Accelerated Leadership

Mike Williams

Since 1999, Accelerated Leadership has raised the standard of leadership and communication for hundreds of Gulf Coast companies. Enhanced COMMUNICATION unlocks GREATER SUCCESS!


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  • COURSES: Communication Skills: Your Key to Success with Employees and Customers

    2-day focus on 5 Critical Skills for gaining cooperation and buy-in: Approaching people, Listening and Reading People Accurately, Responding with Respect, Probing to Understand, Presenting Problems
  • COURSES: Leadership and Teamwork

    Respectful communication skills that inspire others to willingly follow,cooperate, and buy-in. On-site, 3 days or 6 half-days. Developed by The PAR Group.
  • COURSES: Listening: the Key to Teamwork

    Advanced listening skills using international award- winning course from The PAR Group of Atlanta. Coached role play brings immediate enhancement in listening, reading points of view, starting conversations, response skills, probing and connecting skills.
  • COURSES: Everyone's A Customer

    Skill building in: listening, approaching, responding, probing, connecting, handling and defusing conflict.

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