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AcademyX provides hands-on, instructor-led computer training in and around San Francisco, Sacramento, San Jose, Los Angeles, and San Diego. We offer public enrollment classes that you can find at We also customize training for groups and individuals either at your site, our facilities, or online.


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  • COURSES: Microsoft Project 2010 Fundamentals Training

    Our MS Project class will teach you how to use one of the most powerful tools for organizing and tracking all kinds of projects. Learn to consolidate and streamline projects by setting up task lists, resolving resource conflicts, and creating custom reports for your team.
  • COURSES: Adobe Acrobat Pro Training

    Take control over your PDF documents! Learn to use Acrobat to create and edit PDFs, mark up a PDF file, and more. The instructor will guide you step-by-step from the basics, like creating a simple PDF file, to advanced features, like creating interactive forms.
  • COURSES: Microsoft Excel for Mac Intermediate Training

    Our MS Excel for Mac Intermediate class provides students with practical examples of advanced formulas, charting techniques, specialized functions, and time-saving tips.
  • COURSES: Microsoft Excel for Mac Intro Training

    Take our MS Excel for Mac Intro training to learn how to perform calculations, edit data, stylize worksheets, and manage workbooks with confidence.
  • COURSES: Microsoft Excel Advanced (Lookups, Functions, and Macros) Training

    Learn how to take full advantage of MS Excel's power with our advanced class. Do more powerful calculations with advanced functions. Save time with automated routines. Record and run a macro to perform automatic tasks.
  • COURSES: Microsoft Excel Intermediate Training

    This hands-on class MS Excel class will prepare you to link workbooks to manage larger data sets, work with table data and name ranges, create custom filters, and use PivotTables to explore different relationships among data.
  • COURSES: Microsoft Excel Intro Training

    Learn to create an MS Excel spreadsheet, track data, perform calculations, and optimize for printing. This class emphasizes practical exercises and real-world examples, so that you will leave training ready to apply your new knowledge right away.
  • COURSES: Microsoft Outlook Intro & Intermediate

    Configure different email accounts, organize your appointments, schedule meetings, tasks, make electronic notes, harness Outlook's calendar features, and manage projects with the Journal tool. See our website for locations and schedule.
  • COURSES: Filemaker Fundamentals

    In this FileMaker training, you will complete hands-on exercises to master basic skills as well as learn essential concepts to take your expertise to the next level. See our website for locations and schedule.
  • COURSES: MySQL Fundamentals

    MySQL training will take you from novice to expert in two information-packed days. In this hands-on workshop, our experienced instructor will introduce you to the MySQL Server environment and database administration. See our website for locations and schedule.
  • COURSES: PHP Fundamentals & PHP/MySQL Boot Camp

    PHP is an open-source programming language that integrates easily with web servers to create web pages dynamically and store data in a database such as MySQL or MS Access. See our website for locations and schedule.
  • COURSES: Java Boot Camp

    Class focuses on teaching students the basics of the Java programming language. Topics include the Java Platform, Java syntax, Object Oriented Programming, File I/O, Databases using JDBC, JSP and the Tomcat Server. Visit our website for full details.
  • COURSES: HTML Fundamentals & Advanced

    Topics include HTML syntax, headings, formatting, HTML versions, tags, css, accessibility, precedence & inheritance, properties and positioning/layout. See our website for locations and schedule.
  • COURSES: CSS Fundamentals & Advanced

    Class focuses on providing a hands-on approach to learining CSS basics. Topics include Exceptional Styles, Spacing Properties, Advanced Selections and much more. See our website for locations and schedule.
  • COURSES: Access Fundamentals, Intermediate, Advanced, VBA

    Microsoft Access is a powerful tool which enables you to track and organize data, and share the data in the form of highly-customizable reports. See our website for locations and schedule.
  • FACILITIES: AcademyX Computer Lab/Training Room Rentals

    State-of-the-art facilities in San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, Los Angeles & San Diego. Each room features 4 to 16 workstations, dual instructor/student monitors, a super-fast internet connection, and the latest in popular software suites.

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