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AcademyX provides hands-on, instructor-led computer training in and around San Francisco, Sacramento, San Jose, Los Angeles, and San Diego. We offer public enrollment classes that you can find at We also customize training for groups and individuals either at your site, our facilities, or online.


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  • COURSES: Microsoft Visio Introduction Training

    This MS Visio Intro training at AcademyX will enable you to create professional-looking, visually engaging diagrams, maps, and drawings to make information and procedures easier to understand. This class is targeted at individuals looking to utilize organizational charts, flowcharts, and swim lanes to create basic workflows and diagrams.
  • COURSES: Microsoft PowerPoint Advanced Training

    Know how to produce a good slideshow, but still have some lingering questions? Our PowerPoint Advanced course class continues where PowerPoint Intermediate left off and completes your PowerPoint training. As a result, you will become adept at adding voice narration, confidently using master slides and managing multiple slide shows efficiently.
  • COURSES: Microsoft PowerPoint Intermediate Training

    AcademyX's Intermediate MS PowerPoint class will help you take your PowerPoint proficiency to the next step. You will learn the techniques that professionals use to create eye-catching, interactive presentations with sound and video.
  • COURSES: Microsoft PowerPoint Training

    AcademyX's Microsoft PowerPoint classes have been crafted to help you build and develop compelling presentations. Get up and running quickly with our intensive Introduction to MS PowerPoint training course. We'll guide you through the new interface in PowerPoint, make sure you know how to use the latest features like the updated Tables and SmartArt tools, and teach you the essential skills including slide masters and timed slideshows.
  • COURSES: WordPress Fundamentals Training

    AcademyX's WordPress Fundamentals training will provide you with the practical experience necessary to design a website or blog which is both highly-usable and visually impactful. You will leave this training prepared to begin designing a site with WordPress and power your site with the extensive array of themes, widgets and plug-ins developed by the global community of WordPress users and developers. Your AcademyX instructor has experience with the technical aspects of designing a site with WordPress, as well as the perspective required to develop sites which communicate clearly and compel your target audience to take action.
  • COURSES: HTML5 and JavaScript Training

    AcademyX's HTML5 and JavaScript training class will enable you to begin authoring, testing and publishing HTML5 Internet content today, even as the standard itself continues to evolve. HTML5 already figures prominently in developing interactive web sites for the iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices. Your instructor brings years of web development experience to the classroom, as well as a thorough understanding of the evolving technologies which comprise HTML5, so that you will be able to apply your new knowledge faster.
  • COURSES: HTML5 and CSS3 New Features Training

    HTML5 and CSS3 are expected to become dominant technologies in developing interactive and aesthetically-appealing websites. This training will enable you to begin authoring, testing, and publishing content in these languages today, even as the standard itself continues to evolve. Your instructor brings years of web development and design experience to the classroom as well as a thorough understanding of the evolving technologies which comprise both HTML5 and CSS3.
  • COURSES: Responsive Web Design Training

    In this Responsive Design course, your instructor will teach you the three core ingredients to create a responsive website: a fluid grid-based layout; flexible images and media; and Media Queries, a module from the CSS3 specification that allows your layout to adapt to the viewer's device. Learn best practices for preparing the HTML document for responsive design and create clean semantic markup.
  • COURSES: jQuery Fundamentals Training

    jQuery's tagline is "Write less, do more," and you will learn to do just that in this 2-day class. Learn how it mitigates browser incompatibilities by providing consistent and sensible interfaces for complex actions (such as Ajax). Add a visual spark to your sites with ease by learning from our instructor, who brings years of web development and design experience to the classroom as well as a thorough understanding of the evolving technologies that make the web work.
  • COURSES: Adobe InDesign Advanced Training

    Our InDesign Advanced training class covers the powerful typographical and design capabilities of this industry-standard software application. It will help you create sophisticated layouts for virtually any medium, streamline your design work with InDesign's productivity and collaboration features, and seamlessly integrate finished products with any number of graphics, Internet and digital reading applications. Working with an Adobe-Certified Instructor, you will attain the level of practical expertise necessary to accomplish more with InDesign.
  • COURSES: Adobe InDesign Fundamentals Training

