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ATD is the world's largest association dedicated to talent development professionals. ATD members empower organizations through workplace learning and performance.


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  • COURSES: ATD Master E-Learning Instructional Designer™ Program

    This three-part program isn’t all based on theory; it’s about the practical process of applying e-learning instructional design principles to real workplace situations. You will engage in an online learning community to prepare for the face-to-face course. In the four-day core course, you will work through a case study and collaborate with other participants to plan, design, and decide how to build a real course. Afterward, you will create a final project for evaluation. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to select an elective course to expand your knowledge of complementary topics.
  • COURSES: Adaptive Learning Certificate

    Walk away with a working, pragmatic knowledge of adaptive learning, a technology that applies artificial intelligence to learning in order to optimize every learning moment and unlock individual as well as organizational performance. Content adapts in real-time to each learner’s activity, so the right content is presented at the right time for each individual. Greater efficiency, effectiveness, and engagement are the immediate outcomes; improved organizational performance is the ultimate outcomes. Receive hands-on experience with adaptive learning from an instructional design perspective. Analyze your own content and learning goals to design elements to be used in an adaptive module. Get to practice creating learning objectives, assessments, and other course components. Leave with experience designing your own adaptive course and understand best practices and common pitfalls.
  • COURSES: Training Design and Delivery Certificate

    Advance your career as a talent development professional with this fast-paced program, which combines key knowledge and actions from both the Instructional Design and Training Delivery areas of expertise as defined by the ATD Competency Model. In five days, you’ll learn how to apply the tools and principles of instructional design by utilizing a human performance improvement approach. You will also model the best practices and latest techniques in training delivery to ensure the success of your learning programs. Enroll in this program to take the first step in becoming a learning superstar.
  • COURSES: ATD Expert Coach

    The ATD Expert Coach™ Program leverages your coaching experience and shows you how to have purposeful, powerful coaching conversations that provide the most value to your clients and organization. This unique, assessment-based program enables you to master the skills required for effective coaching with the guidance of expert facilitators. You’ll benefit from multiple opportunities to practice coaching and receive individualized feedback to reinforce your learning, and gain a toolkit of resources to use immediately back on the job. Proving your ability will earn you the respected title of ATD Expert Coach. Join this exclusive group today.
  • COURSES: ATD Certificate in Strategic Leadership

    Grow your leadership competence. Through assessments, simulations, role play, and individualized feedback, discover how to create your personal leadership style, influence team members, and build relationships across organizations. Learn how to manage change and transition while leading others and aligning actions and priorities with strategic direction. Leadership competencies cannot be developed by sitting through lectures. This innovative program puts you in a full simulation integrating all the leadership competencies into a typical organizational challenge. Throughout the course, there are multiple opportunities for in the moment feedback and social exchange from the facilitator and your peers. Two assessments, the TTI Success Insight online assessment and the online 360 survey, provide additional feedback about your individual leadership strengths and blind spots. Learn how to plan for success and align with your organization using a systems thinking approach. Leave the program
  • COURSES: Test Design and Delivery Certificate

    The Test Design and Delivery Certificate program provides a comprehensive approach to ensuring your tests measure what they claim to measure consistently and reliably. Through examples and application exercises, learn the entire test development and delivery process, including planning the test, creating the test items, creating the test form, delivering the test, and evaluating the test. Ample time will be dedicated to item writing so learners can gain experience generating well-crafted test items.
  • COURSES: Sales Enablement Certificate

    In this case-based, two-day workshop, you will learn how to deploy the ATD WCSCM to build this type of environment. You will start with exploring and identifying the business-essential competencies for all members of the sales ecosystem.Leave this workshop with the skills to quickly develop solutions that can meet the ever-changing needs of a dynamic sales organization.
  • COURSES: Presentation Skills Certificate

    This certificate program is exceptionally personal. Whether you are a novice presenter or one with hundreds of presentations under your belt, you will be in a setting in which you can learn and grow to the extent you desire. You will set your own goals, take as many risks as you wish, and push yourself as far as you want. You will receive feedback from three perspectives—those of the facilitator, your colleagues, and yourself. This well-rounded feedback ensures that you will learn what makes a great presenter and what you need to do to face your next audience with more confidence, competence, and credibility than ever before.
  • COURSES: Preparing for the CPLP: On-Demand Course

    This self-paced online course will help you create your personalized study plan to become a Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP). You’ll begin to prepare for both the CPLP knowledge-based exam and the Skills Application Exam (SAE).
  • COURSES: Preparing for the CPLP: Instructor-Led Workshop

    This two-day workshop is designed to help participants plan and execute their personal study plan for the CPLP using the ATD Learning System as the primary study tool. During the workshop, participants use the Learning System and a variety of interactive and reflective exercises to determine which of the 10 Areas of Expertise (AOEs) they need to focus on to create their own personal study plan. Participants also review the requirements for the Skills Application Exam (SAE) component of the certification process.
  • COURSES: Preparing for the CPLP: Instructor-Led Online Workshop

    This online instructor-led workshop spans seven weeks; each session is two hours long. The workshop is designed to help participants plan and execute their personal study plan for the CPLP using the ATD Learning System as the primary study tool. During the workshop, participants use the Learning System and a variety of interactive and reflective exercises to determine which of the 10 Areas of Expertise (AOEs) they need to focus on to create their own personal study plan. Participants also review the requirements for the skills application exam (SAE) component of the certification process.
  • COURSES: Preparing for the APTD: On-Demand Course

