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    "Online Employee and Behavior Assessments

    Full range of organizational, leadership, DISC and 360 assessments. Training and certification course available. Online and paper.
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    "Online Management Training Courses"

    Our classroom and online courses will help you advance your career and improve job performance. Become an excellent manager or supervisor motivating, communication, resolving conflict, leadership and customer service. Free previews.
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    1 DiSC ProfilesPaper and Online Versions

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    30 Days to Building a Strategic Plan that Gets Results

    This e-Book is a companion to “Success Planning: A “How-To” Guide for Strategic Planning” or can act as stand-alone resource. Assure your success and achieve your planned Goals with these 30 valuable planning and implementation techniques and tips based on coaching many managers and leaders through strategic planning and implementation. These short, practical lessons give you ideas and insights into many of the common challenges, pitfalls, and mistakes associated with creating and implementing a strategic plan that gets bottom-line results.
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    360 Plus

    360 Plus is a great new way to solicit feedback from others and develop a deeper and more complete understanding of you–your strengths as well as opportunities for growth and improvement. It’s the perfect way to support your commitment to continual learning and self-development, whether you’re an emerging high-potential leader or an experienced executive. The DiSC 363 Assessment is a world-class leadership development instrument that provides deep insights into the 8 approaches associated with highly effective leaders, plus a complete written assessment. Private One-On-One Coaching Session This coaching session is conducted by an expert workplace performance coach from PeopleTek Coaching. During this session, your coach will provide you with new insights that will inspire you to reach new levels of success. One Year License to QwikCoach QwikCoach is an online support tool that provides 24/7 coaching support. You’ll have access to hundreds of tips, techniques, practice ideas.
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    Auditing Physician Contracts Under the New Stark Rules

    In this session Mr. Wolfe will provide an overview of the Stark Law, including its 2016 changes. He will also discuss best practices for auditing physician compensation arrangements on behalf of health systems, hospitals, medical groups and physician practices. The webinar will focus on regulatory requirements, key provisions, valuation considerations and potential pitfalls that should be avoided.
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    Certificate in Business Communications

    The Certificate in Business Communications includes five online communications courses: Effective Business Writing; Effective Presentations; Effective Public Speaking; Effective Emails, Memos and Letters; and Communicating Collaboratively. These courses focus on improving business writing and help learners organize, structure, and create effective presentations and written documents..
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    Computer Based Training (CBT) CDs

    We offer Computer Based Training (CBT) on topics of Electrical Training, PLC training, Mechanical Training and Management Training. Our CBTs utilize audio, video, interactive simulations, on disk printable manuals and certificates.
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    Consulting in Instructional Design, Training & Development, Organizational Development & Human Resources

    KAW Consulting provides Training & Development, Instructional Design, Organizational Development and Human Resource Consulting. KAW also provides Team & Personal productivity tools that can be purchased directly online. See website for sample programs.
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    Content Licensing

    Engage with us to license our content and train your trainers. You will empower your trainers and learners with proven communication and leadership skills.
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    Critical Thinking & Innovation Certificate Program

    The Certificate in Innovation and Critical Thinking contains courses focusing on creativity in the workplace. Courses such Creativity in Teams and Organizations, Innovation in Teams and Organizations, Introduction to Critical Thinking, and Personal Creativity will help you find innovative ways to solve organizational problems and market your product.
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    Delegating for Results

    Electronic book in PDF format that Managers and Supervisors can store on their computer and access each time they need to delegate work. Covers identifying tasks to delegate, best person to do task, identifying what employee needs, and delegation meetings.
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    DISC Assessments

    Kerr Hill has a deep line of DISC based assessments from which to choose. The versions include: Executive Manager- Staff Sales Communication Customer Service Time Management Teambuilding
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    Disc Online

    Build more effective and lasting relationships. The Everything DiSC Workplace® Profile uses a research-validated learning model to create a highly personalized learner experience. The profile is workplace-specific with in-depth information, including tips, strategies, and action plans. The result is more effective and productive working relationships, supplemented with an understanding of how participants can leverage individual and team strengths. This is where your report will come to life and active learning will take place. In a choose your own adventure format you will use your report to learn information that is specific to your DiSC style. With a variety of interactions and thought provoking questions, this is a coaching experience that will allow you to understand yourself and others better. You will also record action steps so that you can take your learnings forward in to your Workplace immediately. After the self-directed coaching session, there is a group live session.
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    DiSC Profile Assessment Online-Version

    The online-version of the DiSC Profile is an automatically scored assessment used to identify the four behavioral styles. These styles fall into 4 categories: Dominance, influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness. Respondents take a short 28-question online survey and a narrative report is returned. The report can be printed or emailed as a PDF. Organizations may also wish to check out our online EPIC accounts for managing online profiles. Brand profile reports with your corporate logo, determine whether participants can see their results and much more. Our DiSC Profile access codes are delivered instantly. Order online and receive your access code within minutes. No waiting for someone to manually send your access code.