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    Getting to Know You Thumball - $24.75

    Create a stress-free environment and help people get to know each other a little better. Among the 32 prompts, you'll find: * A major decision * A turning point in your life * Someone you’d like to dine with or meet * Favorite way to spend a free afternoon * To Do list item that most reflects you * Family is… * I was named after… * If you could have a room full of any 1 thing… * The best gift you ever received * Your “3 wishes” * Who did you look up to as a kid? * What makes you happy despite any mood? * Last time you said sorry and meant it * What you most value in a friendship * Greatest phobia/fear * Most memorable moment * A chore you absolutely hate doing * Favorite form of exercise * Least favorite mode of transportation * and more!
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    Session Openers Thumball - $24.75

    Start a soft-skills learning event with the Session Openers Thumball, containing 32 discussion prompts about goals, motivations, and aspirations. Pass the ball and share your reaction to whatever prompt lies under your thumb.Prompts include: * Proudest moment * My best coach / teacher * I most admire * Childhood hobby * I’m happiest when… * Claim to fame * My worst habit * Pet peeve at work * My greatest work challenge * I wish to be better at… * I’m here because… * I’ll be successful if… * I’d like to change… * Childhood dream * A day I’d live over * Most creative contribution * Something I’d like to invent * I hope to learn… * Oops! I forgot to… * Greatest strength at work… * ... and more!