    The Preparing for the APTD On-Demand course is delivered on a platform that adapts in real time to each user’s behavior and performance to make learning efficient, effective, and engaging. As learners answer questions based on a series of learning objectives aligned to the key actions in each AOE, data are gathered on their performance and used to guide them to deeper learning. The technology is based on educational theory and cognitive science that explores memory, metacognition, and the personalized delivery of concepts. The questions in this course are not the same questions on the exam, but will help you assess where your gaps in knowledge are and help you master the information quickly.
  • COURSES: Preparing for the APTD: Instructor-Led Workshop

    This two-day intensive workshop is designed to help you take some of the guess-work out of preparing for the Associate Professional in Talent Development (APTD) certification. In this program, you will take an in-depth approach to the three-primary exam Area of Expertise (AOE), while using the APTD Learning System as your primary study tool.
  • COURSES: Microlearning Certificate

    In this practical program, you’ll dive into the MILE model and the latest research to determine the best microlearning strategy for your organization’s business needs. You’ll come out ready to design and develop a microlearning program that addresses the learning needs of employees across your entire organization, one that they will not only want to use, but also share with others. We’ll review case studies with an eye toward identifying design ideas that you can incorporate into your own programs. Additionally, this course will show you what to do once you have implemented microlearning—including how to measure for effectiveness and keep your program content current.
  • COURSES: Job Analysis

    (Self Paced) Learn the various methods available to perform a job analysis, as well as when each is most appropriate. For some purposes, a job analysis provides all the information needed, but in other cases a task analysis is necessary to learn what an employee does at the most granular level. You will also learn about competencies and how they play an important role in the success of an employee on the job.
  • COURSES: Introduction to Instructional Design Certificate

    This application-based course provides an introduction to the entire instructional design process. Learn about important considerations to include when assessing needs and strategies for collecting data. Using that information, discover how to craft learning objectives to meet the needs defined, and to design content that supports those objectives. Finally, find out how to develop engaging, usable materials for both participants and facilitators.
  • COURSES: Essentials of Writing Impactful Learning Objectives

    Get practical, easy-to-use techniques for writing learning objectives that are behavior-focused and measurable. You will review methods that show you why your objectives matter and how tying them to learning outcomes supports learning goals. Get feedback from your facilitator and peers as you practice crafting objectives for one of your upcoming projects. Leave the online program feeling confident that your learning objectives will set up your programs for success and guide your participants to the desired outcomes.
  • COURSES: Essentials of Writing E-Learning Quizzes and Polls

    In this live, instructor-led online program you will explore ways to decide what content to quiz on, construct effective quiz questions, and chose whether true/false, multiple choice, or some other method works best for particular examples. You will also examine what makes a good, but fair, distracter.
  • COURSES: Essentials of Working with SMEs to Develop Training

    This program, its concepts, and materials will provide resources you need to work with your SMEs to create training material that truly makes an impact. Join us to discover new ideas for how you can make your own SME relationships more successful.
  • COURSES: Essentials of Using Assessments in Talent Devlopment Initiatives

    Through interactive discussion with peers and the facilitator, you’ll discover the types of assessments used at various stages of the employee life cycle, including selection and hiring, employee development, leadership development, high-potential identification, coaching, teambuilding, culture building, and employee engagement. Explore the criteria for these different applications, along with exploring a variety of assessments available to meet these needs including DISC, Hogan, Integro Leadership Team Alignment Survey, MBTI, Profiles XT, and The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team. You will walk away equipped to successfully select and evaluate the assessments you are considering for your talent development initiatives.
  • COURSES: Essentials of Technical Training

    This program explores the aspects of course development that are most specifically relevant to technical training, with a heavy emphasis on real technical training examples and case histories. Throughout the program you will apply the tools and strategies to your own training project. Create your own interactive, engaging, motivating and memorable technical training today!
  • COURSES: Essentials of Survey Design

    In this interactive, online course, you will discover the purpose of surveys, types of errors that can creep into survey results, and considerations when developing specific survey questions. Throughout the three sessions, content on research design, data summary, and reporting, and examples of different types of survey questions and instruments will be reviewed. The program also explores different survey technologies and a simple decision-making process so you can identify the most appropriate survey tool for your specific needs. Additionally, you will learn about techniques for designing and implementing instruments to make it easy for your respondents to participate. You will also acquire best practices for administrating your survey, including communication steps and tips for supporting high response rates.
  • COURSES: Essentials of Storyboarding for E-Learning

    Learn the essential best practices and methods for storyboarding your e-learning designs, including using various templates, visual storyboards, style guides, and tips for setting up a storyboard specific for an authoring tool. Focus on the fundamentals of storyboarding as an art rather than a rule, and acquire the processes you can implement to be more efficient and quicken the e-learning development time.
  • COURSES: Essentials of Overcoming Challenging Classroom Behaviors

    Challenging behaviors in the classroom can bring about a host of different feelings—fear, avoidance, humility, embarrassment, and frustration, to name a few. These behaviors in the classroom can compromise the learning outcomes and can be an even bigger blow to your confidence as a facilitator. Learning how to manage these moments demands a comprehensive approach that includes a consideration of the course design, the facilitator, and the learners. This program will help you identify the causes of challenging behaviors, determine the specific facilitation skills required to handle them, and lead you into your next learning event with a higher level of confidence.
  • COURSES: Essentials of New Employee Onboarding

    In this practical and interactive program you will learn to streamline onboarding and create a powerful and positive impression for new hires. Discover how to tap into existing employees to identify opportunities for improvement, jumpstart your process improvement by gaining stakeholder buy-in, and design processes that engage new hires before they start with your company. In addition, you’ll learn how to retain new hires once they begin working for you.

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