    AcademyX's InDesign Fundamentals training will prepare you to create sophisticated documents and presentations enhanced with video and sound. This hands-on class is taught by an Adobe-Certified Instructor and will equip you to accomplish more with advanced productivity tools. Exercise precise control over typography and composition, easily manage the complexities of long documents, and prepare finished work for the commercial printing environment.
  • COURSES: JavaScript Training for Programmers

    JavaScript is a simple but powerful programming language that adds interactivity web pages. In AcademyX's instructor-led JavaScript class, you will discover tips and techniques for combining JavaScript with XHTML and CSS to create dynamic, feature-rich web pages that give your visitors a compelling browsing experience. You will learn how to use JavaScript to validate data in HTML forms, create dynamic pull-down menus, and more.
  • COURSES: Microsoft Excel VBA Training

    Coding VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) macros is an essential skill for creating MS Excel spreadsheet applications and automating repetitive data management processes. With our MS Excel VBA class, you learn to design feature-rich applications that control Excel's built-in components. Make your Excel applications more usable for novices and automate tedious tasks to improve the productivity of your entire team.
  • COURSES: Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables Training

    Pivot Tables in MS Excel enable you to manipulate data with simple dragging and dropping. Take our class to learn the basics of Excel Pivot Tables and how they can help you to efficiently sort, filter, group, count, summate, and format data.
  • COURSES: Microsoft Excel Expert Techniques Training

    MS Excel has an array of analytic capabilities. Take your mastery of Microsoft Excel to a power user level with our Excel Expert Techniques class. Learn how to use the application's most powerful features and sophisticated data analysis techniques to develop and implement solutions for your business. Topics include advanced statistical formulas, PivotTable analysis, dashboards, and VBA macros.
  • COURSES: Adobe Edge Animate Training

    Adobe Edge Animate is a tool that provides an environment for creating animated and interactive content for the web. Take this course to learn how to use Edge to build animated banner ads, dynamically animated websites, and even interactive games.
  • COURSES: Adobe Muse Training

    In Adobe Muse, you can create graphically stunning web sites without having to write any code. If you are a designer with no knowledge of HTML or CSS, take our class so you can quickly start creating web sites with familiar tools and techniques.
  • COURSES: Adobe Illustrator Fundamentals Training

    Learn how to use Adobe Illustrator to create graphics for print or the web to be competitive in marketing and web design. The skills you will learn in this class are common to many other design programs as well, so this Adobe Illustrator training class is an ideal way to break into the industry.
  • COURSES: Adobe Dreamweaver Intermediate Training

    Take our Dreamweaver class to discover the power and flexibility of the application. In this course, you will be introduced to advanced features for designing sophisticated and interactive web pages that employ CSS, forms, and JavaScript.
  • COURSES: Adobe Dreamweaver Fundamentals Training

    Dreamweaver is a powerful What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) web page editor that has point-and-click or drag-and-drop tools to design pages. Our beginning Dreamweaver training course gives you practical, hands-on instruction to help you master the basics of website design and development. Learn the basics of Dreamweaver and how to publish a page.
  • COURSES: Adobe Captivate Fundamentals Training

    Adobe Captivate is used to create interactive training videos. After taking this course, you'll know how to develop, edit, and publish interactive movies. Learn to make your classes more effective by adding quizzes and surveys.
  • COURSES: Microsoft Publisher Training

    Microsoft Publisher is a simple to use and effective tool for producing publications like brochures, magazines, or newsletters. After attending our course, you will be able to take advantage of the variety of layout and designing tools that Publisher offers to documents rich in both visual and textual objects.
  • COURSES: Intro to JavaScript Programming Training

    JavaScript is the perfect language to learn first if you are interested in programming and web development. Our Programming for Beginners class will give you a foundation to create more dynamic web pages and get a firm grasp of the fundamentals to learn other programming languages. If you would like to learn more about JavaScript, we also have a 2 day JavaScript for Programmers class that immediately follows this one.
  • COURSES: Adobe Photoshop Advanced Training

    Our Photoshop Advanced course will cover how to create high-quality images required for a commercial printing or online distribution. Students will also touch on Adobe Suite's sophisticated productivity features and tools for automating repetitive tasks. This class may be taken using a MAC or PC.
  • COURSES: Adobe Photoshop Fundamentals Training

    Take our Photoshop Fundamentals course to get practical, step-by-step exercises that help you master skills you'll need to create and edit amazing images. Our facilities allow for learning on your choice of MAC or PC.

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