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    Content Licensing

    Engage with us to license our content and train your trainers. You will empower your trainers and learners with proven communication and leadership skills.
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    Protecting Professional Time

    Most professionals, executives and business owners have never equipped themselves with the tools of the trade ... the tools required to make the most of their time, effort and energy. Instead, professionals learn by trial and error, and are often never really aware of the value of the hours they spend at work. That lack of awareness wastes countless hours every day. Protecting Professional Time is a new kind of professional development program. Using our deliverables and Facilitation Guide, you can facilitate the program to your group of key performers quickly and efficiently. Protecting Professional Time includes 4 learning segments. During the 4 weekly facilitation meetings, participants have an opportunity to quantify their time savings, share success stories and new ideas for increased productivity. Many professionals don't do what they know. Protecting Professional Time turns knowledge into action in a way that's effective and efficient for high-value team members.
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    Sales Meeting Kits

    Use your regular sales meetings to provide the perfect forum for your salespeople to practice sales skills in an encouraging and safe environment. Digital access allows you to print exactly the number of handouts you need so you buy one kit for your entire sales team for each subject you want to teach. Each kit focuses on a particular sales skill and includes participant handouts, video, manager's outline and notes, and a teaching tips webinar.