming rental or digital download rental.
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    Sales Motivation and Results Today - S.M.A.R.T.

    Football’s winning coaches Mike Ditka, Sean Payton, Rex Ryan, and Bobby Bowden talk about how to be successful at selling in this fast-paced training program. Targeting motivation is a task every company faces today. The energy of the team, as well as each of its individual members, must be maximized in order to optimize operations and success. The strength of the Sales Motivation and Results Today - S.M.A.R.T. training program comes from its powerful and experienced leaders who inspire you and your team members to excel to full capacity. Key Learning Points: Planning: This module includes defining your goals, knowing your job and committing to a game plan. Power: Learn how to have the drive to get the job done! Persistence: Gain the motivation to achieve success. Learn how to overcome criticism and attack the challenges. People: Today, more than ever, sales success is a team effort. You need to show you care, build loyalty, and lead by example.
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    Sales Training Online Rental Library

    Train, motivate, and energize your entire sales team with these 22 programs in this Sales Library from Enterprise Media. You’ll learn from sales experts and receive motivational instruction from leading business authorities, winning coaches, and even the Muppets. With humor and great instruction, you’ll motivate your sales team to higher levels of success. If you are looking for an exceptional value in training, then look no further. The Sales Training Online Rental Library will provide you with 22 different video courses for the same price as a single DVD!
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    SELL! 25 Essentials on Selling with Tom Peters

    To put it bluntly: If you can't sell, you're dead. Yes, selling is essential - whether it's your newest consumer product or an idea to increase internal productivity. Tom Peters has a gut-level grasp and passion for the art of selling and in this video he lays out 25 tenets that will teach you how to present, praise, and promote your product. Key Learning Points Sales is critical for everyone People buy from individuals Remember to say thank you Pay attention to people at all levels who can help you succeed The role of passion in sales This program is available for DVD rental or for an online streaming rental.
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    Sell! Sell! Sell! - MUPPET Meeting Film

    The title of this motivational "tour de farce" says it all. A rousing way to open or close any meeting, reminding the audience how all business is based on one thing - selling. The Muppets Sell Sell Sell (which was originally called "The Final Speech") is the most popular program in the Muppet Meeting Video library. Let the MUPPET crew give your meetings a boost with their award-winning Muppet Meeting Openers. You’ll laugh and you’ll love the way the MUPPETS approach every business situation. These short humorous programs can be used to open a meeting, announce breaks, end a meeting or to sparkle up a meeting that might be a little dull... not that your meetings are ever dull! This program is available for DVD rental or for an online streaming rental.
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    Selling By the Numbers with Fern Bratten

    Ask Fern Bratten, and she'll tell you, "sales can be as easy as 1,2,3 and 4." In this humorous and motivational presentation Fern will tell you how to achieve success in sales. Here’s what “Training Media Review” said about this program: Throughout the second video, Selling by the Numbers, the focus is on the customer. Bratten continues to emphasize her points in a humorous as well as motivational style. She stresses in an easy-to-remember number format the steps for understanding and appreciating customers. She also devotes time to explain different buying personalities that she classifies into four. Fern Bratten is engaging and successful in expressing the sales principles in a memorable style. The program is a worthwhile investment if your department needs refresher training or pep meeting material. This program is available as a DVD or as an online streaming rental.
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    TRAPPED! How to Escape the Sameness Trap with Tom Peters

    Over the past decade and a half, quality and service have gotten better - so much better that consumers often can’t tell the difference between competing products. So what can you do to escape this "sameness trap?" How do you delight, dazzle, and differentiate? Tom Peters presents five concrete steps for being distinct, making your company (or project) a star, which will vault you ahead of the competition. This program is available as a DVD rental and also as a streamed online rental.
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    Use the Telephone the Right Way

    Good common sense telephone techniques and old-fashion courtesy - especially in today's digital age - often define crucial business moments. Poor telephone skills can cause customer dissatisfaction or loss of customers, damage the organizational image, and threaten overall caller goodwill. In the Use the Telephone the Right Way training program, your employees will learn how to apply 14 key call-handling skills that will boost not only your organization's credibility and bottom line, but also their own professionalism and value. In this program you’ll how to provide great service, turning phone calls into relationship builders, de-magnify conflict over the phone through sensitivity, overcome the two root causes of poor telephone communication and much more. This program is available in DVD form or as an online video streaming rental or digital download rental.
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    Winning Customer Loyalty... Eliminate Customer Turnoffs with Paul Timm

    In Volume One Winning Customer Loyalty Eliminate Customer Turnoffs Paul Timm looks at what really alienates your customers: What makes them want to stay away and not buy your product. Each time we experience poor service we are tempted to join the chorus of complainers. But a more fruitful use of such experiences is to learn from what others do poorly so that we can provide the best in service to our customers. Understand what really alienates your customers and shows you how to overcome poor service, eliminate customer turnoffs to build customers for life. Learn the three categories of customer turnoffs. Avoid angry customers in advance. This program is available in DVD form or as an online video streaming rental or digital download rental.
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    Winning Customer Loyalty... Exceed Customer Expectations with Paul Timm

    Exceed Customer Expectations shows you how to really exceed the expectations of your customers and gain their loyalty and you can grow your business through word of mouth advertising. This program takes the ambiguity out of what it means to give your customer more when they really don't expect it. It shows you how to set yourself apart from your competitors. Most importantly, it gives you the tools to build customers for life. Key Learning Points: Learn the importance of Value; Use Information to exceed customer expectations; Speed: Lean how to give customers a faster experience; Personality: Treat customers like guests ; Follow up: Impress your customers and build lifetime relationships with good follow up… This program is available in DVD form or as an online video streaming rental or digital download rental.